LG's Voice to Text app gets hacked for all Windows Phones

We were just envying LG's amazing Voice to Text app, wishing it were on other Windows Phones and evidently others at XDA thought the same. Difference being they went ahead and they allegedly patched the XAP file so as to make it work on any unlocked Windows Phone.  (Similar case with Samsung's apps).

To see if it works we tried it ourselves and sure enough, it does what it was meant to do. Most of you won't have a developer unlocked device to do this and the ChevronWP7 loop hole will be patched soon, plus there's the whole thing that this is technically stealing LG's software and one of their device selling points (though everyone seems okay with loading WP7 on their HD2s, with no concern there--double standard we guess). So you know, we don't recommend you do this, even if you could, which you probably can't.

Source: XDA

Daniel Rubino

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  • They could sell it on marketplace and while leaving it free for lg users. Make some money on it.
  • Exactly what I thought since I found out about these manufacturer-specific apps. The platform is there and some people aren't going to switch devices, so why not try to make a few bucks you wouldn't otherwise make?I don't think they'll be able to make an exclusive that would drive people to buy their phone over the other manufacturers' and, even if they did, the others would probably be quick to emulate it.
  • I agree, I paid $10 for a similar app on my Evo last year and I'd gladly pay to have this feature on my Focus.
  • just installed on my HTC HD7 working fine
  • At least we now know that it does not need some kind of special OEM API to run as was suggested a while ago. If LG does not want to sell a bunch of copies at $3.99-$4.99 in the Marketplace, then some 3rd party developer needs to step forward and get with it. The whole developer license thing is getting more tempting every day.
  • I agree they should sell it to none LG phone owners, and same could said about other manufactures apps. Jimski is correct, some 3rd party developer could make it. They could allot of money if they released some thing like it. People have been asking for it awhile, so why not. I wish I new how the code, or I would.
  • I would defintely pay for this app.
  • One more reason that the Quantum is a bit under-rated.