Lola wants to be your business travel concierge. Let them make their case and you get a $50 Amazon gift card.

The leading concern of the business traveler is no mystery. In fact, just ask a business traveler about the one thing that keeps them up nights and three out of four will tell you the same thing — flight delays (opens in new tab).

Delays are bad enough for regular flyers, but one delayed flight can absolutely destroy the entire timeline of a fast-paced, intricately plotted business trip. And when delays hit…well, that's when the real panic sets in. (opens in new tab) is a corporate travel platform looking to alleviate that fear with a simple all-in-one interface for handling all your company's travel details. They've earned themselves rave reviews on TrustPilot (Excellent) and Google Play (5/5), and are trusted by companies like FlyWheel and Quip. They're also so confident in their offering that if you attend a demo, they'll hand you a $50 Amazon gift card (opens in new tab) just for considering it.

Started by the creators of Kayak, Lola sports an easy-to-navigate interface that puts all your company's travel information in one location. With personalized results and saved traveler profiles, Lola users can get a flight booked in minutes at the best possible price. Users are automatically eligible for refundable fares and special rates and discounts typically reserved for enterprises.

If your flight gets unexpectedly cancelled, you don't have to call your airline — Lola reaches out to you first, guiding you through your options for a seamless rebooking. If you have questions or just appreciate the human touch, Lola users also have access to 24/7/365 customer support when they need it most.

Lola can be used by admin assistants, office managers, accountants, field reps, or entrepreneurs trying to get a three-person business off the ground. They even offer reports and dashboards to track your company's travel expenses in real time, so you can stay on budget for the entire year.

If your company fits the Lola criteria, then it's crazy easy to just set up and attend their demo to see if Lola works for your firm. Plus, you get the $50 in Amazon bucks (opens in new tab) just for considering the Lola option.

Prices are subject to change.

WC Staff