Gates becomes world's richest man again, Microsoft stock keeps a-rising

Bill Gates doesn’t have anything to do with the day-to-day operations of Microsoft. Since stepping down back in 2008, he’s been full-timing it at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world. But he’s still an important figure in the tech world, especially for anyone following Microsoft. He’s also back on top as the world’s richest person.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bill Gates is back on top with a net worth of $72.7 billion. The previous number one was Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim, who now sits in the number two position with a-nothing-to-scoff-at $72.1 billion.

How did our man Bill take the top spot? Two things. First, Carlos lost about $3 billion due to his primary company, America Movil, dropping 14% in value after a bill was passed in Mexico to break up American Movil's monopoly. Second, Microsoft is trading at its highest value in 5 years. That helped give Bill his number one spot on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, a position he hasn’t held since 2007.

It’s worth noting that Bill Gates has contributed $28 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And has plans to donate up to 90% of his fortune by the time he passes. Without donating, he could easily have been the wealthiest man.

So Bill Gates is number one again. Big deal, right? While it won’t really change life for you, me, or Dupree, it’s worth nothing that Microsoft is doing well as a company. A company that could be doing much worse in this “post-PC” age.

A lot of pundits have questioned Gates’ business tactics while in charge of Microsoft. But it’s hard to ignore the amount of good he’s done with his fortune so far and what can be accomplished over the next few decades. I’m just hoping he’ll never lose his ability to jump the standard office chair. Bill Gates: billionaire, philanthropist, and most importantly - slayer of chairs. 

Source/Image: Bloomberg

Sam Sabri