Microsoft has announced the latest update for Halo 5: Guardians, which is set to introduce a range new features and content on Xbox One and Windows 10. Scheduled to roll out for both platforms on December 8, 'Monitor's Bounty' will add a wide range of new weapons, skins, and other cosmetics. The update will also implement several changes to existing content, affecting Forge, Warzone and matchmaking playlists.

We don't yet know everything that's coming in Monitor's Bounty, but there are a few exciting new features and updates coming in it — including a new custom games browser. The new browser will allow players to search through ongoing custom games in a central, fast location. Games can be filtered based on a range of criteria and joined while in progress. This custom games browser will also be rolling out to Halo 5 Forge on Windows 10, allowing PC gamers to play with strangers for the first time.

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Halo 5 Guardian's new custom games browser on Xbox One and Windows 10

A new take on live spectating will also be arriving in the Monitor's Bounty update, letting players view ongoing custom games as they happen. Previously demoed at the 2016 Halo World Championship, the Observer Mode will introduce a new 'Observer HUD', expanding powerful live spectating tools to the masses. The mode provides the tools to display player information and key data over live gameplay – fit for broadcasting and competitive play.

A look at the new Observer HUD for spectators

New features are also being rolled out to the game's REQ system, including the ability to gift packs with other players. Gifting will be restricted to packs purchased through the Xbox Store; all players will be given a 'Gift Only' REQ pack, which can only be opened by another player. A new 'Voices of War' paid REQ pack is also coming to Halo 5, with new announcer voices based on Buck, Exuberant Witness and Yabda the grunt.

New REQ gifting abilities are making their way to Halo 5

Finally, a slew of new cosmetic items, weapons and vehicles are also arriving alongside the update, including 19 weapon skins, 3 assassinations, 3 stances and much more. The Grenade Launcher and Sentinel Beam will also be making a return, after an absence in recent Halo titles.

For more information on Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty update, check out the full post on Halo Waypoint. Make sure to check back tomorrow for a closer look at the remaining content on the way, including a huge Forge overhaul and other changes to existing content.