This i-mate phone can beat up your phone

Here's a Windows Mobile phone that's supposed to be able to take anything you can throw at it. Go ahead. You know those rivets are daring you. You wuss.

The i-mate 810-F is built with "military-grade credentials." You are worthless and weak. There's your basic Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional touchscreen phone with an impact-resistant screen. Yeah, like an impact with a fist. It's waterproof, can handle pressure, humidity and shock. You're still scared of clowns. It'll also keep ticking from minus-10 degrees Celsius (that's 14 Fahrenheit) to 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit). For those weekend trips to do battle in Hell.

You'll also get HSDPA, 2 gigs of onboard stoarge, GPS, WiFi, a digital compass, Bluetooth and an accelerometer. It never asks for directions - directions will come to *it.* There's also a system called Secure i-q that lets you remotely lock your device wipe your data or sound the alarm should it be lost, stolen. Or just gets tired of having to deal with your pansy self.  It also reportedly will have a lifetime warantee. Yeah, like you'll ever have to use it.

We'll learn more about this bad mamma jamma at Mobile World Congress next week.

Mobile Choice UK (via The Raw Feed and Computer World)

Phil Nickinson

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