The GameBoy Phone project: old school meets old school

Taking geekdom to a whole new level for no other reason than to say "it has been done!", WindowsPhoneHacker has managed to squeeze an old HTC 8525 into a GameBoy Advance case.

Why? Well to obviously compete with that Sony Playstation phone (opens in new tab), hello. Anyways, check out the video and head over to the site for step-by-step directions for what looks to be a killer weekend project.

Source: WindowsPhoneHacker (opens in new tab); Thanks, A, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Ha. Really though, I've been saying it since the DS first came out; Nintendo would only be wise to try to work with someone to get a phone out there even if it's just a simple one.Additionally, since I'm not a fan of onscreen controls because they take up screen real estate, I've been thinking MS should try to come up with a universal "case," sort of like this actually, except with Xbox controls of course... and looks a lot nicer.