Although we haven’t seen this problem at all on our 920, our HTC 8X on occasion has spontaneously reset.  And judging by our forums, users of all Windows Phone 8 devices have had some stability issues, although it’s a seemingly small percentage.

Now, according to All Microsoft, via All Things D, have said they think they have identified the issue hope to have a hot fix update deployed over-the-air next month. No details on exactly what the issue is but we can bet is has to do with memory allocation or execution of specific code that causes the phone to spontaneously restart itself.

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Demo of over-the-air (OTA) in Windows Phone 8

Though certainly frustrating, it does seem isolated to only certain circumstances and doesn’t affect everyone. Here at Windows Phone Central we have around 12 devices amongst the staff and it never comes up as a problem. That leads us to believe that it is certain apps, possibly legacy Windows Phone 7.x, that are tripping up the new OS.

Hopefully more information on the update will be forthcoming shortly.