Mars and Microsoft team up to bring Azure to chocolate

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What you need to know

  • Mars and Microsoft are teaming up.
  • Mars plans to use Azure for its cloud operations.
  • The companies plan to work together to establish an Innovation Lab.

Mars (the foodstuffs company, not the planet) and Microsoft are expanding their long-term relationship via an agreement that'll see Mars committing to using Microsoft's Azure platform for its cloud strategies and digital transformation efforts.

Beyond Mars utilizing Azure for its operations, the companies will work together to create an "Innovation Lab" that will help innovate in sectors such as digitized production and sustainability efforts.

"After evaluating all the platforms on the market, we chose Microsoft as our primary Mars platform because of its rich portfolio of features, engineering partner ecosystem, talent availability, focus on data privacy, and security and similar cultural values and principles," said Mars' chief digital officer Sandeep Dadlani.

In case the name "Mars" doesn't immediately ring a bell, think candy. Specifically, heavy hitters such as Snickers, Twix, and Dove. The company also handles regular food as well as pet food, among other areas.

With that in mind, it has to be asked: Given that Azure's being intermingled with Mars' candy operations, what's your favorite Azure-assisted (or soon to be Azure-assisted) confection from the company?

There's a right answer in there, but we won't spoil it for you. If you want to read the full Mars-Microsoft press release for yourself, you can learn the full extent of the partnership as well as the in-depth details surrounding why Mars went with Azure.

And in case you want a trip down memory lane, don't forget that Microsoft has teamed up with sugar-loving companies in the past. Remember when the tech giant kicked off its cloud partnership with PepsiCo?

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