Check out Halo Recruit on Windows Mixed Reality (video)

It's one of the most high-profile names that Microsoft has rolled out for the debut of Windows Mixed Reality. Halo is one of its biggest franchises, and in many regards, it is a natural fit for a Mixed Reality experience.

And that's what we have in Halo Recruit.

It's nothing like a full Halo game and is rather a demo of what it might be like in the future to play as a virtual Spartan. It doesn't last long, and it's not the most challenging thing you'll ever play. But it's Halo. It's free. And it's awesome.

Rather than talk about it, check out the video below as we show you. What we need next is a proper Halo game for Mixed Reality. C'mon Microsoft!

Download Halo Recruit from the Windows Store

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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