Hacked the NoDo update and think you're safe? Think again

Back amongst the chaos of complaints, rants, tantrums and media surrounding the NoDo update process, Chris Walsh released a tool that forces a Windows Phone 7 device to update to NoDo - this hack was later regarded as a life-saver for all users who were impatiently awaiting the update notification.

Since then, there have been numerous reports and articles suggesting the tool (if used to forcefully update your handset) could cause problems down the road with future updates (opens in new tab) from Microsoft. Again, we have the above capture of a tweet by Brandon Watson reiterating Microsoft's stance on the whole shebang - users wont get past build 7390 with Walshie's tool. 

So if this runs true, who has to work for a fix? Microsoft, or will Walsh be continuously called upon by his faithful following to create more workarounds?

Source: Brandon Watson (opens in new tab), via: wpsauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Microsoft is clearly not responsible for fixing your hacked phone. Furthermore, even if the Chevron update won't get you past NoDo, I have faith that Walsh will provide an update for Mango and subsequent updates after that.
  • Hey thats my tweet! LOL. Well if you are going to quote me, at least let me plug my WP7 Blog too :) www.sheeds.com.auI HOPE MS support a fix for us, but am realistic that anyone that used the forced update tool from chevron/Chris Walsh should NOT Expect MS to bail us out (we all knew the risks of unsupported actions).However given the preceding circumstances re: MS and round 1 update teeting issues, I remain hopeful that MS WILL look after us all that got a little impatient with them and most especially their carrier partners. Time will tell.Sheeds.
  • I would be concerned if I actually thought another update would be on its way before the next round of phones in the fall. By the time another update hits, im willing to bet ill be sporting a NON Samsung WP7 phone.
  • i agree with MikeInBA, we all know mango will come on phones that will be way better then the focus anyways and honestly i dont think we will have a problem someone will find a way if MS doesent. I debranded and rebranded but was dev unlocked and if i dont get the update OH WELL i buy a new phone ever 6 months anyway lol
  • FUD. Sorry, not buying it. The Chevron updater installed the same files that Zune does using the same backend APIs. Why would it be non-updatable? We'll see what happens in a few weeks when Microsoft pushes the Comodo patch.
  • Microsoft needs to go the way of google and create a flagship phone ala Nexus One and Nexus S that are guaranteed to get updates as soon as they are released by Microsoft. After owning 4 different android phones I jumped ship to WP7 on the promise of guaranteed updates only to be right in the middle of this NODO fiasco. MS needs to do whatever it takes to fix this process in the future and avoid the fragmentation mess android has.
  • I feel your pain but you could've always waited like some of us did. This wouldn't have been an issue for you at this point. The sad part is the update process didn't take that long even though some of us had to wait longer than others.
  • Of course, if you find that your phone does not update past NoDo....Just reflash it to the original firmware and start the update process again (losing the data, yes... but still)Of course, you might have to go find a firmware...But I am sure they will be seen in time
  • The first time Mr Watson commented on chevron updater he made it sound like the phones would not receive any further updates i.e. carrier nodo with firmware. We now know this to not be true. It would seem to me that he is really saying that future updates will not be available via chevron updater. Makes sense, why would Microsoft want the process to be so easy? Time will tell and given the difficulties 1st gen devices have had with this update I will consider a new device when mango is released.
  • Personally I don't understand why so many were so impatient and went so far out of their way to get the NODO update. Quite a bit of work for so little IMO.
  • I think it was more of a principle than the actual update. Don't get people excited about the progression of your work and dedication to a quality product, then disappoint with news of delay. 2 updates in Jan. an update in Feb, then we will have it out in March. Then in the case of ATT, early April. And then finally april 18th.If MS said in the beginning, Updates in April, we would have been fine. but they didnt say that. And because of that, some of us wanted that anticipated feeling fulfilled.
  • Which basically means some of you let your emotions and desires cause you to jump the gun a bit. Lesson learned I guess. Will you be jumping the gun with an unofficial Mango Rom? If you did I could understand because Mango promises to be a beast of an update but the NoDo update just wasn't tempting enough to consider jumping early. Too much risk.
  • In other words instant gratification
  • Wasn't much work and it is nice to have as a developer. Like funkyaardvark, I consider my current phone expendable and will flash it back, update it conventionally, then sell it.
  • I bought into Windows Phone 7 for the UI and the update strategy as it was defined back then. Time will tell if AT&T gums up the update once again. I wish they would have taken their updates and released a third update for AT&T users when they were done.I Walshified my phone because I was tired of waiting for AT&T, I guess I will have to see how bad this turns out to be. If you believe Paul Thurott, MS was planning to use the same tool they villified others for to upgrade phones at Mix. So in my opinion, they should look at what the upgrade API did, especially for those that re-ugraded to AT&T NoDo.
  • I personally waited for the fix... not big deal waitingfor those who desperately upgraded, don't worry, when mango comes out, there will be a hack for you to install it, that's a fact!
  • Thats what you get for force updating! :)
  • ur to naive if u think u won't be able to install mango.... after the nodo hack.... nuff saidExcelsior
  • I forced the nodo update on my rogers focus.When the firmware update came out i could not download it.I had to do a hard reset to return my registry files back to normal to install the firmware update.Just a pain in the **** is all...
  • Does this affect those who used the wifi disconnection method to update their phones?
  • I can't see myself in a position where I'll buy another Windows Phone 7 device simply due to the update **** ups.T-Mobile users in the UK haven't seen signs of ANY update, and I don't doubt that this will continue with the mythical autumn update too.On top of that, T-mobile have overridden the browser search page to one that doesn't work; and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to discover that this is deliberate while they push their Android phones heavily.Sorry Microsoft - WP7 is BRILLIANT, but you've shot yourself in the foot with the updates. I don't need to go to Dell to get updates for Windows 7 on my laptop, this should be no different.Whoa, "scr*w" is in the swear filter?
  • What a drama queen!Blame your shitty mobile operator (who is the LAST one to update their WP7 devices worldwide).
  • If you hadn't noticed, the operator is EXACTLY who I've blamed. No offence, but if you took more than a passing glance you'd see that I sing the praises of WP7, but the update policy has gone spectacularly wrong.Tosser. With all due respect.
  • We "walshed" our phones because its fun, we like to have added functionality before were supposed to. I do it with every device I've ever owned and even with the threat of voided warranties etc. Ive never had to use it because of hacking or jailbreaking, but thats why i pay for phone insurance.Don't worry though if we cant get mango officially someone will figure out how to put it on our phones much to microsoft's consternation.
  • obviously the solution is for us to be able to flash the phones ourselves...
  • How hard can it be for MS to make this undone? All the images for all those phones before NoDo are in their hands, or the hands of the OEM's.Just post a tool that brings your phone back to pre-nodo and you're all done. Or am I missing something?
  • If you're missing something, I'm missing the same thing.Frustrating to say the least.
  • I guess hacking your phone isn't all that it's 'cracked' up to be, is it?
  • As someone else already asked, but didn't get a reply, has anyone heard if using the wi-fi disconnect method to update your phone has the same problem with future updates like the Walsh method supposedly has?
  • Does this affect teh wi-fi disconnect method to force the install?
  • Here is another one that would like to know if the network disconnect thing is also affected by this.I think not, but better to be sure...