Blizzard partnered with Gunnar to make some LEGENDARY Overwatch blue-light-blocking glasses for gamers

Overatch D.VA Tokki Edition Gunnar glasses.
(Image credit: Gunnar / Blizzard)

What you need to know

  • Gunnar Optiks is a eyewear company with a focus on glasses that protect from computer vision syndrome. 
  • Recently, the company partnered with Blizzard to release officially licensed Overwatch D.Va Tokki Edition gaming glasses. 
  • These glasses are blue and pink with either amber or clear lenses and come in a cat-eye design with metal D.Va bunny symbols on either side.
  • They are also anti-reflective, smudge-resistant, and are designed to protect your eyes against blue light and UV rays. 
  • The Overwatch D.Va Tokki Edition gaming glasses sell for $125.00 at Gunnar

Lately, the protective eyeware company, Gunnar Optiks, has been partnering with various companies to bring consumer some really cool themed glasses. The latest to get this treatment is Blizzard which partnered with Gunnar to bring us officially licensed Overwatch D.Va Tokki Edition gaming glasses. This eyeware protects against blue light, is smudge-resistant, and anti-reflective making them the perfect wearable for when you're staring at a computer or TV screen for long periods of time. 

You can purchase the Overwatch D.Va Tokki Edition gaming glasses for $125.00 at Gunnar. The company labels these glasses as Legendary, which means they offer the best optical technology offered by the Gunnar Optiks.

The glasses come with a blue case, a microfiber pouch, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a 24-month warranty.  (Image credit: Gunnar / Blizzard)

Keeping in line with D.Va's character design, these Gunnar glasses prominently feature a gentle transparent blue to pink color scheme on a cat-eye frame design. Cute little D.Va bunny icons made out of metal highlight the corners of the frame for a fun effect. Meanwhile, the temples are white and feature a pink bunny symbol on the inside along with the stylized "D.Va" text on the outside. Altogether, these color choices and designs work together to make a very appealing set of glasses. 

In addition to the glasses themselves, users also get a blue case with the pink D.Va bunny symbol on it, a microfiber pouch that also features the bunny icon, a microfiber cleaning cloth with Overwatch icons on it, and a 24-month warranty. 

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Since Gunnar specializes in protective eyeware, it's no surprise that the collectible Overwatch D.VA Tokki Edition gaming glasses block 100% UV rays as well as harmful blue light that comes from screens. So, if you ever experience computer vision syndrome, headaches, or strained eyes after staring at a monitor or TV then these can help with that. As such, this makes Gunnar glasses the ideal gear for gamers to wear or for folks that tend to sit in front of screens for long stretches. These glasses also come with G-Shield, which is the company's lens coating method that creates anti-reflective and smudge-resistant lenses. That way, you'll get the best wearing experience possible.

The Overwatch D.VA Tokki Edition Gunnar glasses have a very appealing design.  (Image credit: Gunnar / Blizzard)

You get to choose between having amber lenses or clear ones. Additionally, these glasses can either come with GUNNAR-Focus lenses or you can order prescription ones to match your needs. For those who don't already know, GUNNAR-Focus is the company's patented lens technology that Gunnar says "aids natural focusing and reduces stress and strain on your eyes" specifically with "issues associated with prolonged computer use."

If you are a fan of Overwatch or simply love the look of these glasses then they can serve you well during gaming sessions or during long work hours spent in front of a computer screen. Of course, if you like the idea of these Gunnar glasses, but don't like this specific design, you might also be interested in checking out the wooden Groot glasses from Guardians of the Galaxy or these sweet Fallout 33 glasses that perfectly match the aesthetic of the games and recent Amazon Prime show.

Overwatch D.VA Tokki Edition Gunnar Glasses | $125.00 at Gunnar

Overwatch D.VA Tokki Edition Gunnar Glasses | $125.00 at Gunnar

These sweet blue-light blocking glasses are designed with Overwatch's Tokki in mind. You can get them with either amber or clear lenses with the option of either being Gunnar-Focus or matching your prescription.

Buy at: Gunnar

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