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Best Xbox One Accessories in 2020 (One X & One S Compatible)

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Whether you have the 4K media-focused Xbox One S or the 4K gaming powerhouse Xbox One X, you're most likely going to need accessories. Some of the most necessary accessories include vertical stands, battery chargers for controllers, among others. We've put together a list of some of the best available.

Time to Xcessorize

There's a vast range of great accessories out there for Xbox One, hitting all sorts of quality levels and price points. The absolute top accessory you should consider before anything else is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (opens in new tab). Boasting dozens of hours of battery life, a sleek and weighty charge dock, four extra buttons on the reverse, onboard memory for storing profiles and settings, and a vast array of improvements, this may be the best controller ever made. It's also compatible with PC, phones, and the upcoming Xbox Series X.

As for best accessories, I'm a big fan of the Alexa integration Microsoft has put forward recently and can't recommend an Amazon Echo (opens in new tab) enough. I wish I could recommend the Cortana-powered Harman/Kardon Invoke, but it doesn't look like Microsoft is serious about its own assistant's future.

We're also big fans of wireless headsets, particularly Turtle Beach's Stealth 600 (opens in new tab), for its wide array of features and solid audio quality.

For controlling your media center, though, we need to put the PDP Talon Media Remote (opens in new tab) out there, since it's our pick as the best media remote for Xbox One.