Hive dropping its Windows phone app for a web replacement

If you're using a Windows phone to help control your Hive based home then this information isn't going to be particularly welcome. The British Gas-owned company is emailing its customers using the app to let them know it's being dropped.

This isn't a decision the developers have taken lightly, apparently, but due to low usage, they've decided it's not worth keeping alive any longer. This is hardly a surprise since Hive is still a fairly niche product and the limited use of Windows phones is well documented.

Admirably, Hive claims it didn't want to kill the app until it had an alternative they hoped users would be happy to move to. Definitely better than just treating Windows as a third-class citizen and ignoring anyone who uses the platform.

The app will continue to work just fine for the next six months, but from here on out new features will be added to the web app, but nothing more to the native phone app. If this affects you, now is a good time to start getting acquainted with the web app, but there's no need to delete the app from your phone just yet.

Thanks Nick for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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