Microsoft reportedly working on server software that will run on ARM-based chips

While Microsoft is rumored to be getting out of the Windows RT business for its ARM-based Surface tablets, a new report claims that the company is currently working on a version of its Windows server software that would run on ARM-based processors.

The report comes from Bloomberg, which cites unnamed sources. It adds that Microsoft has not made a decision yet on if it will launch the ARM-based server software to the public. If the report is true, this could allow companies that use ARM-based chips to enter the server hardware market that's been dominated by machines that use Intel's chips. HP recently launched their Moonshot servers that have ARM-based chips from AMD.


While ARM tablets using Windows RT have not proven themselves to be popular to consumers, it's possible Microsoft could find a new enterprise and business audience for the operating system with servers. Do you think Microsoft should continue Windows RT development for servers?

Source: Bloomberg

John Callaham