Images of the Lumia 719 Windows Phone leaked

Not much is known about the Lumia 719, which passed Bluetooth certification late last month, but now we have visual confirmation of the handset. Taking a different design approach than the other Lumia handsets, the 719 will sport compatibility for both CDMA2000 and GSM networks. The handset is set to sport the same size screen (3.7") as the Lumia 710 as well as having a 5MP shooter, and will reportedly be targeting Asian and American markets.

This news derives from Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter micro-blogging network. We'll look to hear more surrounding the device, so stay tuned.

Source: Weibo, via: LiveSide 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Mmmm
  • The buttons are much better integrated with the screen. Improvement!
  • Are you kidding me? "719" wtf? :D
  • Yeah, 719 is a little odd.
  • I hope they release the lumia 117 themed after halo lol
  • I like it
  • Nokia is realize they have become the true windows phone manufacturer, u would never think they were last to bring a phone out...lets go NOCKIA...LOL
  • Since it says America, can we look forward to this being on pre-paid providers?
  • Wow!!! to me 719 is sexier than 710..
  • I would think that this is going to be for AT&T probily LTE variant of the 710
  • it has a front Camera, which i guess is good. and also i don't think it will expensive. 
  • I'm guessing this is the model that will be launched on both sprint and Verizon, along with the big brother 900..MS has a clear path moving forward, a budget model and a high end model, both packing similar specs, but the high ends having better optics, storage, bigger screens, etc..I think it's a brilliant strategy, just look at the radar/titan, flash/focus s..choice without sacrifice..what Android can never accomplish...very nice looking phone!
  • More hardware buttons coming. I'm hoping for a design similar to Xperia S though.
  • I like the design hopefully this comes to verizon.
  • its look like they made it long time ago, the phone looks like its been used a lot i would love it see it in brand new shiny status