Not that it matters, but it's Windows Phone 7.5, not 7.1

Earlier this morning, a bunch of tech sites ran with a "Mango is Windows Phone 7.1, not 7.5" story, citing one section of the WP developer site with placeholders front and center. We didn't run it because it seemed to not be an accurate reflection and we've seen quite a few 7.5 references that cannot be so easily dismissed.

Long story short, in the newly released Mango emulator, the "About" screen clearly shows Windows Phone OS 7.5, putting to rest any doubt. (Or is it, perhaps Microsoft is just toying with our nerdy fascinations?)

But as the title says, it's not like it really matters in the end.

Source: Den Delimarsky (Twitter)

Daniel Rubino

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  • That is odd because the download site for the dev tools from MSDN clearly states 7.1. guess they are just confused.
  • I think I read on Engadget that they named it 7.1 because "they had to name it something". I don't even know if 7.5 is going to happen. I don't really care anymore. I like the sound of Windows Phone Mango more anyway :P
  • Not sure we can equate the SDK builds with the OS builds. I mean, I know they should coincide, but I don't think they do.Also, Mango in current build could be 7.1, but end build is 7.5.
  • I'd rather see the 7 dropped completely, all the branding today called it "Windows Phone", stick with these codenames throughout release and build numbers where needed, but don't confuse the consumer
  • I agree! They should drop the number and stick with just "Windows Phone".
  • I think for straight up marketing, it IS just Windows Phone. But you need an OS build at some level of the discussion, you can't ignore it.But even I doubt they'll sell phones as "Windows Phone OS 7.5!". Clearly 'Mango' was the keyword today.
  • Easy fix:Current build: Windows Phone AwesomeNext build: Windows Phone AwesomerDone.
  • Stupid othr tech sites, that don't give a **** about windows phone
  • The user agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows Phone OS 7.5; Trident/5.0; IEMobile/9.0; Microsoft; XDeviceEmulator)The one shown in about:version is incorrect