'Halo: Nightfall' finale airs at 4 PM PST, December 10 on Halo Channel

Microsoft has announced that the Halo: Nightfall series will conclude today, Wednesday, December 10, at 4 PM PST. The Ridley Scott produced series will air its finale, titled Devil Take the Hindmost on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on the Halo Channel

Previously, tensions mounted when a mission to destroy a fragment of Halo ring turned into a desperate race for survival. With battle lines being drawn and factions being formed, it's questionable whether the leaders of the ONI forces and the Sedran Guard can stop a mutiny – or if the entire team will perish while trying to survive.With only hours left before certain doom, the remaining members of the ONI and Sedran Guard must make some difficult decisions. Who will survive to complete the mission... and can they keep their humanity in the process?

Be sure to tune in at 4 PM PST or 7 PM EST to catch the last episode of the series.

Source: Xbox (opens in new tab)

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  • But... this was on the Halo Channel yesterday.  I watched it. 
  • Me too.
  • Yup saw it and tweeted it!
  • Me three. I watched last night. Pretty good!
  • How many episodes in total? And does the show seem like it affect halo 5: Guardians?
  • Five episodes.
    It serves as an intro to Jameson Locke, a new playable character in the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians
  • 5 episodes was too short. There wasn't enough time to do proper character development. They should've done 10.
  • I saw what you did there!
  • Nice! 10 for windows!
  • Being that the main character in nightfall - Locke - is a playable character in Halo... It does play a role...
  • Frankie confirmed that Locke is *A* main character for Halo 5, but is not *THE* main character.
  • Ok one question ! Why would someone name it Nightfall :P
  • Guessing you haven't watched it
  • Because he black. All man why they gotta be racist
  • That was totally uncalled for.
  • Because it may to that guy who named this show
  • I already watched this last night.....
  • I have MCC and can't watch it. Keeps telling me to buy the game.
  • You have to have it scan your nightfall QR code from your game box
  • Oh Hell Naw!!!
  • LOL
    I didn't even realize this had started...
  • How was the whole thing? I watched the first episode and it just seemed like a SyFy original series.
  • It was meh. FuD was slightly better. This aired yesterday btw
  • The show is pretty boring, no character development, very dark, very dry, nothing that makes you feel excited about. Does not feel like the show has any connection to anything Halo related. Not impressed at all. Actually, very disappointing.
  • That was obviously a mini series lol
  • We already have tge 10th.. Its like Over in 1h
  • Halo 5 master chief is Black?
  • It was more like the one of those awesome halo commercials than a real movie/mini-series'.
  • Halo nightfall? What's that?
  • Well that was a rather short and pathetic attempt at a 'series'. Five 20 minute episodes for a Sci-Fi show? WTF? They should have made a real series with at least 20 40min episodes. I would love to see more of Halo on TV.  
  • How can I watch it? On the channel it said that i need have a Halo game, which made me confused
  • I'm only watching it to unlock the in game emblems I'll never use.
  • I was a bit disappointed with the series. The first episode was great with the elite running round a mall but the other four episodes were very dry with not a lot happening. Extremely forgettable characters. Should've been a feature length rather than split into these 5 episodes. Forward unto Dawn was marginally better but I think the standard really lies in Halo Legends.
  • I don't have the MCC, or an Xbox, but I really want to watch this. :(
  • Yeah, wasn't anything special. Very short in total and the acting was rather subpar.