Marios Karagiannis: Why I prefer to develop for Windows Phone

Marios Karagiannis, developer of popular indie game Monster Up (our review), has published an interesting article on his personal blog detailing why development for Windows Phone is preferred by him over iOS and Android. While going into some detail, Marios provides the reader with three reasons why he believes Microsoft's mobile platform is a more appealing choice.

Both iOS and Android have far more marketshare than Windows Phone, which provides developers with a safer submission into the ecosystem through the higher possibility of ROI (return of investment). When developers think of Windows Phone, it's the smaller user base that's scary and prevents ideas blossoming or app / games being ported. Just why does Marios prefer the platform?

Reason 1: Developing for Windows Phone is enjoyable

"Developing for Windows Phone is fun. I love the SDK, I love the tools, I love the whole experience. I have been developing games since I was a little boy and the reason back then continues to be the reason right now. I am having fun developing games."

Reason 2: More free time for personal life activity

"Making games is not my main activity. This blends a bit with the other reasons. Spending 1-2 hours per day developing games for Windows Phone allows me to go about doing the other things I am doing in my life (finishing my PhD and having a family). I strongly have the feeling that this would not exactly be possible using any of the other two platforms and be dedicated enough to master either of them."

Reason 3: Emerging Windows ecosystem

"I have placed a bet with Windows Phone. And not just with Windows Phone, but with the up-and-coming Windows ecosystem. For me right now, Microsoft is the new Apple. It innovated constantly in many fronts and has some amazing successes to show for its efforts."

Be sure to head over to Marios's personal website to read up on the full post, and if you haven't already you should check out Monster Up, which can be downloaded from the Marketplace for $1.29 (£0.99).

Source: Marios Karagiannis

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