HTC Brazil set to announce the Ultimate Windows Phone on the 20th

We've mentioned how the HTC Ultimate aka Titan, with its massive 4.7" Super LCD screen managed to pass through Brazil's FCC equivalent ANATEL. That's a pretty good sign that the phone is coming to Brazil sooner than later, heck we even saw its accessories and manual to boot.

Now we have a date for its announcement (but not release): October 20th

On that day, HTC is set to reveal "the launch of the year" with Lee Ittner, Vice President from HTC Latin America, Cristina Palmaka from MS Brasil and Hilton Mende from Vivo (a Brazilian carrier) in attendance.

At the press conference, we can expect to see the Ultimate née Titan in its full glory and we bet a release date will be given too. Our guess is it won't be more than a few weeks into November, which gives you some time to save up for that slick phone!

Source: Gizmodo BR; Thanks, Lucas S., for the tip and translation!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I've noticed the "Banco do Brasil" app on Marketplace a week ago. WP7 is finally coming to Brazil. Better late than never
  • Look at it this way: you're getting the most polished, mature version of the OS (Mango) on arguably the best/hottest hardware ;-)
  • For sure. In fact I have an Optimus 7 since launch, but I asked a friend who was in France at the time to buy one for me. I'm glad it will be officially available here because my mother and a friend of mine are waiting to buy a WP7 through the carrier as their current contracts are on the last months ;)
  • Just for the record, on the hand it's written "telona" which means "huge screen" ;)
  • Just for the record, it's written on the hand the word "telona", which means "huge screen" ;)Can't wait for that. I wish it was Nokia though :/
  • If I have to choose between an Android phone and Windows phone, it is a no-brainer. I would choose Android phone because it is better than a Windows phone. - Steven C. Wyer