HTC Snap = T-Mobile Captain; No Inner Circle?

Here's an interesting tidbit: seems as if Conflipper (known for his custom-ROM work, especially with WM6.5) had gotten his mitts on the finalized ROM for the upcoming T-Mobile/HTC Snap which is rumored for a July release (see Dieter's video hands-on)

This is what he can discern from the ROM files:

  • Internal codename for T-mobile is "Captain" (aka Maple aka Snap aka Dash 3g)
  • Model number for HTC is S522
  • The much hyped "Inner Circle" files are not in the shipping ROM (!)
  • "A new feature...lets you send an Audio Postcard to your contacts, You take a picture from the camera, the camera will then give you a selection of boarders you can add to it. From there you can add a 60 second audio clip the the picture. And send it to either an email or a MMS account."

Obviously it is not 100% confirmed that HTC's new "Inner Circle" won't be there but as of now, it appears that in the final/shipping ROM, those files are currently missing and that is worrying.  Reasons for this decision, if true, are not known--perhaps HTC is still tweaking that new app?

We'll keep you posted.  Thanks Conflipper

One more bit: a headache inducing animated Gif after the break that's supposedly the startup screen for the T-mobile Captain.

Dieter Bohn