Fortunatus a waste of $500

Are you rich? Do you only like chatting with rich people? Meet Fortunatus, a $500 Windows Mobile app that does nothing but display a diamond and allow you to chat with other fat cats who could have fed a family of five for a week or more but instead bought this app. You have to appreciate the honesty of the feature listing, though:

  • Show you are rich
  • For the wealthy gentlemen
  • Show you have the money
  • Chat with fellow rich people

Nice. Oh, and the developer's Web site?  It's blank. Well, it does say "Website coming soon." Don't buy this. Ever. [msm via wmpu]

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

Phil Nickinson

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  • Well at least its cheaper than a similar iPhone app before it was pulled. If I'm not mistaken, I think sold for $1k, and someone actually bought it... =/
  • I remember a few people did and it didn't even have the chat application either it was just a picture, I think it was a rubby.
  • I would edit that but it's too funny to me. I think it's Ruby not rubby!
  • LOL!
  • man, thats one of those get rich skeems! some people come up with the wildest ideas i swear!
  • Please tell me this didn't make it into the Marketplace. That's one click fumble I'd rather not experience!
  • I looked and yep it is in the MS Marketplace!
  • It's worth noting that price is not a factor in certification. After an application is certified a developer can set the price that what ever contents them. Certification only makes sure that the application conforms to guidelines and doesn't perform certain restricted actions that would compromise the device's usability. And from looking at the description for this application I can't see it doing any of those things.
  • Sweet app. This is exactly what life is about! :P
  • $500 either the exchange rate is really bad or you live rich.. 500 would feed my family for nearly a month :P
  • This needs to be pirated and spread all over to everyone just to spite the developer and show that this kind of garbage should NEVER be made ever again. EVER.
  • If you have a expensive phone you can sel it but how about this app... wanna buy a second hand app for $250 lol ;)