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Microsoft pulling HealthVault Insights app from iOS, Android, and Windows

Microsoft is gearing up to retire the HealthVault Insights app on iOS, Android, and Windows. In the app's place, Microsoft says it will be applying knowledge it gained from the research project to other projects, as it removes the HealthVault Insights app from the iOS, Android, and Windows app stores "later this month" (via MSPU).

In a note at the top of the official HealthVault Insights website, Microsoft says:

We launched HealthVault Insights as a research project last year, with the goal of helping patients generate new insights about their health. Since then, we've learned a lot about how machine learning can be used to increase patient engagement and are now applying that knowledge to other projects. As part of this progression, we've made the decision to remove HealthVault Insights from the iOS, Android and Windows stores effective later this month. This change will have no impact on the data users generated in HealthVault Insights, which will continue be accessible via the HealthVault website. Thank you for participating in our project. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

Initially launched in early 2017 (opens in new tab), HealthVault Insights was meant to act as a "research-based project designed to allow partners to generate new insights about patient health, drive adherence to care plans and encourage patient engagement powered by the latest scientific advances in machine learning."

It will be interesting to see how the insight gleaned from this project influence others. For now, the app is still listed on Google Play (opens in new tab), the App Store (opens in new tab), and the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). Per Microsoft's given timeline, expect each to be retired before the end of January.

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  • Ironic, coincidence, planned, or all three?
  • "Halthvault"
  • I've been thinking of using Health Vault. Does anyone here think they will cancel and suspend it? Thanks
  • Retrenched!
  • Another rebooted app nobody ever though of using. How was this any different than the Health app?
  • It was meant to replace the health app I think
  • It was meant to replace Microsoft Health, though unfortunately as is with MSFT products, this one was US only so 99% of the world could not even use it.
  • Microsoft is good at introducing great things and then never bothering to tell anyone they exist so they can cancel them and cite lack of use.
  • I didn't even know this app existed
  • It didn't unless you're from the US. Insight #1: Let people use the darn thing and they will definitely engage with it better. I wonder if MS will apply that lesson to anything? Cortana perhaps? Or perhaps not...
  • I doubt it, far too much risk aversion and lack of confidence to apply learned knowledge in a meaningful way when profits are not clearly evident.
  • The sad thing was Microsoft had a centralized health portal long before Apple Health kit and doctors were starting to use and recommend it. Just as it had a chance to take off they depicted it for a newer, lesser replacement, now apparently they are deprecating again for what seems like either a lesser product or no actual product. They had a chance to corner the market and squandered it.
  • That's Microsoft these days, far too much emphasis on short term profit generation. As the only way to ensure growing profits is to shut down services, soooo Microsoft appears to found a moronic loophole to their quandry. Isolate everything to the US, spend no money on marketing, cite lack of use based on telemetry and shut down the service. To the average joe, it shows that they "tried" but couldn't make a go of it but in reality it's just a ploy for short term profit generation. Then you have all the dynamics of petty office politics in the mix ergo why see subpar apps + services replacing really good apps and services. The reason why I say it's moronic, as it makes Microsoft look like fools as what does one expect... isolating a product to a single region and not market the damn product. I can see the excuse now, they are focusing on proper product launches... eh no. There are far too many contradictory statements and conflicting actions, which are the hallmarks of rampant petty office politics or the worse case scenario incompetancy at the highest level.
  • :))) because why not, why does the world need another HealthApp?? :))) Where's that delusional kid Zack here, to say that this is Fantastic! ?
  • I would suggest to change the language used over here. Like, "MS HealthVault Insight research project has ended successfully," "Machine learning FTW," and provide some insights what are the functionalities being tested. It seems like everything reported over here means to be "doom & gloom" or "seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel" themes.
  • It seems Microsoft has introduced a new KPI in the BSC - "Kill atleast 1 app/feature/device per month".
  • :)) Well, it's the only thing they are good at.