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What you need to know

  • Microsoft reportedly cut several members of its MSN staff.
  • The move continues a trend by MSN to move toward AI.
  • MSN sparked controversy when AI confused two multiracial singers in the pop group Little Mix.

Microsoft is making further cuts to its MSN team, according to a recent report from GeekWire. The move continues MSN's trend of moving away from humans toward AI.

In June, Microsoft eliminated several MSN contract positions. These newly reported layoffs are for direct employees of MSN, including senior leaders of the Microsoft News editorial team, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke with GeekWire. The cuts to MSN staff come as part of Microsoft's annual fiscal year-end business review, according to GeekWire's sources.

MSN's initial move toward AI caused a stir when the service accidentally confused two multiracial singers from the pop group Little Mix. The story gained traction as it occurred soon after MSN let several human editors go.

Former MSN Money editor Bryan Joiner recently shared his thoughts on being replaced by AI. The piece goes over how Joiner believes AI can't perform the role of humans in the case of MSN.