Forge map editor is part of the newest free update for Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians players on the Xbox One can now download Cartographer's Gift, the latest free content update for the sci-fi shooter. It includes the long-awaited Halo 5 version of the Forge map editor, allowing anyone to create new multiplayer maps.

Aside from Forge, the Cartographer's Gift update includes the new SPNKr twin-tube rocket launch for Halo 5, along with three variants and some new armor. There is also a new Warzone map (Battle of Noctus), a new Arena map (Overgrowth) and two new Big Team Battle maps (Antifreeze and Burial Mounds). The full change log, which also shows a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, can be viewed on the official Halo website.

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Source: Halo Waypoint

  • OOT. Since when all of Angry Birds game are free?
  • Since Rovio patched in paid powerups to the game and stupid people buy them. Which was over a year ago. Maybe two. 
  • Owh okay
  • I will be making the best map ever.
  • Whenever I see stuff about Forge, I think of Forge Modloader for Minecraft. Good times.
  • I've lost some faith in Halo 5 due to losing my RP Boost cards due to a faulty server one too many times. If you don't get to finish the game you should keep your RP/XP boost cards.
  • This would lead to people dropping out all the time to keep their stuff.
  • I dislike how they reset Arena rankings. This concept of "Seasons" is stupid: having to re-do the placement matches each month for every Arena playlist is anathema. Placement matches are the worst. They're a chaotic hodgepodge of players of vastly different skill levels, always leaving them very unbalanced. 343i has all the data they need on us already (KD, W/L, KDA, accuracy, etc.). They should implement algorithms that accurately place us automatically into tiers of our peers, rather than throw everyone into the deep end every month and pretend over and over again like the previous month's data do not exist. That's how you turn away players: by turning them into cannon fodder repeatedly instead of smartly matching them up with those of comparable skill.
  • Are you playing Halo 5 online now? The matchmaking is already a disaster. It's supposed to be 100% based on wins and losses, nothing else is considered. So, you get carried by good teammates or ruined by bad ones (my friend and I lost one last night where we were both positive in K-D, while one teammate was -1 and the other was -14 or something). Accuracy is also a stupid statisctic in a game with such a variety of weapons, K/D ignores cooperation (assists), and KDA can't really be proven to be reliable.They can probably build something decent from the accumulation of stats, but I'll also say that "seasons" allow for a more-realistic assessment of skill. Just to use myself as an example... When I started Black Ops II, I spent the first year around a K/D of 1.00. After a longer time of playing, I upped it to about 1.75 overall. I switched from Domination to Team Deathmatch once it started getting higher becuase I had no stats in Team Deathmatch and figured it could give me a reasonable K/D of how I was playing recently. I played that mode exclusivesly for months, and my K/D was around 2.3, much higher than my overall of 1.7 or so suggested. It was dragged down by playing intermittently and poorly for abotu a year. Seasons mean that if you get better, you aren't held into lower brackets (where you would more likely excel) because of how you played in the past.
  • Yes, I played Halo 5 online several hours today, and pretty much every day since it launched in October. The CSR rankings were already pretty bad because, as you note, they moronically prioritized W/L over KD, which makes absolutely no sense. You could've started an 8-year-old girl on the 1992 Dream Team Men's U.S. national basketball team and they still would've won the Olympic gold medal: that does not mean she belongs at that level. 343i needs to hire a statistician, apparently, because there are dozens of better algorithms out there that they should base rankings on (something that cumulatively factors in your KD and the KD of your opponents). The placement matches in Halo 5 are awful--easily the worst part of the entire game (and it's otherwise a great game, especially the multiplayer gameplay mechanics)--and having to do them again every 6 weeks is simply unbearable. We already spent the past six weeks weeding out the Dream Team players from the 8-year-olds. Jumbling them all back up again and making them re-do it every 6 weeks is simply stupid, at best, and a deal-breaker, at worst. Seasons don't seem useful or necessary. Cumulative progress over time--even using algorithms that favor recent performance--can lead to much more accurate placement than using a clean slate (of an already flawed algorithm) ever month and a half. For the past four weeks or so I played Halo 5 every night and enjoyed it because the matches were competitive and everyone was mostly on the same skill-level. After tonight, though, having to re-live the unbearableness of just ten placement matches, I'm going to take a break for awhile. It wasn't fun, at all.
  • I don't even think that the placement matches were any different from the regular ones, so I don't know what your issue is there. I suspect it's just hating not having the emblem next to your name, becuase the post-ranking matches haven't been better or worse--they're all balanced terribly. I've yet to see how, if at all, they adjust the ranking system for Season, so I'm not going to judge it without knowing. Still, as much as I hate the matchmaking system, it's not the worst part of the game. The worst part, and I don't know how anyone can argue otherwise, is the maps. They're some of the most pathetic excuses for competitive maps I've played, with only Advanced Warfare making a case for being worse. They made people faster than ever in this game, and the maps aren't laterally larger to an extent to counter that. They took Orion (one of the few maps that I found halfway decent) out o f the rotation, claiming it wasn't balanced and led to spawn-killing too much. However, Fathom was kept in when it's basically a giant circle with a million grenades and a Railgun to serve as overwatch. It's a spawn-camper's paradise. It's the worst Halo map I can ever recall playing. Luckily, I haven't been thrown on it in a long time (barely played of late due to chasing that 80,000-point REQ pack in Warzone with a friend and school for the past 2 weeks). I finish school tomorrow. I'll probably spend Thursday night getting some overdue Halo time in, so I can check out the new Warzone and Arena maps. Friday, I might do the same. I might try to get back to where I was in Fallout 4 before it broke on me. Saturday, Battlefront is supposed to arrive. I've gotta find peopel to play that with, because I think that even as someone who isn't really into Star Wars, I might enjoy it online more than Halo 5, which really grates on my nerves after about 5 matches.
  • The placement matches are definitely different than the post-placement matches. You have a huge hodgepodge of elite players going up against extreme casuals (incuding people who have no issue disconnecting mid-match, or being AFK, etc.). Now, these problems do exist in the post-placement matches (mostly because 343's CSR algorithms are absolutely garbage), but they're exacerbated in the placement matches. I belong in Silver. There I can manage a 1.0 KD and matches are fun and competitive, and about 95% of them finish with 4 vs. 4. In the placement matches, I am lucky to pull off a 0.3 KD, about half of the matches suffer from dropouts on either side. It's not fun, for anyone. Fun happens after about 4 weeks of play when the tiers start balancing themselves out. Resetting all that corrective progress every six weeks is really pretty stupid. It makes me lose interest in the game, and judging from all the complaints from my friends (and from those on the Halo Waypoint forums) about their ranks getting re-set, I am not the only one. Perhaps they could've made it an option to re-set your ranks, but they really need to cool it with the "Seasons" concept (space them out every 4 or 6 months, not every six weeks) and totally revise their CSR algorithms to incorporate your KD weighted against the KD of your opponents. I agree the maps are mediocre, overall. There are a few good ones (I like Plaza, for instance, but hate the new Overgrowth ripoff of it), but I've been disappointed with them overall, so far. Having said that, the multiplayer gameplay mechanics (particularly the new abilities), are fantastic: one of the best FPS games I've ever played, in that aspect. Now all 343i need to do is improve the other parts: maps, playlists, and rankings.
  • Does this update also include a file share for maps, custom game types, and saved films?
  • I wish the map editor was available without the need to buy the campaign.
  • I found the Team Arena playlist very entertaining tonight and got my 10 match rank in. Just couldn't put it down.