Get water logged with Water Log

The Windows Phone app Water Log is designed to help remind you to drink water during the day. Part of being fit is proper nutrition and part of proper nutrition is drinking plenty of water every day. How much water is "plenty"? Some sources cite 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women. Then there's the "8 glasses a day" rule and Bing searches on the subject will find other recommendations and equations.

While opinions vary on how much water we should be drinking on a daily basis, it is important you drink. Water Log tracks your daily water consumption and reminds you to keep drinking. Water Log is a simple, yet effective way to meet your daily nutritional goals during Fitness Month and beyond.

Water Log's main screen illustrates your daily progress. You have a glass icon that is tapped whenever you consume a glass of water or you can tap the + or - button below the icon to record your water intake.

From the settings, you can set your daily goal of glasses of water (8 is the default), choose to animate the glass icon and set a reminder to drink a glass of water every hour. Water Log does have Live Tile support that will display your current water consumption.

There are two downside to Water Log.  First is that Water Log won't reset every day automatically or provide a history of your water consumption. Every morning you'll have to reset the counter from the main progress page of the app. It's not a major issue but I could see it coming in handy to have at least the counter reset daily.  

Second is that Water Log measures your water intake by the glass without really defining what a "glass" is.  It could be a 6oz. Dixie Cup or a 32oz. Big Gulp.  It would be nice to define the volume of water as well as the glass.  Neither issue really hurts the app but keeps the tracking more "in general" than specific consumption.  The reminder feature is a really nice touch but the accounting needs a little refinement.

If you need an app to remind you to drink water and help you track your daily consumption of water, Water Log is worth a look. Water Log is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Really? You need an app to remind you to drink a glass of water. I think you need an app to. . . Wait a minute, time for my glass of water. . . Ok. . . buy a brain.
  • Well, yeah, your point is a sane one but.. I often go through a whole working day on maybe three cups or gulps from a bottle of liquid and I don't feel this does me much good. The less water you drink the higher chance of gall stones collecting in your kidneys so this isn't a stupid idea in my opinion.
  • Gall stones collect in your gall bladder. Kidney stones collect in your kidneys. I do agree with you though. I tend to go most of the day without drinking much. Having a reminder might help with that.
  • The reality is that as we age our ability to accurately determine when we are thirsty goes down. Because of this, most adults are walking around in a dehydrated state. This leads to a host of problems which too often aren't linked to dehydration. This app can help those of us who tend to focus in on whatever we are working on to the exclusion of everything else, including remembering to get a drink.
  • This will definitely come in handy. I'm bad with keeping up with my water intake during the day
  • It's nice to have a reminder to drink as well as a way to keep track of how much. My problem airs more on the side of "did I drink a whole gallon of water today yet?". Of course I actually, you know, stay active and don't sit around dreaming about a Nissan all day. Generalizations are fun!
  • Hey, leave my beloved Nissan out of this. She didn't do anything to you.
  • Yay! This comes in handy. I do tend to forget my 8 glasses rule.
  • Holy crap. Just download this app earlier, and now it's featured. Creepy!
  • We're watching you..
  • Lol
  • Now that is funny.
  • @jlynnm350z...Well, sometimes some will need some sort reminder, especially if they are following a new protocol ( i.e. 100 oz of water a day). I have to consume at least 20 oz at each meal to meet my daily goal; if I miss a meal, I miss water, and I miss my goal. I think this app will be good for those who need it, especially if it helps them form the habit of drinking plenty of water each day.
  • Breathing. Where's my app for helping me with breathing? There's probably one on iOS. To be fair, they need it :-)
  • Odd... I have no trouble remembering my afternoon slice of pie but the water bit... I can go most of the day without thinking about it.  A reminder app like this can get you into a routine and help.
  • I need this app. Because I drink maybe 1/2 glass a day
  • Yes you need this app
    Btw how are you still alive? ;)
  • As the author of this app, I must say that I am truly honored and humbled that my app is being featured today.  I wrote this app as a sort of self New Years Resolution in 2012.  I didn't want to set a resolution per-se, but wanted to attack something that I could change in my daily routine.  (That something being the massive amounts of Diet Pepsi I consumed on a daily basis.)  So I set forth and created Water Log as a way to learn how to code for Windows Phone, and hopefully make a change in my routine.  I can honestly say it helped me learn how to code for Windows Phone.  ;-)  (Though to be fair, I stopped drinking soda right before Thanksgiving, and have not fallen off that wagon yet.)
    I also want to throw out an apology here, because in my local version of code, I actually do have daily resetting implemented.  I take all the feedback I get very seriously.  The main requests I get are for daily reset, actually logging, and being able to choose the measurement amount.
    I've got the logging working, but hit roadblocks regarding displaying the data on a chart properly.  I'd also gotten sidetracked by a nasty bug where the notifications started going off and would constantly go off over and over.  This sadly turned out to be debug code that I added that was hidden off somewhere that I didn't realize got left behind.
    The measurement thing is a dilema for me.  I made the app generic so that the user could decide what the number meant.  I started coding it, but couldn't get passionate about it and tabled it.  I'll definitely reconsider it.
    Seeing the app featured is kinda special to me, and very much appreciated.  I will make it a goal to get some of these changes finalized and published in an update soon.  Please feel free to send any feedback you have to me through the app itself.
    Thank you, and good luck to everyone in their quest for health, and drinking more water!
  • Keep up the good work! I'll download it now
  • Rolling at these comments. LOL. For those of us living in the desert, if the 117 degree heat isn't enough to convince you, you need this app.
  • I don't drink water at all and my body is used to it at the age of 37. Might be useful to me, water just makes me hungry and I don't eat a lot as it is.
  • The environment in  which I'm in during the day time isn't really compatible with getting a glass of water and honestly I do forget to drink from my water bottle. In the end I just drink a lot of water from 6pm ~ 1am.
    EVERY single human being has this app built in to their own operating system. It's called feeling thirsty. That is your body telling you to hydrate. Drinking unnecessary amounts of water can lead to bladder and prostate problems later in life. Just saying........
  • Not everyone quenches the thirst early enough as the feelig of beeing thirsty differs from person to person.
    The Body is able to absorb an special amount of water per hour. I remember 100 or 150 ml/h, but can be wrong with that.
    Not wrong is the habbit to drink several small doses of water spread over the whole day.
    It's better than forgetting to drink until 6p.m. and trying to compensate that by drinking 2-3 litres in the last 3 or 4 hours of that day.
  • I suppose having a reoccurring calendar appointment a few times a day might be easier, make a new calendar just for that.