The first reworked Global Event in The Division 2 is INSANE and you have to play it

The cloud and explosion from enemies in the Reanimated Global Event in The Division 2
(Image credit: Windows Central)

As part of the extensive Project Resolve upgrades in The Division 2, the regular rotation of Global Events have been given some attention to make them better to play. The first to roll out is the currently running Reanimated event, which started on February 13, and hoo boy, is it good. 

You have to play the game this week. It's simply too good to miss out on. 

I've played probably about 4 hours of Reanimated since it rolled out, and I've already hit tier 9 on the rewards, and got more XP, and field proficiency caches than I know what to do with. But most of all, I've been smiling like a Cheshire Cat the whole time. 

Most of the challenges are fairly easy to finish, but that's not the real fun of the Reanimated Global Event.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Why is it suddenly so good? The details in the patch notes for the recent Title Update 20 (TU20) hold the answer: 

  • Tripled explosion range.
  • Increased explosion damage by 50%.
  • Enemy headshot weakness was increased by 50%.

The whole point of Reanimated is to hit headshots, because if you don't, slain enemies will come back to life. But when hitting those crispy headshots, you'll get a satisfying pop, and a green cloud of corrosion will billow from your target. 

With the latest buffs to the event as part of Project Resolve, those headshot explosions now cover more area, giving more chance of applying corrosive effects to other enemies, as well as just being significantly more powerful. 

A side effect, though, is that the clouds are now so big, and so powerful, that if you're running public execution activities in the open world, a single headshot could kill your hostages and, as such, lose you the event. I don't know if it's a bug or an intended consequence, but the clouds will kill NPCs. So be careful. 

The third buff, the headshot weakness being increased by 50%, is giving us some insane damage right now. The video above from YouTuber NothingButSkillz shows it off better than any I've been able to gather with my potato aim, so definitely check it out. 

It doesn't just apply to marksman rifles, either. Literally any category of weapon is capable of doing ridiculous headshot damage. I've been running the new Vindicator exotic rifle, so I can get its expertise up, and on a build not at all optimized for headshot damage, I'm still able to hit up to 8 million damage for headshots. Swapping the new Brutus named Marksman Rifle in on the same, non-optimized build, I'm able to hit up to 38 million headshot damage. 

It is absolutely insane and I love it. 

It's so simple to tackle high difficulty content and complete the challenges, you'll get all the event rewards in no time at all.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Because of the buffs to the explosions and headshots, it makes it easier than usual to clear more difficult content. So long as you can hit headshots, you'll reap the rewards, even if you don't have a build targeted for the purpose. I've been running my regular rifle set up with the new Whisper and Vindicator that were added with the launch of Season 3 Vanguard and absolutely shredding enemies even on heroic difficulty. All without targeting headshot damage on my gear. 

The knock on effect is that it's really easy this week to get XP to either level up your SHD watch or complete the season pass if you didn't get that done yet. It's also just so satisfying popping off those massive headshots and watching the green clouds build up. Golden Bullet was my favorite Global Event until now, but there's a new king in town. 

Richard Devine
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