I don't want to have to celebrate Pride flags in video games

In a spectacular move of inclusion, you can choose one of many Pride flags in Gears 5 as your banner for multiplayer experiences. These flags give people a fun way to identify themselves, to help them feel like they are more represented in the game they love, and to make gathering into squads of like-minded folks just a hair easier.

But instead of seeing this as a simple gesture, almost expected in 2019, this move has been both celebrated and ridiculed in staggering volume. Honestly, I'm kind of sick of it.

This is a bit of inside baseball, but nobody wanted to write the story about the Pride flags in Gears 5. Every single person on staff knew it would cause a dust up, annoy people who enjoy shouting about some imaginary agenda. We all knew the comments section was going to be a dumpster fire. It was assumed whichever byline was on the story would be harassed on social networks. It's insane that what should have been a lighthearted, supportive thing was so wrapped in concern, but that's where we are right now. We're only a few weeks removed from a massive data breach involving games journalists, and the fear of violence for saying or doing something these people don't like is ever present right now.

There's absolutely zero doubt in my mind these same waves of concern came from the people deciding to put these flags in the game at all. Gears of War is the pinnacle of alpha male violence and domination, not historically a group of people to be seen as incredibly accepting of other lifestyles. Putting any kind of supportive content in this game, something that wasn't 100% attached to the Gears lore in some way, was a risk. And every person involved in making this decision and carrying it through to publish should be celebrated for being inclusive and supportive.

Those flags are a simple, quick way of taking a character or experience that doesn't quite fit and tweak it a little to help tilt the mirror to point more in their direction.

It's difficult to describe the power of a Pride flag to someone who doesn't need one. I see myself reflected in just about every medium on the planet. I can watch any movie, play any game, read any book, and with no thought at all see myself as the protagonist. I'm a straight white guy with a vaguely athletic build, and we've had a pretty good run in storytelling over the last 250 years (give or take a few centuries).

However, those flags are a simple, quick way of taking a character or experience that doesn't quite fit and tweak it a little to help tilt the mirror to point more in their direction. And it literally doesn't get more harmless than a video game accessory.

There has never been a point in my life where I wasn't surrounded by people who were afraid to talk about how they felt for fear of repercussions. I've never been one of those people, at least not really. I pretty much fit in anywhere, which makes seeing all of my friends who can't just exist as themselves so infuriating. What makes them different from me, really? How and who they choose to love has very little to do with me, and I want to see every one of my friends happy. And that includes when they're kicking my ass in Gears 5 online.

Stop it with the secret agenda bullshit. This has never been a political thing. There's no effort to convert anyone. It's all nonsense. Adding flags like this in a game like Gears 5 is an impossibly small gesture of support for the players who don't immediately see themselves reflected in the story being told, and it shouldn't be a big thing. It should be the starting point.

Russell Holly

Russell is a tech nerd who chases the best of everything, from phones to game consoles to laptops and everything glowing or beeping. He's the Managing Editor of gaming content for Mobile Nations and can be found contributing to all of the Mobile Nations sites. Reach out on Twitter!

  • Thank you for writing this Russell. It's important for many who have been repressed and erased.
  • "There has never been a point in my life where I wasn't surrounded by people who were afraid to talk about how they felt for fear of repercussions. I've never been one of those people, at least not really. I pretty much fit in anywhere, which makes seeing all of my friends who can't just exist as themselves so infuriating." Well put.
  • Having the flags doesn't help/hurt you, so why does it matter that the flags are in the game? You can continue enjoying the "pinnacle of alpha-male violence and domination" in the fictional, digital world as you always have. Those that would like to use the flags will enjoy the game alongside your fictional character as you both fight the horde.
  • It's not about the flags necessarily hurt or help. It's the fact that they even needed to be included as a landmark in the game. Adding them as gamertage banners would have been good enough, no different than they have done in previous Gears and other games. If someone wants to sport the Pride or whatever flag as their banner, cool. But there was absolutely no reason for them to add it directly to the game, when they've never done so before. So, no. They may not hurt/help anyone, but why add them, if not to push an agenda? That's the whole point of the article.
  • That's not at all the point of the article, that's actually the opposite of what the article is saying.
  • Reading comprehension fail right here...
  • You just really have no clue. I've avoided online gaming in general from a fairly young age because I was sick of seeing the slurs thrown around that I already had to put up with at school. Will waving a pride flag in a game change that? Not on its own, but equality has never progressed by falling back into the shadows.
  • I am sorry you had to face that, and I am glad there is some improvement in today's games.
  • You have a point and I Wil admit that I misread. Not making excuses, but trying to read with glasses, as I gleamed over the article and not taking in the full context of the article. I will also admit that some of my comment was based on what I personally feel about it. Adding banner flags, as I stated in the previous article, that players can select is fine. If it's something that's adorned throughout the game itself, would be unnecessary.
  • You, not your paraphilia, should be treated with respect.
  • Please stop using a term you misappropriated from the internet, it's not big and/or clever.
  • Well if everyone who faced slurs avoided gaming there would be practically no gamers
  • Probably because some got more than others.
  • Gears never had a playable female character until they did in Gears of War 3. I guess a symbol in a gamer tag should've been enough. The flags don't hurt your gameplay, but others might enjoy having them. By purchasing the game you aren't supporting or defaming anything tied to a flag. Play the game how you'd like to and others will do the same.
  • This article is the exact kind of reason people have made a big deal about the flags' presence in the first place. The victimhood of this stuff has gotten old and tired. This stuff acts like it's 1960 and persecution of people by sexual orientation is the norm in civilized society. This is the ONLY movement that gets these shows of support and inclusion and parades and media attention. Gay people are FAR from the only people who are excluded by something. In fact, I would say their treatment is MUCH more in the realm of overbearing praise, rather than persecution. Acceptance of this stuff has gone beyond mainstream and basically become hero worship based on a single part of one's identity. No one else shows up and demands recognition and acceptance based on their sex lives. There is nothing that celebrates any other demographic in this stuff, is there? They don't celebrate straight people, Muslims, Christians, black, whites, or any other race. It's literally become expected that this one group gets a special note of acceptance from everyone everywhere at all times, or it's oppression. I've seen numerous examples of gay acceptance, and few of any kind of exclusion (and that's basically always on an individual level, not some movement or organization). It's 2019, and we're at a point where getting asked to not have one's sexuality flown with a flag in your face is treated as a crime of humanity. Saying these movements are tired and forced is treated as if you're calling for someone's head. It was always said that the whole point of these movements was about equality and acceptance, and we're well past that. Now, it's stepped into indoctrination and tribalism. It's become hypocritical and bothersome.
  • Exactly, it's all just as dated and patronizing as everything being rallied against. Or more the case lately, it's become a distasteful Bully-Brigade who seem to be strong-arming creators and people in general to 'accept this, or else'. Honestly, how precious and sensitive have people become that they get offended if they're not 'included'. Just play the game, or watch the tv/movie and enjoy it. This sort of stuff, no matter how right the SJW Bullies believe they are, will in time be seen as just as dated as the supposed regimes they're 'fighting' against. There's a better way to do this, and force feeding, borderline bullying people shows it's no better than what's come before.
  • Where is the bullying in regards to this? No one told The Coalition to do this and if they hadn't done it, it never would have been brought up either. So I'm not entirely sure what the point of your comment is. You're the one creating an imaginary outrage to something here, no one else.
  • Nothing you've said is true. Especially in large parts of the US. Just because you're not personally seeing it doesn't mean it isn't happening. You need only look at the youth homelessness numbers from gay kids being kicked out of their homes or the continued existence of conversion therapy. And in other parts of the world it's still a death sentence. And other groups have pride things too ffs. Though I will grant that Muslims are possibly even more marginalized and in even more need of representation. But that's not even relevant to completely appropriate representation being provided to a still persecuted group, which is what this is.
  • Hmm and when it comes to religion it's a choice... You are not born Muslim or Christian either your parent decided it for you or you chose it.... Big difference with being gay or your skin color... But I disagree with you... There is by far more hatred towards gay or let's face it the entire LGBT+ community than the Muslim one... At least worldwide... But unless it changed in the past 5 years in the US too... And I had a pretty good idea of the level of hatred straight white people could reach when I lived state side I was residing in South Carolina... I think it ranks pretty high when it comes to minority hating ranking contest lol... Don't get me wrong I loved my time there but let's face it I was glad to be a straight white male at times...
  • And God help gay people of color, there is intersectionality and certain combinations are worse than others. They need explicit protection or they often end up dead.
  • I agree with you on the religion front, they are often also under represented, however the other groups you mentioned, straight, white, black, and a few you didn't mention like female or Asian, are represented in the game by having characters that people can relate to. Currently Gears doesn't have that representation, and I'm not saying it needs it either, but since there isn't specifically a character that a gay person could look at and say "hey, that's me", at least they can have that character show a tinge of acceptance of who they are with a flag. It literally has zero bearing on anyone else, and the fact that you feel like it does is kinda narcissistic.
  • How do you know? Not once do they talk about they sexuality of Del, Kait or JD (or even Cole or Baird, etc... from early Gears). You assume by omission of sexuality any way in the game that means the characters are heterosexual. Nothing in the narrative makes that so. Only you do and that is on you. Why can't you imagine Del or JD or Kait being like you? It seems your own internal biases that makes that the case. Would your life be better if the Coalition came out and specifically made Del bi or gay or transgender for no narrative reason other than to satisfy some need for inclusion by a group you belong in? As for the flags themselves not against the flags and don't care. You could have a ten thousand flags of every possible option that developers can think of and I still wouldn't care. OK, maybe a little annoyed if I had to search through ten thousand flags to find a cool one (it is already annoying going through the limited range of flags they have now, can't imagine how annoying thousands would be.) But, all I know that singling out groups specifically will always mean you are missing other groups. And in turn not making others feel part of the game because they aren't being directly included. Which is OK as as long as you get your flag, right?
  • Thank you for this comment. I wanted to respond with this almost exactly as you put it. I knew it would require more time than I had as I was on a break at work. I also am conflicted because every time I make a comment in regard to similar topics, it seems that I'm preaching to the choir or met with too many responses that I get exhausted trying to counter. The other thing is, I don't want to give people the impression that I have hate toward other's who choose a certain lifestyle. But, I don't like the way our society is going. Lies or ideas that aren't proven are being taught as though they are fact. History is wiped out or certain information along with the history is omitted to not include the full picture. These topics go deep and as much as I'd like to get into them, I'm reluctant because they are never ending and frustrating. There are absolute truths in this world, but people are content with the idea of "what's true for you is true for you, and what's true for me is true for me", even when one person's "truth" cancels out another's. I suppose I should just save these topics for the opportunities with people who are looking for answers, but haven't already made up there mind one way to another. And, I'm already exhausted just writing this. Anyway, thanks again for your response.
  • 1) Not a choice
    2) Loss of privilege often feels like repression to the privileged, and is scary
  • 1) Not a lifestyle Being gay is not "a lifestyle". Many, if not most, gay people live the very same lifestyle that most straight people do. Acting on their innate attractions when pursuing sexual and/or romantic relationships is not a lifestyle. The fact that someone thinks that being gay is, in and of itself, a lifestyle just shows that they don't have a clue what they're talking about.
  • Absolutely agree. The term lifestyle is used as a means of dismissal of a core component of various human behaviors.
  • It is a choice in that everyone one of us chooses to act on our compulsions or not.
    What actually causes different people to have different compulsions is not understood at this time.
    Should you denigrate people just for having different compulsions? Of course not.
  • It's no more a choice than it is for anyone else to deny a core part of themselves. The alternative you speak of often leads to depression and suicide, companionship and partnership is as natural to most humans as eating and breathing. You can certainly choose not to eat, but it's not going to have great results.
  • People make a choice to deny impulses and urges and compulsions all the time.
    However, its not always a good or easy choice to make. You claim that they have zero choice, zero agency, that they have complete incapability of reason or thought and are simply a mindless slave to their internal compulsions. That'sunfortunate.
  • No, that is a strawman you created. I did not deny it at all, I only pointed out that forcing people into that 'choice' has extremely negative outcomes, such as depression and suicide.
  • That's the whole point, normalizing it, having it be extremely prevalent.
    In parts of the world Christians are killed for being Christian. In parts of the world gays are killed for being gay.
    Blacks were put into slavery. Gays were put into slavery.
    Jews were exterminated. Gays were exterminated.
  • Blacks were exterminated too.😉
  • "And few of any kind of exclusion"... really, except that the Supreme Court just canonized the right for businesses to discriminate on basis of sexuality and they are now considering whether it is fine to fire someone on that basis (with a brief from the Justice department saying it is). It seems like exclusion is still pretty prevalent, if you bother to take notice.
  • I completely agree with you. I actually wrote a post on fb about a week ago after watching designated survivor talking about this same thing. No one EVER comments on my posts, but this post got almost 50 comments. No one could understand what I was trying to say or view it from my eyes. I'm glad someone out there gets it.
  • Or maybe who you sleep with has nothing to do with this video game? Why sexual pride of all things?
  • Who says it has anything to do with sex? Not being invisible is a thing. An important thing.
  • That made me realize all parades only celebrate the visible.
  • Yes. And it is disheartening to those who will be punished for daring to be visible. And it's not even tied to sexuality, ethnic parades have been a thing in many communities for centuries, typically the underclass who does all the dirty work and who the overclass wishes to not have to think about. Holding a parade is a *big deal* for marginalized communities. No one wants to be treated as though they are meaningless to the society they contribute to.
  • Yeah, why should people be able to use the reason that they are marginalised as a way to find and congregate with others of like mind and nature in order to feel less marginalised? Maybe who you sleep with has nothing to do with anything and these people shouldn't have been marginalised in the first place. For those who haven't worked it out yet, gay "pride" isn't really about pride but rather absence of shame. Gay people only feel the need to be "proud" because they have been told, for so long and by so many, that they should be ashamed. If you wonder why gay people feel the need to be "proud" in this context, maybe you should ask some of the gamers who call others "f a g g o t" as an insult while gaming.
  • Paraphilia should elicit correction and compassion, not celebration.
  • Stupidity should elicit derision, which yours does.
  • This right here, fantastic explanation.
  • The banners are ridiculous and should never have been added. They break immersion and were just a lazy, last minute inclusion to appease a very small percentage of gamers that will play this game and to generate attention, both negative and positive, just to get people to talk about the game. At the very least they should have made them fit the theme / atmosphere of the game better by having them look grimy / dirty / torn etc instead of being pristine with their bright and vibrant colors contrasted against the rest of the game. On that note, I fully expect this to generate even more hostility to this group of people, especially in-game. People will take joy in sawing people in half that have these banners chosen.
  • Actually Terminator characters break immersion, but I'm still happy to have them there.
  • What immersion is being broken? This is not a real world, its sci-fi. Were it real, gay people would exist in it too, because gay people have always existed among the human species and most other mammal species. If anything, this makes it far more realistic, so much as any realism can be attributed to these things.
  • "What immersion is being broken?" The fantasy that gay people don't exist.
  • Oh I knew that answer, but you'll never get some to admit that is their real intent.
  • Well Said Russell. To each their own and to those who say this breaks immersion. No, it doesn't it's only distracting if you think it's distracting. It's all about the mindset, if you choose not to see something you would be surprised how quickly it fades into the background. Secondly, the flags not being "lore friendly" as some put it - there is an easy fix, the devs can just add a version that is lore friendly - there issue solved. This is a non issue, some people need to stop making mountains out of mole hills. If anything that should spark outrage is the continuous fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest.
  • Or just add them to the lore. Games constantly add new world building elements, and often retcon their history.
  • It always makes me laugh and cry in equal measure when I see people complaining about the agenda being pushed in cases like this while being completely oblivious to their own agenda. "What agenda, I don't have an agenda" I hear them screech. Oh yes you do. It's the agenda to keep marginalised people marginalised. I recall reading a comment by someone about Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. They were complaining that the protagonist being a gay (bisexual? I haven't played it yet) black woman was a case of pushing an agenda because there was no reason for the character to be that way. Firstly, what would be different if there was a reason for the character to be that way? What would be an acceptable reason to that person? There are gay/bisexual black women in the real world and, as far as I'm aware, there's no specific reason for them. They just are, the same way everyone else just is. This is the sort of person who sneers at black people, women and other minorities when they complain about not seeing enough game characters that look like them but then blows a gasket when a single character in a single game doesn't look like themselves. Their agenda is to make sure that all games are designed in such a way as to make them feel comfortable. They don't feel like it's an agenda because the majority of people in the real world look like them so that means that it's just logical that game characters should look like them too. They are oblivious to the fact that, if every game developer chooses to make their characters look like the majority, i.e. straight white males, then you end up not with the majority of game characters looking that way but EVERY game character looking that way. What's wrong with an agenda that pushes SOME game characters looking like minorities in the real world? You'd think that people wanted EVERY game character to be gay, black or female and preferably all three to hear them complain. They say that they don't want politics in their game but their generally are no politics in their game. The fact that a character is a member of a minority group in the real world doesn't mean that that character is campaigning for equal rights for that group in the game world. These people want to keep characters that don't look like them out of games because people who don't look like them make them feel uncomfortable and that is very definitely an agenda.
  • Yup, this is a great comment. It's not an agenda to expect representation. It's an agenda to stand against it.
  • I'll quote that in the future great summary..
  • " It's the agenda to keep marginalised people marginalised." Stating the obvious about immoral, unnatural, and unhealthy behavior "marginalizes" no one, but smearing those who do certainly does. Don't be such a credulous coward.
  • I think that it's a safe bet that you're religious and you're calling someone else credulous?
  • Sounds like someone is focused on their perceptions of 'sex' rather than on love and companionship, the basis of healthy relationships.
  • You are being immoral, unnatural, and exhibiting unhealthy behavior by trying to be one that "knows" what is truth, "knows" what is natural, "knows" what is moral, and "knows" what is healthy vs. unhealthy. What makes you so special? Even if you and people like-minded like you are the majority, that still doesn't mean you are correct. The majority at one time believed the sun rotated around the Earth, and well, that didn't turn out to be correct. You want to believe that you have everything figured out and only your way is the correct way in life. Fine. Just don't expect nor demand others adhere to your beliefs. Gay people aren't going around advocating for the extermination of religious people, but there ARE religious people advocating for the extermination of gay people. Earthlings REALLY need to learn to live together.
  • Amen from a straight white guy with no vague athletic build left since gradschool lol 😂 seriously there isn't more gay than a LGBT+ hater no pun intended... That's what you get when you look butt hurt for no reason...
  • And bottom line what would be the issue if there was an agenda? Last time I checked it's a private company? So if they want to support publicly an ideology that is not illegal it's their right... You don't like it you have the power to not buy their products... But agenda or not it's not your concern and have no right to tell them what to do or not do...
  • "every person involved in making this decision and carrying it through to publish should be celebrated for being inclusive and supportive." Depravity is not something to be celebrated; copulation is not love.
  • "copulation is not love" That you think that that is in any way an argument against homosexuality shows just how unqualified you are to take part in the conversation.
  • Unclear what is depraved about loving relationships. Unclear why you imply copulation has anything to do with it.
  • Depravity = it is a total lack of morals, values, and even regard for other living things. Some perfect examples would be the Spanish Inquisition, or the forced conversions (Convert or DIE!) of Native American Indians (North, Central, and South), or the Bosnian war, or the Partition of India, or all of the Crusades. What do all of those DEPRAVED events have in common? Religion!
  • There are many men in this world, some of them are gay. There are many black men in this world, some of them are Kenyan. I feel neglected and left out because especially the video game society is not inclusive enough to us. Game developers should include options to make me feel represented as a Kenyan. I specifically come from the Luo tribe and I would like to see my tribe represented in video games. It is unfortunate that in 2019 we do not have this option. What a prejudiced society we live in.
  • I see what's going on here.
  • [misplaced comment deleted]
  • While you may be trolling, you aren't entirely wrong. In the US we treat black people as one large ethnic group. Something we do not do with white people, who we generally can state where their family comes from and what group they represent. I actually agree there should be representation for people of color beyond a broad category based on white people being unable to distinguish between Chinese and Koreans, or Kenyans and Somalis. Of course that in no way diminishes the point that LGBTQ people also deserve representation.
  • Are white people in America treated as separate groups? More importantly, do blacks/Hispanics/Asians in America consider whites as separate groups? Are they seen as German, Spanish, French, Swedish or insert whatever nationality you like next...? When they fill out application forms, are there blocks requesting whites to specify if they are Danish American or whatever? Why immigrate to America if you don't want to embrace the American way of life and simply be considered American?
  • 1) Historically discrimination against various 'white' ethnic groups was a thing, my family were Sicilian immigrants, the Irish, Germans, Poles and various Slavic minorities were heavily discriminated against for decades. That said, it never rose to the treatment of less white seeming groups (with the exception of Jews). There was a societal difference however, although it has lessened tremendously over time. 2) One can be both American and part of another identity. There is no reason why coming here means abandoning anything else of value to you, whether it is your ethnic identity, religious beliefs or other cultural connections. The best answer to you is "Why not both?" The current "American way of life" is literally a blending of traditions ranging from Native to the latest wave of Hispanic and Asian immigrants. Continuing to bring in cultures merely contributes to this longstanding American tradition that all of our ancestors contributed to.
  • Great article. I'm glad the world is changing for the better, but some people are not. And they are often the loudest. The great thing is that in the long term, moves that make video games more inclusive will also make them more popular and widen their user base, which is good for everyone, isn't it?
  • And I love the poor babies in the comments here who want a gay-free gaming environment, but complain that everyone else is an entitled brat.
  • I think that the way that this was executed shows that it wasn't about allowing people to express themselves, including groups that are regularly opposed. It was about a single issue and that issue wasn't allowing people to proudly declare who they are. If I recall, there are 19 pride flag options. There may be subtle nuance around the different flags that I don't know about, but even if that is the case, there are 19 flag offerings for the LGBT community. There are other groups out there that are opposed, feels marginalized, and are treated as social outcasts. All three major religions have reason to feel opposed or marginalized. Some reports suggest that globally speaking, Christians are the most opposed religious group. Antisemitic rhetoric is on the rise. Muslims in places like China are under attack. No religious symbols for those groups. Various ethnic groups the world over are attacked for the color of their skin. Racism is very real in our world and in some parts of the world, it's incredibly heartbreaking to see. I've had the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. I've met kids who have had their teachers ridicule them in front of their entire class simple because of their ethnicity and it's tolerated by their local culture. No banners for those Roma kids or any other opposed ethnicity. People of all sorts of political persuasions are being physically attacked in public, run out of public spaces, and so much more simply because they're perceived of being guilty of "wrong think." The article states "There has never been a point in my life where I wasn't surrounded by people who were afraid to talk about how they felt for fear of repercussions." I know people who have to think twice before wearing certain apparel in public out of fear of physical violence. I've had coworkers who fear to even hint towards their political beliefs out of fear that management will hear and fire them, simply because they think differently. No banner for any political group. The issue to me isn't that there's a pride flag. I understand why some might want that in the game. My issue is that there are over a dozen pride flags but no flag for any other group to express pride in who they are. It suggests that if you are in the LGBT community, you matter. If you're part of some other community, then it doesn't matter. In an article linked to in this article, it's stated "Because everyone deserves representation." It seems that only one group received representation in this manner.
  • So petition on your own and raise a group. That said, Christians are not highly persecuted, either domestically or globally. And I'd take my fellow Christians more seriously on these issues if they spent more time trying to protect the rights and representation of groups that actually are marginalized.
  • 💯 This is well spoken
  • So these flags are just specifically for gay pride only? I was under the impression that it was going to be for all cultures. If they want to be truly inclusive, why not have native American flags, African American flags, Hispanic flags, etc. To be fair, it does look like they're getting special attention just for the sake of what's trending in the world.
  • How many premade flags are there and what groups do the other ones represent?
  • This needs to be heard! Thank you so much for speaking out and supporting our community.
  • Why does anyone need themselves "reflected" in a "story" of a video game? Especially games like Gears. I'm a conservative Christian. I absolutely have moral objections to lifestyles that a unambiguously dealt with in scripture. HOWEVER, I have plenty of friends who have embraced that lifestyle. I enjoy working with them, acting with them on stage, etc. I don't beat them up--verbally or otherwise--for their lifestyle, nor do they me for holding to my beliefs. They understand I'm not going to celebrate some of the things they celebrate--but I don't expect any different from them, either. There's no reason for anyone to be mean or vicious, on either side--and we're not. What I have a problem with is people who insist I 'celebrate' something I find morally objectionable, or people who take every opportunity to throw it in my face. I don't need it on TV, movies or video games. Make a game that's simply fun to play. Make a show that simply tells a good story (although, for me, that's exclusively science fiction or action genres). That's what I'm will to pay for. I didn't see Captain Marvel or Avengers: Endgame because of Brie Larsen. I didn't see Batman v Superman OR Justice League because of Ben Affleck. I have the option to spend my money where I want, so if companies want to set things up so that I'm less likely to be a customer, that's fine. It's totally their prerogative. Conversely, I do watch the CW Arrowverse shows and I might even give the new Batwoman series a try (although that part of last years crossover event was horribly written and acted, in my opinion). The bottom line for me is I take everyone on their own merits until they give me a reason to see them differently. I don't fear anyone. I have close friends from every walk of life (you can't be in theater and NOT). I do hate exploitative people. And people who neglect and abuse pets. There's a special hell for THOSE people.
  • "What I have a problem with is people who insist I 'celebrate' something I find morally objectionable, or people who take every opportunity to throw it in my face. I don't need it on TV, movies or video games." I agree with you 100%! Why am I forced to 'celebrate' Christmas!?! I find that morally objectionable because it is Christianity taking over the winter solstice, and even Christian scholars don't believe that is the day when the Jesus of Nazareth character from that particular mythology was even born. Every year it is thrown in my face on TV, in movies, in music, even in video games. There is no escape!
  • To all those who feel "Offended" by the inclusion of Pride Flags in a science fiction video game set in a fictional far, far future. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You might get brain damage.
  • Bring up politics, and people flock to the comment section. Talk about the latest laptop and there's maybe two comments.
  • That's on the laptop's manufacturer as they've all become macbook wannabe clones :D Wait until some company announces their brand new LGBTQ+ branded laptop. That will be fun.
  • Wow I'm late to the party.
  • Is there any hint or story of relations in the Gears games though? For something like the sims, the pride content is totally understandable. But if a game has absolutely no inclination of sexualities or flaunting of heterosexuality, i can see why this is unnecessary. Other than derogatory names over a microphone (we've all been called names by random squeakers, no minority is exclusive of this) I can't see why the art of gaming itself is deemed to be phobic or sexist in any kind.