Lucky 7 - Review

IronSunStudios, developer of Ionball, is offering a casino oriented game for Windows Phone 7. Lucky 7 puts you behind a one-armed bandit to try your luck at slots and to see how large a fortune you can build.

Lucky 7 does have a companion game to the slot machine and two game modes to keep things interesting. But for the most part, it's a slot game.  Lucky 7 has an easy interface, nice graphics, and can be a fun way to pass the time.

To see if Lucky 7 comes up all 7's, ease on past the break.

While Lucky 7's game play is straight forward, you do have two game modes to choose from that helps break the monotony; 100 Spins and Free Play. 100 Spins is self-explanatory. You get 100 Spins on the slot machine to see how large a fortune you can amass. With Free Play, you are given $10 to play with.

To see your payout listing, tap the back button to pull up the game's menu. From here you can see what combination pays what amount as well as your game statistics.

To start the slot machine spinning, you can tap, swipe or shake your Windows Phone. Some of the slots symbols will have numbers to the side. When you land on these items, the numbers stars will begin to light up. Collect enough numbers to reach the seventh star and you're sent to a bonus game.

In the bonus game you spin a roulette wheel to collect bonus features ranging from free spins to nudge pot to winning the money pot. You can gamble whichever feature by spinning the wheel again and guessing if the number is higher than an 8 or lower to double your bonuses.

Overall Impression

After playing Ionball from IronSunStudios, Lucky 7 was somewhat of a shocker. Ionball was a graphically stunning game with a touch of a dark theme to it. Lucky 7, while graphically well done, is a much brighter game.

There's not much to Lucky 7 and if you like playing slots, this should make your short list.  If you're looking for grander casino experience, I'm afraid Lucky 7 may fall a bit short.  Lucky 7 would make a great component to a larger multi-game casino game but alone, it's more of an acquired taste.  

There is a trial version (definitely worth a try) available to let you try before you buy and the full copy will run you $1.99.  You can find Lucky 7 here (opens your Zune browser) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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