From the Forums: Nokia's apparent desire to sue HTC, and potential iPhone refugees

It's time for another From the Froums where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from the Windows Phone Central community forums. There have been a number of new threads created over the past couple of days, but which ones have peaked the interest of our readers and accumulated a number of replies?

We'll first tackle the rumour that's currently going around, which involves both Nokia and HTC. According to some news sources, the former is looking to sue the latter for copying the look and design of the Lumia 820. A thread on our forums has been created for discussion and debate to take place. Some interesting comments have been published.

Mitlov had the following to add to the thread:

"If Nokia does sue over brightly-colored polycarbonate, I won't buy a Nokia phone. I do think the HTC 8X is a little derivative, but not the sort of derivative that should be sued over. This is just like Infiniti and other car makers adopting a BMW-esque Hofmeister kink. Derivative but not lawsuit-worthy."

We've not covered the rumour, but we're extremely skeptical about the possibility of Nokia suing HTC over designs of its latest Windows Phone hardware. While there's of course a possibility, we doubt Microsoft would indeed allow such action to take place within the platform ecosystem.

The question is: do you believe HTC has copied Nokia in terms of design? Be sure to head on over to the "Nokia planning to sue to stop release of HTC devices" thread to add your opinion.

iPhone issues are Windows Phone's gain?

Forum user baseballbert created a thread in our forums to discuss the amount of problems the iPhone 5 is experiencing.

"If I paid $250-450 for a phone, I would be pretty angry if it came chipped out if the box, couldn't connect to wifi or lost a signal if it sat on my leg. And yet, people aren't all that angry it seems. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this affects WP8 adoption."

We've been following the iPhone news closely to see how many problems are present and it's not looking too good. Twitter is yet again full of tweets, using the newly created hashtag #scratchgate. It's definitely an issue that we attempt to avoid with Windows Phones (or any other smartphone for that matter).

Gadgets are flimsy devices at best and it depends on how careful and protective the owner is. That being said, it's good to know Lumia Windows Phones are built like tanks and the Lumia 920 is heavy enough to reach the other side of the world should it be dropped.

Have you bought an iPhone 5, what are your thoughts on the issues people are reporting? Have you experienced said problems on a Windows Phone? Be sure to engage with others in the "It will be interesting to see of all of the iPhone 5 issues lead to people switching" thread. It will be interesting to see if this brings some custom Microsoft's way. We need all the marketshare we can get right now, and at least the iCrowd is dedicated.

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  • Re: Nokia and HTC... "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Even though I think the rumours are bogus, the similarity shows how inspiring Nokia's design is. It's beautiful, both to see and to hold.
  • I HOPE that the rumors are bogus.  I'm worried that Nokia's beginning to turn into the Apple of Windows Phone.  First they go crash Samsung's ATIV launch to tell everyone to "Look for Lumia next week in NYC", then they go touting how much better their phones are than every other phone in existence, and now they're suing because a phone's the same colour?  Seriously?
    I mean, it's to be expected that they'd praise their phones over the competition, but Nokia's been quite cocky lately.
  • I don't mind them being cocky if they have a product that warrants it and I think they do. The only similarity between the HTC and the Nokia as far as I can tell is colored shells. The shape and size of the phone is different. I would bet Nokia hasn't patented the colors nor do I believe a suit would be favorable, therefore, I doubt they will. I'm guessing the rumor started when someone at CNET (or some similar technology rag) wondered if Nokia would sue and someone else took it as fact.
  • They're helping WP and themselves. There's nothing cocky about that. They're just playing around. And, Apple sells a lot of iPhones cause they're "cocky", so, no need to be complaining.
  • I thought it was the Lumia 920 that Nokia thinks HTC swagger jacked.
  • Nokia shouldn't sue HTC if they know what's best for them. These two companies can only help each other out.
  • I think people got screwed by apple if you weren't going to make something better than the last don't make anything at all consumers thinner doesn't make it better weaker in some cases they should have wait instead of the every year but they know it's people that don't want to wait just like 4s I don't feel sorry for them (Apple will keep doing this until consumers stop playing into their hands they got you right were they want you) Take it don't complain you did it.
  • Not that I am against colors or anything, but can't we save those for the "case" manufacturers? I have a Cyan Lumia 900 that only looks good with the "Nokia Blue" Theme... I have a gray HTC Titan that looks good with any color theme and I have 5 different colored cases to make it match whatever I feel like - blue, red, white, black, pink... They do add a bit of bulk to the phone, but it's nice to personalize it rather than getting stuck with a color that only looks good with certain things.
    Now as far as the iPhone 5 goes with Chipgate/Scratchgate or whatever... I have to remember back to almost every touchscreen device that I purchased on release day to see the "light leaks", "poor construction", or even the "failed software" issues come out with it. The BlackBerry Storm was terrible all around... The HTC Evo 4G had light leaks galore... Even the Touch Pro 2 had hinges that failed... Every device is rushed to market and issues come up - maybe it's time to just expect them an get them replaced if there's a problem?
  • I didn't read your whole comment because I'm a little sick, but I think I would like a combination of both color and black/gray phones. The cyan on the Nokia lumia 900 was what got us noticed
  • Lime, green, magenta and blue also look great.
  • I use the cyan black/red theme. Looks good :D
  • I believe the backplates are changable, so you can change it to whatever colour suits your fancy.
  • If all those people didn't want their iPhones to arrive with scratches already on them, they should've ordered the iBox. Only $449.99 with your preorder! And according to Apple's Phil Schiller, it's just "normal wear and tear." "You opened the box wrong". LOL!
  • i used to rock magenta with my cyan 900, the combination looked pretty great imo.
    personally i'm still torn on if i want a gray, black or white 920
  • I really wish this whole talk of Nokia suing HTC would stop. It's just not going to happen. The design is not similar enough (having actually looked at the design patent on the N9/Lumia 800 which it's most similar to, it's not infringing), and it's just a whole lot of FUD because they're using a one-piece coloured polycarbonate rectangle.
  • I must admit, that I find this rumour a bit hard to believe. However, if this turns out to be true, it will impact my decision on my next windows phone purchase. As much as I love my Lumia 900, and was looking to being the owner of a 920, I will buy an HTC 8X. I would consider a lawsuit by Nokia against HTC over this issue, utterly ridiculous, and it would simply negatively impact my opinion of Nokia. Enough said.
  • Such actions wouldn't impact my decision one iota...Even if Nokia issued a cease and desist and/or 'sued' HTC, I would still purchase a Nokia Lumia device, and would continue to support Nokia products for as long as they produce WP devices.
  • I hope this is just a rumor as it would have negative consequences for the ecosystem but seriously Nokia should not hesitate to sue HTC if they dare use this design for their Android phones.
  • Color suing is dumb. Doubt it would happen.
  • i dont agree with you guys because thats not just because of the color and polycarbonate it is because of the formfactor. when jou would the back of the 8x a little bit rounder and the speaker wold not be colored  its like the  820!
    maybe its not enough to win against them but they send a clear message to he world that nokia is the innovative desgin leader.  
  • I wish HTC would add more colors. I think mixing the red and the yellow to make a swirl random colored phone would be AWESOME,,kind of like a BigStick icecream =)
  • I'm all for Nokia, shareholder and future 920 owner, but suing would be lame. WP is all about vibrant colors on the tiles, so a colored case/body makes aesthetic sense and shouldn't be a battle ground for the lawyers to get rich off. Just my $.02.
  • I think Nokia created something unique with the lumia 900 line & HTC 8x does look like a mimic. I hope they don't sue it's better for us to have more options. And the WiFi issues on the iPhone 5 isn't the phone you guys are just "holding it wrong" lol. The scratches came from the shipper not Apple. Problem solve Apple will clean there hands that easy.
  • Nokia is being stupid now
  • IMHO Nokia is not stupid the rumor is stupid  that would make very little sense for Nokia to do such a thing. And there's been nothing but talk so lets stop and move on to something more constructive to the WP8 W8 ecosystem.
  • And you really look at the 920 and 8X they don't really look that similiar
    The 8X has round corners on all 4 sides.
    The 920 has a flat top and bottom with sharp edges.
    And the speaker grill on the 8X matches the body color of the phone.
  • @dakken The rumor refers to the 820 not 920.
  • I love Nokia and the Lumia series just as much as anybody, but please don't sue HTC. Their phones only help the ecosystem which in return will help Nokia. We are all in this together.
  • I hope they don't sue, but I wish the HTC 8x was a Nokia phone; It would truely be a great phone with nokia's commitment, customer service, and other benefits..
  • There's an interview of Stephen Elop by Myriam Joire, that is shot with the Lumia 920, where Elop discusses this topic.  Question is at 3:00 mark ("I think that what people are recognizing is that we are setting the pace for design in and around the windows phone ecosystem..")
  • Its a load of kerfuffle...Microsoft stated they helped HTC design the device for Wp8. Suing just ain't gonna happen. Calm down y'all
  • If you listened Stephen Elop today it's pretty clear they will not sue...
  • I honestly don't see the similarities between the Lumias and the 8x. Apart from the colors they don't look much alike. Picture them both in black, think away the colors. How are they similar? The 8 x has tapered edges, the lumia rounded ones. Glossy polycarbonate against mate ruberized polycarbonat. The ratio of width to length is completly different. Ok, so HTC also used curved glass but thats about it. Color and glass. Besides that i really don't see it.
    So i hope Nokia won't sue, since even for Apple it was stretch. Additionally i don't believe either company is in the finacal situation to spend millions on attourneys. For what? Phones that haven't even been sold? Come on. It's not worth it. Microsoft wouldn't allow it anyway. If they have that amaount of power, wich i guess they do. Finally, Steven Elop said in the latest interview that all OEM are working together to promote the platform and seeing the kind of apps Nokia is releasing for WP 8 i think he really means it.
  • If you listen to the Engadget interview, they don't see HTC as an enemy - more as an ally against iOS and Android. The CEO seemed pleased that HTC's phones where influenced by the Lumia. As long as Windows Phone 8 devices look great, all WP manufacturers gain.
  • If you look at back of 820, looks like HD7. No suing here Nokia.
  • One more thing, lets not be NokApple here.
  • If they sue HTC they better sue Apple for coping their design for the IPods.
  • I don't want Nokia to sue HTC, and honestly, I don't think they will. In fact, ironically, Elop said to Engadget today that he's encouraged by the cooperation and choices that WP OEMs are producing, because it's a sign of how good the platform is. I agree with him!
  • I don't know if I'd say Lumias are built like a tank.  I dropped my 900 from a bit above waist height in a backyard 2 weekends ago and the screen shattered completely   :/
  • I'm sorry about your shattered screen but all I can say is that it's purely a hard luck on your part. I have unintentionally dropped my cyan lumia 900 four times but still can't see any visible scratch on it. It's still looking perfect as I first got it, I do have a screen protector though.
  • Yeah I also dropped my lumia from 12 ft it bounced off a metal railing and thrown into the ground and just a small dent near the 3.5mm headphone jack
  • I just read all the comments and I saw 95% were for HTC. And the rest for apple, i see what and care about here.
  • Nokia should do nothing to stop the spread of the WP brand. All hands are needed on deck to keep this ship afloat
  • That scratch on the iPhone is a new feature. iScratch.
  • Loooooooool "snickers"
  • +1
  • My iphone 5 came chipped out of the box - Apple will replace it no questions asked for 30 days so I'm not too concerned.  As far as the phone being "weaker", it's actually very solidly built.  Not going to drop test it against my Lumia 820 in a couple of months though...
  • This is great news about the iPhone being a piece of crap but on the real, this just further solidifies the fact that all phones have initial issues upon launch.
  • From what I realize after watching that interview with nokia on htc.  They pretty much don't intend to sue, although obviously they won't give an indication on video or anything but just from what he said about how microsoft brought in a lot of oems and gave some guidelines.  There seems to be no bad blood but the interview was obviously only on the surface of things.  Lots of rumors going around about pretty much everything since the phone hasn't released yet, we haven't had a  good look on the OS on the actual phone.  Not too many surprises at this point until release but hopefully there will be some left!
    I kind of laugh at how many people just make excuses for apple creating sometimes a shoddy product.  That scratch thing should have been dealt with in the first stages of the material product phase.  The company has really been cutting corners since Steve Jobs stepped down IMO.  I don't really like apple but under Steve Jobs at least there was a point to the madness.  I'm not too sure if it's that or Apple is just becoming less relevant.  I talked to a lot of people with the 4s and seem more than satisfied with it.  I'm interested to see if microsoft and its oems can grab some marketshare.  OR THEY COULD BUY OUT RIMM! haha there's always that possiblity.
  • Come on guys, don't turn into Apple
  • I've dropped my HTC 7 Pro more times than I can count, on hardwood, tile, concrete, etc. With no screen damage and works great. Only sign of wear is on the "chrome" bezel. I'm very happy with mine!
  • I'm not saying they should, but IF Nokia did decide to sue, they would have more of a case than Apple did against Samsung.
  • I don't even understand this rumor.  Almost all smartphones look the same to me and this certainly isn't the first time someone has made colorful phones.
  • I agree.  There's little to no innovation or uniqueness when it comes to the shape and color of any of these phones.  This rumor has no basis in reality anyway though.
  • I don't think Nokia will sue HTC, since they probably know HTC didn't do themselves any favours by showing themselves to be copycats. I mean the hype HTC tried to build before their launch by saying "they have come up with some awesome new design language for their windows phones." After launch, all the press is saying that their designs are taken from Nokia's book. Which I agree, since before Nokia, all manufacturers had forgotten about colors. And speaking of colors, HTC's choices are the sort of screaming-in-your-face, fad colors, and not the simplified (and sort of classy) CMYK palette Nokia uses, which simply means they don't 'age well.' It's like neon colors from the early 90's, just looks like shit after the trend passes. Even though I like their two-tone designs probably more than Nokia's 820, HTC's design team proved to be as unimaginative as always. It's just sad that they don't have the confidence to come up with something truly unique for WP8. Even though their Android designs are a bit bland, they certainly have their own design language that sets them apart.
  • Everyone that denis that htc looks like lumia needs some glasses...
    Clearly at first glance they seem from the same brand...
    Ppl will walk in to the store and ask for a lumia then they see an htc and ask what lumia model is thaT....
    I think if they keep on makeing same phones as lumia tHey should sue
  • Good Nokia keep it up...Win8 belong to you.....
  • I don't believe anyone could patent "colored" phones...
  • Didn't Nokia reveal the 820 only a couple of weeks before the HTC? So are we saying HTC saw the 820 2weeks after and then go back to the drawing board to make it look like it?
  • I think if this lawsuit were to happen it would cause serious harm to the WP ecosytem as it is already in a fragile state. WP needs all the OEMs and thier designs to be successful. IMO MS has enough control/power/clout to not allow a lawsuit like this to go forward. Nothing good can come out of this.
  • Sue or dont sue. Doesn't matter to me. Nothing will change my mind about the Lumia 920.