Hive dropping its Windows phone app for a web replacement

If you're using a Windows phone to help control your Hive based home then this information isn't going to be particularly welcome. The British Gas-owned company is emailing its customers using the app to let them know it's being dropped.

This isn't a decision the developers have taken lightly, apparently, but due to low usage, they've decided it's not worth keeping alive any longer. This is hardly a surprise since Hive is still a fairly niche product and the limited use of Windows phones is well documented.

Admirably, Hive claims it didn't want to kill the app until it had an alternative they hoped users would be happy to move to. Definitely better than just treating Windows as a third-class citizen and ignoring anyone who uses the platform.

The app will continue to work just fine for the next six months, but from here on out new features will be added to the web app, but nothing more to the native phone app. If this affects you, now is a good time to start getting acquainted with the web app, but there's no need to delete the app from your phone just yet.

Thanks Nick for the tip!

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  • And another one bites the dust.
  • I have a Hive app in the store - "Hive UWP Beta" but right now I can't update it as I no longer use Hive. It worked when I last had access to my Hive setup - I used my app more than the official one personally. The 3rd party app I made actually runs on Xbox One too and has a specific UI on consoles, it was a great start IMO and it does Heating and Lights. I would like to finish it, but it will depend on when/if I get Hive and also if I have other projects to do, I have a new app I want to work on but also want to keep updating Hand Off with new features I've got planned. I'm surprised they are dropping it as the app was actually a web wrapper anyway, if I was them I would put it in the store anyway but use the new tools and list for W10 and W10M only. When I spoke to somebody there they did seem interested in doing a better job with their WP app but I didn't expect them to drop it completely if I'm honest.
  • Hey Hive, send this man a system!
  • Six months advance notice AND a web app alternative. See, this is how you retire an app without looking like you just don't care about your users.
  • Yes. Wish everyone cared the same way. By a web app, do they mean they will release the mobile version of their website as an app? Project Westminster?
  • No they mean a web app that runs in the browser
  • Wow that was quick reporting, received the email an hour or so ago and just pinned the web replacement to my start screen 😊
  • What's the web app like? Any complaints?
  • Seems to be working fine, appears smoother in operation than the app it replaces and schedules for smart lighting are better presented
  • Funnily enough I found a similar benefit when LLoyds canned their banking app. I'd used it out of intertia and the web experience is way better. I've got the Lloyds banking app on my work Android and can't say that I'm bothered either way between that and the web option on Edge mobile. For apps like Hive or banking apps that NEED connectivity then the web experience if nicely done shouldn't lose much beyond notifications (my bank does a good job of texting me alerts) or perhaps mobile payments but with touch to pay so established in the UK by card I see no massive need to move to tapping my large smartphone
  • Yes, I use the mobile website for Santander and it works just fine
  • It wasn't a native phone app, not in the way the article makes it sound - It's a native app that uses a web view and it didn't make use of live tiles or notifications. Hive fans should go ahead and email and ask them to get me to finish off the Hive UWP Beta I was working on 😂 - Got no Hive equipment to test with since a few weeks back so there's a chance the API has changed again completely
  • I agree, it wasnt really a native app as it doesn't have the geolocation service like the iOS/Android version (where the heating kicks in when you leave work, etc) not sure how well that actually works in practise as having only ever owned windows devices, I can't comment.
  • I looked for the Hive app in the Store late March/early April and didn't find it, but I did see Dan Harris's Hive UWP app.  I can see the official Hive app there now, so I guess it was a problem with the Store search.  I dunno.  Odd.  Might explain the lack of users if there had been a problem with the Store listing (could also be the obvious reason). Anyway, I used the Hive mobile web interface and it was fine.  In fact, I compared it to the Android app and the web interface seemed to be the just same for the functions that I used. They should still send Dan Harris one of every Hive product though!    
  • Of course it is.
  • A good customer service by British Gas.
  • Devine I think you are my new favorite! Keep bringing us the melancholy stories so we can move on with our mobile phone lives. I'm serious now, also I'm going to start using Kodi since you said it's not illegal. I truly think you're a good catalyst for change when Microsoft could just say...hey do what we do and get and Android or iPhone haha
  • I'm tired of this web crap. If web is so great then make every system web.
  • Thx Nadella, keep going, keep the whole world in unknowing about your mobile plans until there is nothing left in the store.
  • There are no plans for mobile. He said they will come back but it will not be until they are ready to replace what we call a phone today. Don't expect them to ever put any effort into a rectangle slab of glass. It isn't Nadella's fault that Balmer screwed up Microsoft's mobile strategy. It was way too late when Nadella took over. He did the only thing he could. Windows phones would never be competitive.
  • In other news, Pandora has been considering putting itself up for sale and has already been offered 100 million by one company. If this happens, we can expect Pandora or whatever name it will go by, to eventually drop support for Windows Mobile. This is assuming that whatever company purchases it, will automatically want to cut development for anything that does not bring in large usage and/or subscription based customers.
  • web apps seem to be the future anyways 
  • Do they? Maybe in several years, but right now web apps are not nearly as powerful. How would Hive create a geo-aware web app?