i-mate 810 phone goes for a swim

Maybe it was exhaustion, maybe it was the open bar, but we we found an i-mate 810 taking a swim last night at the Showstoppers event at CES. The 810, as we're sure you all remember, is a "military-grade" device, able to take just about anything you can throw at it. We tried to drown this guy last night, and sure enough Windows Mobile 6.1 kept ticking underwater. Pics after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • wow, yet another iMate...hmmmm what else can we add to this ridiculously long in the tooth device...how about make it water proof...whata waste of time...
  • wow, they used a "fishboil"...that must have been painful...for the fish I mean....
  • Just FYI, this exact demonstration has been done at MWC 2009. So this news is almost a year late ;) Also, they used a proper fishboil instead of some plastic thingy.
  • They cannot even pay their sacked staff, but afford a stand at CES?
  • The device is rubbish! Jim Morrison is trying to sell off old stock simply to line his pockets with money, and the device never worked in the first place.