Microsoft has announced that the Halo: Nightfall series will conclude today, Wednesday, December 10, at 4 PM PST. The Ridley Scott produced series will air its finale, titled Devil Take the Hindmost on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on the Halo Channel

Previously, tensions mounted when a mission to destroy a fragment of Halo ring turned into a desperate race for survival. With battle lines being drawn and factions being formed, it's questionable whether the leaders of the ONI forces and the Sedran Guard can stop a mutiny – or if the entire team will perish while trying to survive.

With only hours left before certain doom, the remaining members of the ONI and Sedran Guard must make some difficult decisions. Who will survive to complete the mission... and can they keep their humanity in the process?

Be sure to tune in at 4 PM PST or 7 PM EST to catch the last episode of the series.

Source: Xbox

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