Best mini PCs and NUCs 2023

The best mini PCs and NUCs come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs, there's a compact computer out there to suit you. A mini PC is an excellent choice for your school-age kids since you'll be able to pack an entire PC to work on into something that will fit in even the tightest of spaces. And it's great if you need to add a PC covertly to somewhere like the kitchen or living room. Our collection contains some of the best mini PCs and NUCs to help you get started down this path.

Choosing the best mini PC or NUC

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Despite their size, all these machines are capable Windows PCs. But when it comes to compact computers, Intel continues to lead the way with its NUC line. The latest NUC 11 Performance kit packs in 11th Gen Intel CPUs for excellent performance, plus it's built into a chassis that's compact and easy to manage. You can buy it barebones, or you can go with a model that also includes RAM and storage.

And if you're a fan of DIY, ASRock's DeskMini X310W supports Intel 8th Gen (socket LGA 1151) processors with built-in graphics, but you need to provide a chunk of the components yourself. The attractive little case comes with an external power supply and motherboard to get you started. Be sure to check out our collections of the best desktop computers and best Windows laptops for a bunch of great full-size PC options.

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