Mangos are orange and "orange" is now "mango"

When all the buzz about the latest update goes away and codename "Mango" becomes Windows Phone 7.5, will the fruity moniker be forgotten?  The developers at Microsoft say no. 

They have left a little tribute in the newest iteration of WP7.  The color scheme once known as "orange" will be called "mango" starting with version 7.5. 

No word yet on what the next major upgrade will be called, but here's to hoping we won't be sporting any "banana" themes in the future.

Source: WindowsPhoneSecrets

  • That makes me sad :( I use orange because that's what I like. Oh well, it's just a name.
  • Espresso. Ends in an 'o' and it can replace brown.
  • So does "poo". ;-)
  • And pink can be flamingo!
  • I said that yesterday during the Facebook live chat up. Espresso is perfect.
  • I like yellow. Windows Phone Banana wouldn't be the worst color in my book.
  • Since it has to end in O for some strange reason (they ever explain that?), and sticking with stuff you eat. Others I come up with are:Avocado - GreenTomato - Red
  • You can call them "Fruity Pebbles" for all I care, just give us an RGB picker already!
  • I 1000% agree with this! RGB = the best case scenario, that color picker has existed at least since Windows 98 (I am pretty sure 95 had it too). Would it be that hard to make a custom color?It is all xml in the end, and it is just a hex value no?MS, give us a RGB picker!!
  • Giving users a color picker would be problematic not from a programing stand point, but a UI stand point. It would make it near impossible for us developers to make fancy UIs that take advantage of the color scheme, without having some users have issues of not being able to see or use the UI well because of their color choice. By having a set number of choices, we developers can test them and make sure it works well with all.I think there should be a little more choices though; but a unlimited color picker would just be disastrous.
  • RGB isn't unlimited, there are 65K combinations :-p
  • I would also like a "gray" theme, between light and dark...
  • Isn't Apollo the next version? I thought I'd heard that thrown around somewhere. Dunno what color they'd make that... white maybe?
  • Window color scheme is so lame, need a big update on theme.
  • Also, I would trade in 500 new features for flash support and voice TBT NAV.
  • What color is a NoDo?
  • Same boring colors. make it your own so long as you use the colors MS wants you to use.
  • 16 million, not 56k.