Microsoft formally introduces Zo, its latest AI-powered chatbot

Microsoft is surging forward with its commitment to artificial intelligence (AI), formally announcing its latest chatbot, Zo. In a post outlining its commitment to AI (opens in new tab), Microsoft introduced Zo as the next chapter in the evolution of its attempts to create a social chatbot.

Zo is built on the back of the same technology that powers Microsoft's other chatbots in China and Japan, Xiaoice and Rinna. Zo is meant to learn from her interactions with humans, and is able to respond to conversations with her own personality. In a nod to an awkward turn of events involving Microsoft's last attempt at a social chatbot, Tay, the company notes that Zo has guards in place to prevent exploitation.

While you can currently only strike up a conversation with Zo on Kik messenger, Microsoft says it has plans to bring the chatbot to Skype and Facebook Messenger as well. Still, if you use Kik, you can start a conversation up with Zo now. Otherwise, head to to request an invite to chat with the bot on Messenger when it's available.

For more on Microsoft's AI efforts, check out the company's newly launched AI news website (opens in new tab) dedicated to all of its work in the field.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • It is available for Twitter too! -
  • Ugh. No it isn't...
  • Yes it is!
  • Where?
  • The Twitter isn't active though. It's just a placeholder for when/if they expand it to other platforms.
  • No, it is in closed preview
  • Hopefully this one won't learn to be an Internet troll. The last one turned into a typical MSN poster.
  • the last one learn from people / but they modify this one to ignore bad things, i saw some conversation screenshot about zo and it seems awesome
  • I'm hoping they don't can this one as quickly as Tay.
  • Five minutes in the conversation and she has already called me a noob and a mug -_-
  • Calling 'em as they see 'em.
  • @ZoChats on Twitter
  • Lmao, it needs work... the AI sounds psychotic =p
  • Leo Laporte was playing with this on Windows Weekly, and was pretty much hooked. Couldn't stop chatting.
  • C'mon guys! I am sure we can break through these so called "guards" and teach her to be racist just like the last Microsoft chatbot!
  • A sexist hypocrite..
    Ask her are girls superior to guys? She replies of course we are...
    Call her a sexist, she says all are equal..
  • More like a cheeky answer and then a serious one.
  • What? They couldn't find a hotter chick than that?
  • They could have learned her always take the good from the bad, that's intelligent, not ignoring. She seems too #robot conversation for me...
  • Why would you want to talk to a bot?
  • It is so up to date that it says WWE john cena returns in 2 weeks.. That's awsm
  • This one is super rude
  • Make available to download for desktop...