WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

Ealry look at WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

Although we’re still wondering when the popular chat service WhatsApp returns to the Windows Phone Marketplace we can in the meantime gaze at what it will look like on Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’.

Evidently the company has left some images of their ‘Apollo’ build aka Windows Phone 8 right on their server for all the public to see. The images themselves aren’t that revealing—we see numerous sized tiles featuring the app, some in-progress chats and image examples. All in in all in looks nice but it’s not a major overhaul nor barely a minor one (not that we’re trying to pick on the team behind the app)...

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

The images were found by Windows Phone Daily and they also noted the calendar tile with the comment "Monday Morning WhatsApp released Windows Phone version - Mon, Nov 28, 10 AM". That could mean something but the Windows Phone 7.5 version also shares that date but actually came out in late September, so we wouldn’t put too much into it.

Though nothing too revealing is shown by the images it’s sure nice to see companies like WhatsApp pushing forward on Windows Phone and we look forward to taking their new version for a spin.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

Source: WhatsApp; via Windows Phone Daily