Jeff Hawkins to Announce Palm's "3rd type" of Device in May

Amidst buyout rumors, stock fluctuations, and predictions of doom, Palm founder Jeff Hawkins gives an interview to PalmAddicts that reveals he's pretty excited about Palm's future. While we love to razz the PalmOS for being out-dated and fugly, it's still a good thing to have competition in the smartphone space.

In the past Hawkins has dropped hints that Palm has an ace up their sleeve, a secret "3rd Category" of mobile devices. Will the mystery gadget compete with Windows Mobile (or the iPhone) or is it genuinely new? Nobody knows but Palm, but the interview is an interesting read, if only for this little tidbit:

One of the main reasons we did a Windows-based product is because we were worried we wouldn’t have access to the Palm OS. Palm is in complete control of its destiny again.

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WC Staff