Microsoft re-invites startup Okta to sponsor Ignite conference

Microsoft has now re-invited Okta, a startup that creates software for managing employee passwords and mobile devices, to sponsor its upcoming Ignite conference after the company was recently uninvited. From Business Insider:

"We have a lot of criteria we consider when reviewing sponsorships. We revisited the historical criteria and determined that Okta qualified for sponsorship opportunities. We've reached out to Okta and look forward to seeing them at Ignite," a Microsoft spokesperson told Business Insider.

As Business Insider previously reported, Okta was "disinvited" from being a sponsor of Ignite, with Microsoft citing "broad competition between our companies in the mobility solution space" as the reason. Microsoft had informed Okta of the decision after the startup had already paid for the sponsorship slot.

Okta says that it hasn't yet committed to returning to the show since it was re-invited. Ignite is set to kick off on September 26 in Atlanta, Georgia.