KPN looking to push Windows Phone in the Netherlands

Dutch provider KPN is looking to push Windows Phone in the Netherlands, according to a report over at Providing Windows Phone with a 'substantial share', the provider is set to take full advantage of business opportunities it sees with the platform.

John van Vianen, CEO of KPN Business Market, had the following to comment on the company's decision:

"Our confidence in Windows Phone is growing by the day and the need for a third ecosystem that not only provides our customers more choice, but also provides our company more options, is evident."

Over nine hundred employees from the marketing and sales department at KPN will receive either the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820, two new Windows Phone 8 handsets from Nokia. This will provide employees with an insight into what Windows Phone is all about, should they have not previously used Windows Phone 7.x.

Stefan Simons, a KPN spokesman, announced to that the provider does not take sides:

"It is good for consumers that they have a choice of several ecosystems, but we give no preference or advantage to a particular party. For the consumer market, we see opportunities."

Microsoft will be pushing Windows Phone 8 hard alongside the recent release of Windows 8, and we're starting to see strong support displayed from both carriers and retailers. Rogers in Canada launched the Lumia 920 early and will be sporting numerous handsets while Phones4u in the UK is planning to host a number of Windows Phones.

Nokia depends on Windows Phone, HTC are in financial decline for the time being, and Samsung may need to look at a backup plan should trouble be experienced in the Android road ahead. Microsoft's platform is viewed as a worthy contender for the third spot in operating systems, and the added support from carriers is welcomed.

Source:; thanks, Wouter,for the tip and translation!

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