Best small gaming PCs 2023: Mini, compact, and small form factor

Finding a pre-built computer on the smaller side isn't as easy as it should be. Packing high-end components into a case not much larger than a modern console isn't so common in the desktop world, so where do you start? We've rounded up the best small gaming PCs to help you find a compact solution.

Choosing the best small gaming PC

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Getting into PC gaming doesn't mean you need to have a monstrous tower on your desk, flooding the room with RGB neon lights. You can pack a lot of power into some seriously compact pre-built computers these days, with the Trident X from MSI being a shining example. It's packed to the gills with features, and that's reflected in its price. If you'd prefer to cut some costs, you can step down to the Zotac Magnus One without sacrificing much gaming power.

For the seriously small, the NUC series from Intel are some of the best mini PCs available. Whether you choose the NUC 11 Enthusiast for an out-of-the-box PC ready for action or the barebones NUC 9 kit to build yourself, they're impressive little space savers. If you want it tiny and portable, the Steam Deck can act as a mini gaming PC when using the official dock and connected to a screen of your choice, but anything outside of games will need a replacement OS.

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