HyperX CloudX review (2023): Still one of the best-value gaming headsets money can buy

The HyperX CloudX has a lot of bang for its buck, even all these years after its release.

HyperX CloudX headphones
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Windows Central Verdict

The HyperX CloudX offers players so much quality for such a small price. Comfort levels, sound quality, and build quality are all fantastic, making this one of the best-value headsets for Xbox and PC that money can buy.


  • +

    Extremely comfortable, even when used for longer gaming sessions

  • +

    Really good price point

  • +


  • +

    Detachable microphone is a plus


  • -

    Items that used to be in the box, no longer are

  • -

    Minimal on-hand controls

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We reviewed the HyperX CloudX when it was released way back in 2016, and spoiler, it reviewed exceptionally well. It even featured in many of our 'best of' articles, including best Xbox headsets and best PC gaming headsets over the years. But, with this value option headset still on the scene today, how does it fare against the plethora of other gaming headsets out there?

Well, it still holds its own — with very few fallbacks to note.

Disclaimer: This review was made possible by a review unit provided by HyperX. The company did not see the contents of the review before publishing.


HyperX CloudX outer box

HyperX CloudX headset box (Image credit: Chelsea Beardsmore/Windows Central)

HyperX Cloud X Review: Pricing and specifications summary

  • The HyperX CloudX offers a lot in the way of quality for the price, with a $59.99 price point.
  • One of the best gaming headsets in its price range. 

The HyperX CloudX offers an unbelievable amount for such a small price: comfort, good build quality, as well as excellent sound quality — if you're looking for a cheaper headset without all the bells and whistles, then this is your guy.

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FeatureSpecHeader Cell - Column 2
Compatibility3.5mm wired: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, compatible PCs, etc.Row 0 - Cell 2
Headphones53mm neodymium Row 1 - Cell 2
Frequency Response15Hz - 25kHzRow 2 - Cell 2
MicrophoneUni-directional, Noise-cancellingRow 3 - Cell 2
EarcupsOver ear, leatherette with noise isolating designRow 4 - Cell 2
Price$59.99Row 5 - Cell 2

HyperX has priced their mid-range gaming headset fairly at just $59.99, although it's often discounted.

In the box itself, you will find the HyperX CloudX gaming headset, along with the detachable microphone. There's no longer a case included like there was when it was originally released which was a little disappointing, but what did I expect for such an affordable price point?

HyperX CloudX | $59.99 at Amazon

HyperX CloudX | $59.99 at Amazon

You can purchase the HyperX CloudX gaming headset directly from HyperX themselves or through third-party sellers. If you grab it quickly, you will also pick it up for a discounted price.

Buy from: HyperX| Best Buy | Amazon


HyperX CloudX headset

A simple-yet-stylish headset. (Image credit: Chelsea Beardsmore/Windows Central)

HyperX CloudX review: Design and build quality summary 

  • The design hasn't faltered much from the original release, but that's totally fine. 
  • An aluminum frame and memory foam earcups help to make this one of the comfiest mid-range headsets out there. 
  • No changeable earcups anymore is quite disappointing. 

Over the years since the HyperX CloudX's release, it really hasn't changed much — if at all. This isn't bad, though; if it's not broken, don't fix it, right? It is kitted out with an aluminum frame that's both sturdy and flexible, 100% memory foam earcups that are light and fluffy, and a 3.5mm braided cable that won't get tangled every chance it gets. 

So, let's talk about those memory foam earcups. Yes. They're incredibly comfortable, but they are a leatherette material that can often become quite sticky, for lack of a better word. The disappointing thing here is that HyperX used to offer an extra set of velour earcups in the box (which, personally, I would have preferred), but sadly, this appears to be another thing we miss out on in the trade of a lower price. It's all down to personal preference, though. If you like leatherette cups, they do the job. 

Now, as soon as you put the CloudX onto your head, you will notice just how lightweight it is, making it extremely comfortable during long gaming sessions. This is where the "CloudX" ultimately earns its namesake. I can't tell you the number of times I have had to remove other headsets because my ears are hurting after a few short hours. But, these seemed to fit well, with minimal discomfort. 

With the CloudX's being priced as low as they are (especially right now), it's surprising to me just how good their quality is. Honestly, I expected them to feel relatively cheap and be particularly easy to break. But that's not the case, and I have been pleasantly surprised. 


HyperX CloudX ear cups

Comfy ear cups and great sound make this one of the best affordable gaming headsets out there. (Image credit: Chelsea Beardsmore/Windows Central)

HyperX CloudX review: Sound quality summary

  • The HyperX CloudX has decent sound for an entry-level gaming headset. 
  • Good mids, highs, and lows across the board. 
  • No onboard surround sound, only stereo, or software surround via Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos (activated separately). 

Coming as standard with 53mm drivers and enhanced bass reproduction, the CloudX's isn't at all bad. You've got to remember that these aren't high-end gaming headsets, so you can't expect the sound quality to be anywhere close to that. But, for what you pay, you're getting as good sound as is possible at this price range. Indeed, this is arguably the best "entry-level" gaming headset in terms of sound reproduction. 

These aren't surround sound headsets like some of the pricier offerings from competitors; the CloudX only has stereo sound, meaning if you're heavily into your first-person shooters like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, then these may not be the best fit for you. Stereo can offer some positional awareness, of course. But it wasn't enough to accurately pinpoint where a particular sound was coming from. You can elevate this aspect of the headset using a software surround solution, such as Windows Sonic on PC or Xbox, or the arguably superior Dolby Atmos solution — the latter comes with a fee though, sadly. 

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It's worth noting, too, that the earcups themselves do exceptionally well at blocking out the outside noise around you. As soon as they cover your ears, you can hear very little other than what is going on inside them, and again, that wasn't something I was expecting from a headset priced this low. 


(Image credit: Windows Central)

HyperX CloudX review: Mic quality summary

  • The detachable mic is extremely welcomed.
  • Noise cancellation works pretty well.
  • Mic can be moved into any position that works for you.

You will rarely get studio-quality mics on gaming headsets, even on the most expensive offerings, and that's fine. Ultimately, they do what they're supposed to. That's how I feel about the HyperX CloudX; it does what it should at an adequate level. You won't want to use it to record any audio, but why would you? 

One thing it does do well is within the noise cancellation. The CloudX does a fantastic job at keeping outside noise out of your microphone, which your friends will be grateful for, especially if you are around a particularly busy household. 

Let's talk about the one thing I adore about the CloudX's mic: the fact that it is entirely detachable. When you're finished gaming, you can quickly and neatly pack it away without fear of bending the mic out of place or damaging it. 

Speaking of which, the CloudX allows you to bend the microphone in any direction you like to suit your preference better. 


HyperX CloudX headset

(Image credit: Chelsea Beardsmore/Windows Central)

There's a reason we generally recommend the HyperX CloudX as our top pick for entry-level gaming headsets, and this review reiterates the fact that this is still one of the best headsets for raw value on the market. Despite having virtually zero major revisions over the years, the HyperX CloudX is still the "value" option to beat, with solid build quality, great audio quality, and a rock-bottom price point. 

You should buy this if...

  • You are looking for an affordable, good quality headset for Xbox or PC.
  • You want a comfortable gaming experience.
  • You want a simple-to-use gaming headset without all the bells and whistles.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're looking for a more higher-quality sound.
  • You prefer a wireless gaming headset.

The HyperX CloudX is hands down one of the best "budget" headsets there are available, with excellent sound quality not sacrificed for build quality. Yes, there are obviously much better alternatives out there if you're willing to spend the money on them, but if you're looking for something to do the bare minimum for the bare minimum, this one is for you.

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