Microsoft plans fix for Windows Phone 8 rebooting issue with OTA patch

Although we haven’t seen this problem at all on our 920, our HTC 8X on occasion has spontaneously reset.  And judging by our forums, users of all Windows Phone 8 devices have had some stability issues, although it’s a seemingly small percentage.

Now, according to All Microsoft, via All Things D, have said they think they have identified the issue hope to have a hot fix update deployed over-the-air next month. No details on exactly what the issue is but we can bet is has to do with memory allocation or execution of specific code that causes the phone to spontaneously restart itself.

Demo of over-the-air (OTA) in Windows Phone 8

Though certainly frustrating, it does seem isolated to only certain circumstances and doesn’t affect everyone. Here at Windows Phone Central we have around 12 devices amongst the staff and it never comes up as a problem. That leads us to believe that it is certain apps, possibly legacy Windows Phone 7.x, that are tripping up the new OS.

Hopefully more information on the update will be forthcoming shortly.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I have a SIM lock on my phone so i notice it everytime it occurs, unknowlingy not having a signal when I don't realise it has reset itself; To make matters worse I am forever alone so I don't miss any calls =(
  • Well until that's fixed you have your self a simple solution disable SIM lock for the time being.
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  • That debunks the 3 months that some of our in house naysayers were spewing yesterday.
  • If people were saying that they're idiots. WP8 has a 5-tiered system for OTA updates, including for hot fixes.  They wouldn't have made that ability if they didn't plan to use for things like this. The *real* problem for Microsoft was trying to ID what the issue was as there are so many variables---firmware, OS, hardware, OEM changes, apps, etc. Really quite daunting since this wasn't something anyone could replicate at will.
  • Daniel, you are a writer here. Try words like "misinformed" rather than idiots. It makes you sound like less of a dou... I mean more informed.
  • Some people on here appreciate Daniel's honesty ;-)
  • Its more about sounding professional than anything else. I was quite surprised he used the words idiots especially since he is talking about people who probably read his articles.
  • "If people were saying that they're idiots."
    Idiots? Maybe they were just WP7 owners with long memories.
    "WP8 has a 5-tiered system for OTA updates..."
    Yeah, I've read all about it on blogs like this one. I also remember that pretty much everything I heard at launch time about WP7 updates turned out later to be LIES, especially on AT&T, the so-called "Premier" launch partner. It took months and months after updates were officially released before they actually got pushed to AT&T customers. I have yet to see any evidence that Microsoft has learned anything from their earlier update fiascos. The proof will be in the pudding...
  • and you are one of the naysayers
  • ""and you are one of the naysayers"
    Exactly. And after 2 years of shabby treatment, I feel like I've earned the right to say "nay".
    Microsoft has a lot to prove. I'll wait until AFTER the reboots are actually fixed before I start cheerleading, thank you very much!
  • Wait is this a different issue than the phone locking/freezing? If so, when does that issue get resolved?
  • At first I didn't understand the big deal with OTA updates.  Now I get it.  
  • I would just like to actually see an OTA update. Never had one on my WP7 device in over 2 years.
  • OTA updates were never instantiated in WP7,  only notifications.
  • Keep fixing it.. Before I get one!!!
  • Here at retail, I'm seeing a lot of freezing phones.  Some getting returned other not.  this freezing thing needs to be addressed quickly before sales reps stop recommending the 920 like they did with the 900.
  • Phones4u UK has partially stopped recommending Lumia 920 solely because of these issues.
  • Did they ever recommend it? They still don't know that it's locked to ee when you ask. They are clueless.
  • I have not had a single problem with my 920.
  • +1
  • Wow speak of the devil didn't have it wrote that got it
  • Never say never!
  • i guess so huh
  • I froze one so far on my 920. It just said Nokia on the screen and wouldn't go away. I hit the net for a fix so to those who don't know hold the Volume down, power button and the camera button simultaneously to reset it.
  • My screen just went black and wouldn't respond at all on my 920, but the volume down and power fixed it as well.
  • I just had a reset today for the first time. My 920 was on my desk and I was listening to a podcast when all of a sudden the sound stopped. Picked up my phone and it was booting.
  • That's fast reboot...
  • Lol
  • I was listening to a podcast when it happened to me. It only happened that once so far. *crosses fingers until the update comes out*
  • Aside from being happy that they're working to fix the issue, I'm very interested to see how it rolls out and if they can deliver on their promise of not letting carriers get in the way.
  • I have seen my 920 lock up and eventually restart... I thought maybe it was a Nokia thing, my 900 had all kinds of issues initially. Some days i couldn't send or receive sms... Hope this gets,fixed quick.
  • Yeah just the other day I couldn't send pictures (Using a 920 on att)
    My friend who has a SG3 on att was able too but not me... Works now so idk...
  • I only had low battery life issues before I hard reset it, now I'm seeing random restart issue, but battery life is better.
  • After exchanging my previous black 920 for the red one, I have not had any issues at all, but I hope all issues reported by many other users get resolved sooner rather than later.
  • I'm not experiencing this issue. I just hope it doesn't "fix" my phone too. Heh.
  • I've never had a single cracking noise by the headphone jack, no battery issue,no freezing...nothing. Favorite phone ever and I'm really loving WP8
  • The 900 had a cracking problem... guess is something they just can't fix ;)
  • You haven't had an issue yet!
  • No issue here 810
  • they need to fix xbox video aswell
  • That's not an issue that's a feature that they haven't decided to implement or process at this time.
  • My 920 just did this for the first time today. Scared me to death.
  • My focus 2 ATT just received an upgrade notification... I'm at the laundromat now so I'll reply with the version number when I get home... maybe ATT is pushing out tango now to get everyone prepped for 7.8? Samsung Focus 2 7.10.8112.7 before updating.
  • My 920 has been rebooting at least once a day for the last week and a half. Started when I installed Skype, but I've removed it. It usually only occurs while in an app. It's done it with several different ones, so can't point to just one that's causing it. I've also had severe problems with the phone syncing mail, Facebook, and Twitter. The fix usually requires reentering passwords for them and manually syncing. I've also had it lockup several times the last two days requiring me to do a soft reset to get it to start back. Hopefully, the fix will actually get here ASAP!
  • I have a White Nokia that is doing the exact same thing, mine additionally also sometimes loses its mind on time (day month year etc)
    mostly when using IM+ is when mine gets super hot
  • I've noticed my 8x only restarts while I am in fitness apps such as Sports Tracker and Zombies, Run!!! while I'm listening to music. Other than that the phone doesn't restart.
  • I've had mine lock up on the start screen with no apps running???
  • I have only had one issue one time and it was Words with Friends and it locked up. I uninstalled the game and haven't had a problem since.
  • +1 only saw this after I posted a comment!
  • Try playing words with friends on any new Nokia device and use whatsapp or something as multi task. You will get a freeze or reboot!
  • I think I've found the problem with the battery drainage problem.  I've uninstalled Nokia Drive, disabled NFC, all sorts of suggested solutions.  But after trying everything, and putting everything back, it turns out simply only removing Skype saved my battery from draining, period.  Anyone else can confirm with me on this? 
  • Yes, there was an artical writen about, like a few days ago. I also uninstalled skype and mij HTC 8X could stay on for much longer!
  • This update was put together because of a widespread issue with the 8X, hopefully it'll have some bits and pieces for the other OEMs.
  • My 8x was rebooting daily so around a week ago I did a hard reset, not a single reboot since.
  • Can Microsoft also trhow in more fixes, like some animations who are bluring or the wifi always on option :)
  • Yes, there was an artical writen about, like a few days ago. I also uninstalled skype and mij HTC 8X could stay on for much longer!
  • Never had a restart or freeze yet.
  • A fix for the bluetooth connection issue in cars would really please me!
  • That's one issue I haven't had so far.  Using the 920.
  • I think a Bluetooth fix would have come before a fix for random problem.
  • I've had one spontaneous reboot on my 920.  I did a hard reset which seemed to fix the problem (so far).  I've had numerous app crashes and the heating problem near the back top of the phone, especially when playing a game.  On AT&T version.  Otherwise, I love the phone.
  • My L822 has never rebooted. It is working flawlessly.
  • There is a simple solution: introduce WM9 and abandon WM8 devices/users. Apply the "beta testing over" approach, Microsoft!
  • About time, my HTC 8x reboots 2-4 times per day everyday!
  • We have a technology day in work today - Nokia rep said they expect an OTA update in December [his Lumia 920 has rebooted a few times too].
    Waiting for the Microsoft guys to turn up to grill them about Xbox Music + cloud frustrations!
  • My 920 rebooted for the first time last night while trying to voice dial :( Glad they at least have a fix on the way.
  • Gah! I thought my battery died without me realizing. The screen wouldn't turn on or start up. Had to do a soft reset -_- I hope it doesn't do this on a morning I have to wake up early. I'll be soooooo pissed
  • Yup, it's definitely not an isolated thing. Maybe randomized in occurrence, but not isolated at ALL. If anything, those not experiencing difficulties are the isolated case, IMO. Notifications for 3rd party apps are not reliable (FB app, Twitter Inc, app, etc...) Random restarts & freezes. Words With Friends is a travesty at best. (freezes, no message updates, causes home screen to close from open apps view) Oh, and did I mention that Bing lock screen is always 24hrs behind on the daily pic? All this fun is happening on my Lumia 822 w/ Verizon.
    Not trying to be a downer, but there is not a lot to be up about when the same old issues w/ the platform keep rearing their ugly head from version to version..... As far as being an idiot because I don't trust MS to get it right, like others have expressed, I have earned the right to be militantly skeptical. Been on WCE/WM/WP since 2.x. I'll believe it when I see my issues get resolved before 3 months time, if at all. At that point I will sing the praises of an improved support experience, not a moment sooner.