HTC Ruby: WP7 or Android?

There's been reports of a mysterious handset appearing in some HTC Flyer tablet shots. The handset can be seen via reflection on the screen of the HTC Flyer. What's interesting is that we can only see the rear of the device, so to comment on what OS it's packing inside the shell is impossible from the viewing angle we've been given.

It's an interesting design, whatever it may be. HTC has kept the same look for a while now on every platform it covers, so to see something new that could stand out is refreshing. I remember my HTC Hero being unique against the standard black-curved HTC handsets. What do you guys make of the photos? Does it look too much like an Android design?

Check out some shots after the break and the full album of shots over at Flickr (link below).

Source: Flickr, via: PocketNow

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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