Microsoft, again: no Zune phone

Looks like Microsoft is once again denying anything about a Zune phone. Quoting a Microsoft spokesperson: "we have no plans to create a Zune phone," which seems pretty open and shut.

Then again ... Assuming there is something in the works, it's not like they would confirm either.  And as NeoWin points out, they also denied ever making an MP3 player, too.

With the rumors flying high this week, especially with the USB reference codes found in the .inf file from the latest Zune software update, Microsoft is probably feeling some heat from their OEMs over the issue--don't forget, they are also very interested in the prospect/denial of such a device.  We can understand if they are nervous and causing some little waves with Redmond.

Regarding that Zune update, consensus seems to be swaying from an actual "Zune phone" to "these are plans to incorporate the Zune experience into Windows Mobile,"

Check out Paul Thurrott's piece over at WinSuperSite, which delves deeper into that issue as well as detailing the recent changes to the Zune software, it's a good read.

Oh Mobile World Congress, you can't come soon enough.  Please rescue us from ourselves.


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  • Dude, chill. For one, your name is YOGABA. Last I checked, I *don't* take advice/rumor confirmations/insight from random people in comments who type in ALL CAPS with no credentials. *Sorry*. If you have real information that can be verified, then contact me personally. Number 2, no one has recently said Microsoft is doing their own hardware for this supposed device, but rather doing something with software on OEM devices. Microsoft has been very careful with their wording here. If they release a *feature phone* (made by an OEM) sporting a heavy focus on media (XBox, Zune integration) but *don't* call it a Zune phone, is it still a Zune phone? Number 3, there is evidence (not yet made public) of some-type of Zune phone software/firmware that is in some people's hands i.e. there *is* more to this story and what has happened to Project Pink + the Danger team. Number 4, Umm...companies deny all the time about products in development and then release them. Microsoft did this with the original Zune. I'm not sure at what point we decided to trust/believe everything a company says through their PR department.
  • You're kind of retarded aren't you.
  • Google said the same thing. And yet, they're selling the Nexus-One. One thing I've learned about corporations in my old age: everything they say is a lie even if it's true. MS just might be coming out with a phone of their own. They just might not be ready to let everyone in on it yet.
  • @YOGABA Will WinMo7/TheOMFGzUNEpHoNez have a ban button; something similar to the Staples Easy Button? You, by the way, would be the perfect alpha tester for such a function...
  • LOL. So all we really know is that the device that combines all the Zune functionality with a phone will not be "A Zune phone." ORRRR they have no plans b/c they HAD plans and those plans are long since finished and completed so no future tense. ORRRR they are not going to "create" it, they are going to... Oh never mind
  • There won't be a Zune phone, I think that much is clear. But we'll see 3 types of phones that can connect to Zune. - WM7 Business
    - WM7 "Entertainment"
    - And then there is the Pink that I'm guessing is the next generation Sidekick.
  • Microsoft is the only one who thinks it can succeed against Apple with another Zune product (we
  • Microsoft never really thought they could de-throne the iPod, they've said as much. They just wanted to offer an alternative. The Zune HD has been a critical hit, which counts for something. It's more a tip of the ice-berg, a demonstration that they can do hardware well. Zune has 1 more iteration before it is phased out and integrated with MS's other platforms (XBox, WinMo, MIDs/Tablets). 6.5 will be sold into 2011 and put on low-cost devices. It's not going away for awhile. Old apps will be compatible with Seven. Either way, in order to really make a new product, yeah, you have to break *something, somewhere*. Shoot, Apple does it all the time (new iPhone firmware won't work on non-3G models; they purposefully cripple early devices, release "new" ones 12 months later, people still buy). Palm, the company with only 1,000 employees, is still holding on comparison, I'm not too concerned about Microsoft who lost hundreds of millions on XBox. Fact is, tech is always a loosing bet if you want to be a head all the time. Microsoft didn't create that problem, no one else will solve it. RIM is going to hit a wall pretty soon too.
  • Of course there will be no Zune Phone, it will be Zune HD Phone. :D