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Kodi's chances of supporting its UWP app are 'slim' to 'zero' if it doesn't find more developers

Kodi on Xbox
Kodi on Xbox (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Kodi is looking for active developers to work on Kodi's UWP app.
  • Kodi states that if no developers are interested, the UWP app will likely be dropped.
  • Kodi began as Xbox Media Center for the original Xbox.

Kodi will likely drop support for its UWP app if the company doesn't find more developers. Kodi posted a "help wanted" post (via Neowin) on its website asking for active and experienced Windows developers. The post states, "Bottom line, without developer interest, the likelihood of there being a UWP release for v19 is slim, and v20 would be zero."

Kodi states that due to a switch to Python 3, there is a lot of work required to make things functional again within the Windows version of Kodi. The post bluntly implies that Kodi doesn't have an interest in the Windows platform, "This is a breaking change for us, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get things functional again. In turn, this has brought the lack of experience of (or even interest in) developing on the Windows platforms in the team to a crisis."

Kodi is seeking active and experienced developers with knowledge of C++ on the Windows platform. More details on the desired experience of developers can be found in the blog post by Kodi.

Kodi started as Xbox Media Center on the original Xbox. Discontinuation of the Windows version could mean that Kodi never returns to its Xbox origins.

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  • Looks around...."It's quiet...too quiet..." Then...someone emerges from the shadows and says "You speak of the Kodi for Windows? If it dies." Turns out the one from the shadows was the oft feared Python Drago. Reports say that as Python receded back into the shadows, they heard him saying "Kodi for Windows...I will break you!" in his deadly serious voice.
  • Makes sense. If I look around my friends and family, nobody actually uses a Windows PC in their spare time. They are all on their phone for shopping, mail, calendar, games, music etc. And those people who actually use a laptop run around with a MacBook. Heck I am a developer and IT nerd and like Microsoft myself but the only thing I use my PC for outside of work is some gaming like Anno or doing something in my Edge Chromium browser. All the rest of my stuff is done on my iPad Pro with type cover and a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. So I really do understand why there is such a lack of interest in apps on Windows by consumers and developers.
  • Thats a very limited point of view for a so called IT professional.
  • If I'm reading this correctly, they are not dropping Windows version, but UWP version. The only affected users here are XBOX users, who use XBOX as a media center. KODI knows this, MS know this, so this looks like extorsion.
  • I could've helped if it was written in C#
  • It almost feels like Microsoft has to pay for have apps Uwp
  • I'm assuming this includes Xbox?