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It's time for another From the Froums where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from the Windows Phone Central community forums. There have been a number of new threads created over the past couple of days, but which ones have peaked the interest of our readers and accumulated a number of replies?

We'll first tackle the rumour that's currently going around, which involves both Nokia and HTC. According to some news sources, the former is looking to sue the latter for copying the look and design of the Lumia 820. A thread on our forums has been created for discussion and debate to take place. Some interesting comments have been published.

Mitlov had the following to add to the thread:

"If Nokia does sue over brightly-colored polycarbonate, I won't buy a Nokia phone. I do think the HTC 8X is a little derivative, but not the sort of derivative that should be sued over. This is just like Infiniti and other car makers adopting a BMW-esque Hofmeister kink. Derivative but not lawsuit-worthy."

We've not covered the rumour, but we're extremely skeptical about the possibility of Nokia suing HTC over designs of its latest Windows Phone hardware. While there's of course a possibility, we doubt Microsoft would indeed allow such action to take place within the platform ecosystem.

The question is: do you believe HTC has copied Nokia in terms of design? Be sure to head on over to the "Nokia planning to sue to stop release of HTC devices" thread to add your opinion.

iPhone issues are Windows Phone's gain?

Scratched iPhone 5

Forum user baseballbert created a thread in our forums to discuss the amount of problems the iPhone 5 is experiencing.

"If I paid $250-450 for a phone, I would be pretty angry if it came chipped out if the box, couldn't connect to wifi or lost a signal if it sat on my leg. And yet, people aren't all that angry it seems. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this affects WP8 adoption."

We've been following the iPhone news closely to see how many problems are present and it's not looking too good. Twitter is yet again full of tweets, using the newly created hashtag #scratchgate. It's definitely an issue that we attempt to avoid with Windows Phones (or any other smartphone for that matter).

Gadgets are flimsy devices at best and it depends on how careful and protective the owner is. That being said, it's good to know Lumia Windows Phones are built like tanks and the Lumia 920 is heavy enough to reach the other side of the world should it be dropped.

Have you bought an iPhone 5, what are your thoughts on the issues people are reporting? Have you experienced said problems on a Windows Phone? Be sure to engage with others in the "It will be interesting to see of all of the iPhone 5 issues lead to people switching" thread. It will be interesting to see if this brings some custom Microsoft's way. We need all the marketshare we can get right now, and at least the iCrowd is dedicated.