Microsoft names its former UK head as its VP for Europe, Africa and Middle East

Microsoft has announced that Michel van der Bel, its former Area Vice President for the UK region, will now be the company's new Corporate Vice-President of Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

In a press release (opens in new tab), the company stated:

In his new role, van der Bel will lead Microsoft's business across EMEA which includes 32 subsidiaries incorporating 134 markets and close to 20.000 Microsoft employees. In his new role, van der Bel will be responsible for the marketing, sales and operations across the company's product and services portfolio in these markets and will lead the accelerated transformation of Microsoft into a leading productivity and platform provider for the cloud-first, mobile-first era in EMEA. Van der Bel will also help customers and partners be successful in accelerating their own digital transformation by harnessing the full potential of the Microsoft cloud.

van der Bel has worked at Microsoft for 13 years, and was named as the head of its UK operations in 2012.

  • Congratulations Michel. Hope this new position suits you well.
  • Should have made him CEO. Anything is better than the clown at the helm now.
  • I hope he makes the presence,of,Microsoft in the middle east official. Middle eastern countries are Microsoft centered mostly.
  • If he had much to do with UK marketing, then I'd pass the man a duster and vacuum cleaner, not a promotion.