To little surprise, HTC is still doing very well, fueled mostly by the exponential growth in Android but also those five Windows Phone 7 handsets. According to Bloomberg:

"Fourth-quarter net income climbed to NT$14.6 billion ($500 million) from NT$5.5 billion a year earlier, the Taoyuan, Taiwan-based company said in a statement today.

HTC’s fourth-quarter consolidated sales more than doubled to NT$104 billion, from NT$41 billion a year earlier, it said."

HTC themselves estimated they would ship 9 million handsets in the last three months. However, no sales figures were given in that regard and will be presented instead later in January. While we can't imagine Windows Phone 7 was necessarily a huge part of their surge in growth, analyst Steven Tseng (RBS Asia Ltd.) said "The debut last quarter of Windows Phone 7 models and the release of fourth-generation handsets may help sustain sales growth".

Being so early in the game, we'll take "sustaining growth". We can only imagine what sales will look like one-year from now for Windows Phone 7.x--should be interesting.

Source: Bloomberg