Microsoft sold 8.6 million Lumia phones in its Q3 2015 fiscal quarter

Microsoft announced that during its last quarter that ended on March 31 (its 2015 third fiscal quarter), it had sold 8.6 million units of its Lumia smartphones. which was an increase of 18% compared to the same period a year earlier.

Overall, revenues from phones came in at $1.4 billion for the quarter, which was down 16% compared to a year ago. Microsoft also sold 24.7 million non-Lumia phones during the quarter, which was also down compared to a year ago. Microsoft said the "market for feature phones continues to contract". Hopefully, Microsoft will offer more info on its phone business during its conference call with financial analysts later today.

Although Microsoft sold 8.6 million units of Lumia smartphones, that is down from last quarter where it sold 10.5 million.

Windows Phone revenue declined by 16% primarily due to a "higher mix of low royalty devices".

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Sales expanded but revenue declined .!! Flagship needed XD
  • Well, obtaining market share right now is a good way to increase the revenue in the future. I don't mind the strategy - it'll work in the long term as it opens up other revenue streams too. But I wholeheartedly agree about the need for a flagship. They need something that makes consumers envious.
  • Well agree with you they are basically expanding the market .!!! Well if seen from a perspective u move up step by step. !! First introduce it to the lower market make them familiar with it .!! Next step after a good market share obtained .!! Shows that platform has gained popularity and its in many cases before trying a new platform person prefers a lower amt handset to be familiar with it .!! And it will be those ppl only who are buying the lower range smartphone to buy the flagships .!! Overall to say a hidden but a long growth step ;)
  • Flagship probably wont equate to market share, which is what MS needs right now..
  • @SNpiccolo01:
    Exactly. Who wants (positive) earnings, if they can have marketshare instead...
  • The average consumer doesn't buy flagships, they buy the budget friendly phones. When you can build bigger marketshare, more people buy apps, more people buy apps, MS makes more money. When you have the capital MS has you can afford to do things this way.
  • Doesn't iPhone command like 45% of the U.S. smarthphone market and, I'm sure another massive chunk is commanded by the Samsung Galaxy, meaning that the grand majority of consumers in the most profitable market all buy flagship devices. Microsoft needs a flagship, on all carriers, with a massive marketing push.
  • Massive marketing and availability on most major carriers are the key. Microsoft is lacking at both.
  • Availability on most carriers, like all of the us carriers? I'm not sure how that's them lacking in that department.
  • Just saying iPhone and galaxy doesn't dispute people buying budget. IPhone has budget budget models and carriers sell older models. So no, your statistics do not prove that the grand majority do not purchase budget phones.
  • Thank you.
  • A flagship is definitely coming with the Windows 10 launch. If there is none... I bet the forums would crash under the tsunami of "annoyed" (to put it mildly) users. And rightly so.
  • Even the W10 phnes come in the fall, it is almost two years without a flagship except L1520 at AT&T.  The US market is a man-made disaster with their carrier exclusivity strategy.  It is not that WPs don't sell, it is they don't offer the necessary WPs for sale to all the carrier customers.
  • You'd be amazed how many people get last year's iPhone or even two years ago's if they can get it cheap or free.
  • People thay buy iPhones will not move to a Windows Phone flagship.  Microsoft is doing the right thing, we gotta be patient. Right now Surface success is more important than Lumias and Microsoft seems to be doing just fine there.   Sadly, XBOX is also a important part of the ecosystem and we have little information on how well they are doing.
  • You speak for yourself... You can choose to be patient all the time you wish but don't expect the rest of us to wait patiently for a possible flagship 'sometime' in the future.
  • Well I guess when you're an informed consumer you can afford to wait. What are you going to get out of a flagship that you can't get right now? More RAM that you wont use, a slightly better processor, and otherwise just something new in your hands. I like my upgrades to be actual upgrades. I'm not gonna go spend $600-$800 on something a tiny bit better than what I can get for half the price. Especially when the "better" is stuff that wont get used.
  • No one expect you to be patient, you have to be if you want Windows Phone to succeed. If you don't want it then you are free to buy a flagship from another company, no one cares.
  • Why you fucking americans belive its all about you?You are 300m ,the rest of us are almost 7b so we dont give a fuck about ur fuckign shit contracts and your carriers.Here in Europe we dont have such pussy ass carriers that fucks us,most phones are contract free,carrier free.How many flagships do you think americans willl buy from MS if they announce one tomorrow?I bet  no more then 100k in all America,meanwhile they sell milions of 640 like devices acros the world.You do the math now.
  • Could you have made yourself sound any more unintelligent?
  • As ill-put as his point was he does have a point. MS's home country has no love for its phone product and your carrier setup stymies growth and interest still further. Move to Europe. #ExitRedmond
  • US market potential is nowhere compared to developing countries. It's much easier to expand there than in saturated and closed-minded US market.
  • Apple is the only company that gets away with being elitist. Samsung makes phones at all price points and has for years. They also make chips and many other products. Google is challenging Apple because of years of exactly this approach that Microsoft has finally adopted
  • The IOS devices(iphones) are only about ~18% of the market last time I checked.  
  • That's globally. In the market we're talking about--the U.S.--it's much higher: 2.5-3 times that.
  • The projected sales of the Galaxy S6 increase to 70 million says otherwise Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Really, you're going to quote projected sales as a number? It's sad when you gotta use someone else's guess, that gets used to drive up stock prices, to try and make an argument.
  • Well, it's not like they're running out of money any time soon, so this strategy is working. They need to focus on increasing their market share first.
  • You need bought. You need the low end to build market share and you need a high end to generate profits. The people buying low end may eventually want to get a better phone and you need a product for them to upgrade. There currently isn't one. There are some mid level phones but no high end.
  • Bitch please.Spoiled ass brat.No high end?What about  L930 ,one of the best phones on the market?All you do its complain all the time
  • I think the real comparison must be done with the previous quarter. Sales were much higher: 9.3 millions.
    In this light results are not good at all.
    MS must absolutely release Surface phone as the next flagship. Surface is synonym of premium quality. It will pick up extra sales on the brand itself.
    Lumia for low to mid range phones.
    MS really own top notch Surface phone with W10.
  • No, that's actually a bad way to look at things. Sales should be compared to the same quarter the year prior. Seasonality makes comparing sequential quarters meaningless.
  • Comparing year ago quarter is correct way. The information what would be useful is how many devices were sold in total in the quarter (to calculate the market share). Sales can increase but if the market grows faster then increased sales is not enough. Is Lumia sales increasing faster than market. The answer is no = market share is decreasing quarter after quarter. Also, how is the mobile phones sales doing in Microsoft (other OS than WP)? Decreasing heavily so under Microsoft command the hard facts looks quite bad for the whole device business. Something is wrong in this and as shareholder I would like to see some changes in this whole device division.
  • I think there's room for both a high-end Surface phone and a high-end Lumia.  The Surface phone can be their metal phone targeted at the enterprise market (and perhaps use an Intel chip), and the high-end Lumia can be a more consumer-targeted phone with bright colors, etc.
  • Hoping for a Lumia 1530 featuring a 6-inch Quad HD 2560x1440 Clearblack LCD display, 3 GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 octa-core microprocessor, 32 GB storage, 5 MP front facing camera, 30 MP back camera, and 4,000 mAH battery. Please listen Microsoft.
  • 805, 3gb ram, high res screen... You're describing a note 4 lol I'm cool with that! I think the next flagship may be packing an Intel x3 - hopefully the camera and specs better the 1520... I live in hope.
  • Well not a 1530 but a 940 and 940 XL is in works XL 5.7 INCHES AND SIMPLE ONE BEING 5.2" octacore is expected along with almost all specs u wrote expect that Qhd maybe and rear camera expected upto 24-25mp .!!! Do bing it and u will surely find the leaks currently to make u happy ;)
  • Please, give 5mp of the camera away and demand a phase detection focus instead.  Maybe a second pair of lenses too so we can take awesome pictures.  A Lumia 1520 camera with extra 10mp will do crap to take better photos.
  • I agree. I'm not sure you know this or not, but MS is working ok 940 & 940X, which should be our fairly soon. 940xl, seems to be pretty awesome from what I'm reading. However, I waiting patiently for a killer flagship 1520 replacement, with some specs that make every iSHEEP and Android user say WOW. my idea for that would be: 1. 6 0r 6.5 inch super AMOLED+ QHD (same as Samsung S6, with same PPI) 2. 30+pix cam with 8pix in front. Capable of recording 30+ frame per sec in 4K, and slow motion, with click of a button. 3. Qualcomm 820 64bit CPU, or Samsung CPU 4. Titanium diamond cut body/frame 5. MS 3D touch they hv been working on 6. 4000+mAh battery with solar and trubo charging, along with wireless charging 7. Unbreakable screen .8. Eye and fingerprint sensors. 9. Support 256GB MicroSD 10. Laser scanner that can also scan 3D images to use on 3D printers, and for recipes or anything else you need to scan . 11. Weather sensor for temp and humidity..... 12. With windows 10 of course, which I hope will hv as much apps as iJUNK and Android, so those who think they can have 1,000,000+ apps installed on their phn, running them all at the same time, will shut up about it once and for all, so they can't hv anymore excuses as to why they are not buying windows phone (its funny, I have 120apps on my 1520, and I only use a few here and there and that's all I'll ever need or can use) well that's my wish list for now. An edgeless)/curved screen, and a surface style kick stand would be nice too imo.
  • Samsung CPU? Nope. All Windows Phone processors have been Snapdragon.
  • FYI, Qualcomm 820 snapdragon will be made with Samsung's technology(search BING for detail). The new Samsung S6 64 bit CPU, is freaking AWESOME and its rocket fast, which they have been working on for several years. Also, Samsung has a HUGE factory in Austin, TX which the produce many great semiconductors and other things. My guess Qualcomm will be working with Samsung, to help each other out as a partnership. Many comp do that, when they have close relationship. nothing wrong with that. Samsung is a GREAT comp and makes MANY things for MANY companies out there. including CrApple, since CrApple makes NOTHING WHATSOEVER and has -0- factories. If it wasn't for Samsung, CrApple would NOT exist and would NOT have that CPU, SCREEN,........on their IJUNK, that SAMSUNG designed and made for them. I LOVE Qualcomm and Samsung, combine these 2 great comanies technology, and you get a KILLER CPU that we all, will love and enjoy.  
  • 8 million is a small number ... compared to android 
  • And especially Apple..
  • Is this positive? I mean that's millions. Cant ignore millions.
  • True.. True.
  • @onysi:
    Google, Snapchat and other glory holes like them can...
  • Because they are arrogant. And arrogance can be your downfall.
  • MS aren't arrogant, they don't run on sentiment but cold hard numbers across a board of people. To attribute a single human emotion to an entity like Microsoft is very naive.
  • What I meant to say is that Google and Snapchat are arrogant for not supporting a platform with millions of users. It's not like we're BlackBerry. I see people everyday who have Windows Phones.
  • The facts are Google and Snap Chat don't see Windows as. having a significant install user base as mush as Android and iOS which for the most part is true but Google's treatment of the Windows Phone platform is shoddy and arrogant to say the least. I'm not sure about Snap Chat though.
  • same as CrApple. Hope this EVIL comp, fall on its face someday, and those brainwashed iSHEEP that fallowed the mark of the beast comp/logo, see how stupid they were wasting their money on nothing but overrated, 4 years behind other brands............. CrApple's prods.
  • Q3 2015? You mean Q1?
  • I was wondering that too
  • Me too :(
  • No, fiscal year 2015.
  • Microsoft's fiscal year begins in July
  • Right on mark lol
  • Microsoft's fiscal year doesn't start on january 1st.
  • Maybe Q3 of a 2014-15 Fiscal year that ends with Q4 June 30. New 2015-16 Fiscal year starts July 1 2015 for them?
  • That's how it is at Fedex and others. We would have to take our sick days and stuff by June xx
  • No, we mean FY Q3 2015.
  • For most companies new FY starts in July. It's right what is posted..
  • I love Microsoft Lumia.......
  • Awwweeee... We've come a long way when someone says they love MS Lumia,,, instead of Elop the Trojan horse......
  • It's spelled "Eflop", Rod. "Eflop". You should have learned it by now ;P
  • Riiiiiiiggggghht.. EFlop.... EZFlop❓
  • Just Flop Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Ill tell you what.... You don't hear much from him anymore....
    But, Nokia did put put some awesome devices under his watch. Gotta give him that.... Elop was CEO at Nokia, Nokias job was to make devices, and they did make some nice devices.... And, had it not been for WP the WHOLE place probably would've tanked back in 2012... At least Nokia is still alive.
  • Soon windows phone will be at the top of the food chain. Everyone questions the phone I have because its unique in its own respect.
  • Food chain????
  • I used the term as a figure of speech
  • Phone chain
  • Doubt it. But it never hurts to dream.
  • Can you imagine if every great thinker doubted themselves? I'm confident in what windows brings to the table.
  • Brings to the table... Food chain XD the puns hahaha
  • I am too but right now as of now Windows Phone will never be number one
  • Have to agree there as an owner of a Lumia 535 but Windows will only get better with Windows 10.
  • Yeah I don't think so bud this coming from a former WP fan boy.
  • Hummmmmm.. Someone is still interested.. That's great news.
    Now, give me a REAL 1520 succesor❗
  • +1820
  • Buy another 1520. (successor=+1) lol.
  • True.. Then I'd have 12"....
  • Actually you would need +3 to have 12"  :P
  • Ohhh, now I'm confused.. Again.
  • AMEN
  • What would be the real killer feature you'd expect from a successor?
  • All he cares about is screen size. As long as it's 6" he's placated apparently. Must be compensating. lol  
  • For me the best thing MS could possibly do is make an updated 1520 with the camera of the next 1020.. That would be killer. Amongst other things..
    1. higher resolution screen 6.1"-6.2"
    2. Cutting edge camera technology
    3. 4000MHA battery
    5. High quality stereo speakers
    6. Two, YES TWO SD card slots
    7. Two USB slots
    8. Photovoltaic display
    9. Some kind of 3D motion tech
    10. SD810, but preferably 820
    11. True multitasking with 4gb ram
    Dreaming, but why not dream big... The way I see it is that this is WINDOWS PHONE, W10❗ Our devices should be THE most capable a consumer can buy....
    Killer feature❓ How about "dual mode" where on larger Lumia's you can choose between desktop, and Mobile, just like W10 already does... If you could link to your PC by cloud, then MS would've just eliminated the need for pesky, outdated, Remote Desktop apps.. This is how we should expect MS to be thinking. Forward, instead of Limited by what a smartphone traditionally does.. MS can leave that to Apple.
  • Microsoft, please hear Rodneyej!!!! He is spot on with your next Lumia flagship WP10!
    Rodneyej, we need to tweet Joe Belfiore and let him know that Lumia fans plead for a worthy 1520 successor. A true 6-inch or 6.1 or 6.2-inch flagship successor with the specs you noted. Sure, Microsoft can also make a 5-inch or 5.1-inch counterpart, but phablet fans need a true 1520 successor.
  • Man, they could even do this on a 5" device.. Whatever....
    In order for MS to make waves they have to go far, and beyond, what the others are doing, and consistently stay many steps ahead... There's no time for hiatus now that everything is in order... I'd like to see them take chances with Lumia's, and brag about it❗ If they show confidence in themselves that's what others will react on. They just need to do Lumia BIG❗❗❗❗
    Who knows, they might even be planing a 2520 replacement.. Why should we think they aren't? Maybe their tablets less than 9" will be Lumia. Who knows. Either way Lumia needs more brand presence, especially here in the US... There needs to be enough Lumia phones, tablets, watches, and accessories to fill their own store.. Lol..... But, seriously❗
  • Already tweeted Joe, and more... Lol❗
  • A 640 with the cameras of the 640XL would suit me fine. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It does suck that you have to get the XL to have the better camera.... Like I said, I hate this two sixe fit all approach.... Nevertheless, you could just step up to a 7xx for a better camera.. You do get what you pay for..
  • #10 - SD820 is a must to support Windows Hello
  • What is Windows hello again❓ forgot.
  • I agree with you. We need a 6 inch phone minimum.
  • Oh yeah... Thanks❕
  • Yes, also Will be great if it having a 4k 6 inch screen with 3gb or 4gb ram and 64 bit Cpu ^_^
  • Yeah. That actually would be very nice... Android fans will be enjoying that soon, and WP fans should to.... What makes them better than us❓❓❓
  • +1030
  • No, no.. + 1030+1540 = 1540C
  • I'm getting a 1520. Leaving my 1020 on wp10 and keeping the 1520 on DP
  • That's a smooth idea.... I had a backup device (920), but my fiancé insist upon replacing her 4S with it.... No complaints there.
    She says the screen is huge on "her" 920... Lol. Reminds me of some of these kids around here.
  • Daniel Rubino, please arrange a meeting with Joe Belfiore and Rodneyej. Time to build a true Lumia flagship, a true 1520 successor with cutting edge specifications for Windows Phone 10.
  • Joe doesn't want to hear me bitch about marketing for 8 hours strait... He would quit.
  • I can picture Joe pulling on his bangs with Rodney's marketing frustration.
  • Lol... Bangs... He'd be like, "OK, ok❗.. Well make a 6.3" Lumia, and market the shit out of it. Just take ten 1520's and be on your way""""
  • Yes for a new true flagship device, but it should be a 930 successor with an updated version of the 1020s camera, and alongside that release a new phablet to be the successor for the 1520. Then we have a killer flagship and killer phablet to square off against the 6/6+ and SG6/Note.
  • You said it almost perfectly.... But, I would also like the camera of the "1040" on the "1540".....
    This camera would be way to good to waste on just one form factor... I would even say that MS/ATT could provide this device at $250 on contract... Anyone who wants a new 1520 would still go for it... If it's so niche then let us take up the cost...
  • The more "internal" components that were used on both the better as this would surely help on the gross margin side of things as well. But even with a "lower" camera, that could be offset by the phablet supporting pen input so the larger screen size makes it useful for note taking etc. Oh and I like one of the other suggestions about using the Surface branding on the 2 high end phones. The Surface Phone Pro for the flagship (it is the flagship after all) and the Surface Phone Note or something like that for the phablet.
  • If the phones share the same internals then why wouldn't they both fall under pro❓Use that branding to sell both.... I sense some biase in your comments.
    Another thing... I'm not trying to sit here and literally come up with a plan for MS. They already have people that get paid to do that.... I'm just stating what I want, with no limitations. That's all. Just my ideal device... Whatever MS is going to do is already set in stone by now, so it really doesn't matter.... At this point it's just better for me to dream about my perfect device.... Lol. Like I'm literally going to dream about it. Lol❗
  • The branding difference because they are 2 different phones. It would cause total confusion if there where 2 phones with identical branding. Maybe go down the XL path then and because only the 2 top end phones would use the name it could be the Surface Phone and Surface Phone XL. Also use Surface style Vapor Mag casings to give them that high end feel and sense of quality.
  • Now you're talking❗❗❗ Sounds good.
  • Let's hope sales and profit increase faster after Windows 10 ships with new flagships...
  • My new Lumia 830 approves of this news!
  • +840... Coming soon ;)
  • +650
  • Hahahahah XD
  • It's just something to play around with until the Surface phone is reasonably priced in 2016.
  • Patiently waiting for the 640 xl to give my 1520 a Break.
  • Are you serious?
  • I hope investors tell them to stop making budget phones
  • What investors??
  • The millions of investors that own stock in Microsoft.
  • Millions of investors owning stock don't make decisions. It's the board of directors and or people owning very large stocks.
  • Actually yes they do. Every investor has a say in the company. Most have very little, that's true, but as an investor you can proxy your vote to others. Your responsibility in that aspect is to proxy your vote to someone that shares your views. Same thing as politics really.
  • Those budget phones will attract new users to windows phone and maybe get them Interested in the upcoming flagships.
  • Exactly. If you want something/someone on your side, you'd either give things for free or give things without profit. That's what MSFT is doing, lately.
  • You mean budget Lumia phones or the mobile phones which run with other OS than WP and which were sold around 4 times as many as Lumia devices? Although declining sales as Microsoft announced last autumn that they will focus on Lumia and drop the other devices they sold 4 times more and were profitable compared to loss making Lumia branded devices. It seems that Lumia devices and billions of investments haven't reached the sales that the markets were expecting and surely Microsoft was expecting. How long will Microsoft continue this time? In past they have tried with other manufactures e.g. Ericsson which was at the time one of the biggest in the market.
  • People are blind about Windows Platform...many people do not have any information about Windows Platform they just heard about hangroid... 80% are NOOB...
  • Can you try that again, only make sense this time. I understand if you're not a Windows Phone fan, but your comment really makes zero sense.
  • Cry more Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The failure of the platform is not related to a missing flagship. I've used both the HTC One M8 for Windows and Android along with an iPhone 5S, LG G3 and my main phone for over a year was a Lumia 1020. Incredibly enough i've settled on a Lumia 830. Its build quality is incredible and the low PPI is not an issue with the help of ClearBlack. The problem is carrier employees hate Microsoft for some damn reason and steer customers away from the platform at all costs. This has been the case from the very beginning. We've had more than our fair share of flagships and they have gone nowhere. I've seen AT&T employees talk customers out of buying a Lumia 1520 and talk them into a Note 3 because "Windows Phone is a joke" literally this guy said... with that kind of help... Yeah.
  • If I worked at the att store I'd be selling nothing but lumias. I'd be without a job by the end of the day.
  • Its a sad fact that carriers oriented countries have problems related at root level via sellers .!!!
  • I agree, ee really push iphone and Samsung devices , 02 are as bad not sure about Vodafone. But smaller networks seem to be fairly level on devices.
    Its also the store assistants bought a 520 for my son, the assistant was trying to dissuade with bogus facts I kept correcting him and proving it could do exactly what he said it couldn't.
  • Three are just as bad claiming to be "No 1. For iPhone as well as promoting various Android phones like the. Samsung Galaxy S6. I remember Vodafone pushing the Lumia 1020 when it was released in the UK.
  • They tried that to my GF a few months ago. I found another sales person and told that guy he lost a sale.
  • Carrier employees steer people towards popular phones that they know sell well. Their objective is to get you in the door, sell you a phone, and get you back out the door as quickly as possible. Don't ever expect them to spend extra time teaching the public about how great Windows Phone is. They'll do what's easiest for them every time. 
  • Exactly. I work at a carrier retail store in Holland, and as much as I'd like to sell Lumias to everyone, there is just no way I will make that happen. My objective is to sell contracts, the phone does not matter much. To many people, iPhones or Samsungs are the only options they consider. I can't afford wasting time trying to convince them that WP might suit them better, and often I wouldn't even want to think about the complaints I would receive when people find out that apps like Snapchat are not available after buying a Lumia because of my advice. When I spot customers who might be better off with a Lumia, I do my best to promote WP, but in many cases, there is just no way that it would work.  I love WP, but right now I just can't recommend it to everyone. 
  • What is so fucking great about this snapchat?I dont even know what the fuck it is...Its something people cant live without?
  • This 100 times over. But in their defense, they have tried selling but the customer's perception of the App-gap coupled with the fact NO accessory makers jumped on to the Windows Phone bandwagon really hurt. From the kiosks I've taken polls at in Canada (Telus/Bell/Fido/SaskTel/Rogers), 40% of WIndows Phones sold are returned within the 14-day(100Minute) grace period citing no apps or 'cute cases' as reasons for the returns. Everyone I sold a Windows Phone to is in fact, still using it.  
  • That is not all true.  Keep in mind that this "carrier" problem only happens in USA.  If that was the only problem, we would see Lumias dominating in the rest of the world. In Brazil, for instance, Android has 91% marketshare, iOS about 4% and WP also around 4%. We bought millions of cheap android phones from China (I mean REALLY cheap phones, like $30 unbranded android phones). The vast majority of people with money loves Apple, its status, so the rich get iPhones and the rest get cheap androids. The best thing Microsoft did was create Lumia 435 and Lumia 535. Lumia 630 was a good phone but too "equal" to android phones in spec and price that the lack of apps drove costumers away. Lumia 435 is a really cheap phone and 535 has really better specs than Android phones in the same price range.  Those are on the right track, finally!
  • Finaly someone gets it.We ,the rest of the world are 7b strong and we dont have such lame carriers as USA
  • Advert, Advert, Adverts!!!!! This cannot be over emphasised. What made the Samsung S3 sell so well was the Ads. People feel cool when they see their phone being advertised on a premium channel on TV. MS tell the world what your phones can do.
  • Exactly
  • Yeah instead of Cortana vs Siri ads
  • I really liked the cortana vs siri ads. They were very clever.  
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing. P.S. marketing is more than adverts, every single thing people hear, see or touch from Apple is well thought out marketing, that is how you do it
  • Samsung and Apple spend tons in marketing. Microsoft is not doing the same for Windows Phone. Only see Surface ads.
  • Microsoft Must Makes more advertisements in Middle east Like the Other Companies ( Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple ... )
  • 8 million? And companies like SnapChat are ignoring this? Whatever.
  • :(
  • They don't see 8 million as a large number when Apple sold 60 million last quarter. God only knows what all the Android vendors combined sold last quarter as well. 
  • Still isn't a number to scoff at.
  • Well it is in a sense as the majority of sales of low-end devices generate very few App sales. People with upper-mid and flagship devices buy the vast majority of Apps
  • You could extrapolate since WP share has dropped to 2.3 globally.  
  • But those 8 Million are comprised of buyers of low end <$100 devices in emerging markets, who rarely use apps, never pay for apps, and more importantly for companies like Snapchat, aren't part of a valuable advertising marketing segment even in free apps. If you're buying a Lumia 435, you're basically using it as a flip phone replacement.  App developers don't give a fig about that consumer segment.  
  • Hmm maybe a smart phone with a price tag under $30 will sell like a low cost android phone like the zte zinger
  • Well, no surprise that the sales are down. No more Christmas to boost sales.
  • Sales are slightly up year over year, but revenue is down.  This is the consequence of having only budget phones to offer.  Microsoft probably loses money on every Lumia device that they sell.
  • And yet many bloggers still questioning why Microsoft bought Nokia phone division.  This is why. 8.6 million devices is a lot of users in such a competitive market like smartphones.  This means Windows Phone will keep being supported for years to come. I'm just waiting for a next Lumia flagship to be my next phone for next Holiday season.
  • Revenue is 1400 million.
    Total phone sold is 33.3 million
    Average price of phone = 140/33.3
    I.e 42 USD. That shows the lack of flagship. An average Microsoft phone comes so cheap.
  • For $49 that Lumia 635 is an awesome little phone!
  • Any numbers on how much they sold by region?  That's the real story.
  • Just imagine if Verizon actually had some to sale.
  • 33.3 million phones in one quarter is a lot! Have to wonder how many iPhones sold in the same period for devs to continue to ignore the platform.
  • It's 8.3 million for the quarter, not 33.3 million. Apple did almost 75 million iPhones last quarter (the busy holiday quarter) and will probably do close to 60 million this quarter as iPhone 6/6s demand has stayed high.
  • 8.3 Lumia + 24.7 non-Lumia phones = 33.3 million but I guess that 24.7 is feature phones not Windows phones :(
  • The 24.7 million were feature phones, basically the old Nokia feature phone business.
  • It's the feature phone business, the kind of simple Nokia device that you can pick in an emerging market flea market for the equivalent of $20. It's great for the end users, but it's a crappy business to be in for a company like Microsoft that makes their margin on software sold, not hardware sales; those folks are never graduating to flagship Lumia devices, and they certainly aren't using apps.
  • The last iPhone 6 numbers I read was 75 million in one quarter. Which is astronomical. 
  • Sad for Microsoft hope they do better with windows 10
  • Yet, NOKIA brand is working
  • Let's be honest, that is terrible.  These are all cheap devices and revenues look terrible. selling a bunch of cheap things is not a winner.  Market share is slipping as a % of market and is now exclusively low end.  WP is being pushed further and further into the phone ghetto. 
  • Wrong. Slow and steady wins the race!
  • Yeah, no.  Iphone and Android seem to have won the race by being fast and selling a ton of devices.  During that time MS has dragged and dipped and is becoming a ghettoized platform exclusively for people who can't afford iOS or Samsung and don't have enough disposable income to interest devs.  And by the way, slow and steady wins the race is a terrible and wrong saying.  Whoever invented this (Aeosop?) never watched a race. 
  • I agree, it's the road to nowhere.  The only Lumia devices on offer now are exclusively low end budget, and the brand is now identified as a 'budget brand'. Good luck changing that back with a flagship.  Once your brand name is known for selling in blister packs in bodegas, there's no taking that back.    Which is why any future flagship would need to have the Surface brand to set itself apart.
  • Hello. Global smartphone market share has actually increased from less 3% a couple of years ago to nearly 5% now. That is at a time where there has been an explosion in overall market size with chineses manufacturers selling top-speced android phones at entry level prices. Only if you compare the 'smartphone' market within the US, you will say it has gone down, but the market is a whole lot bigger than that. For US share to grow MS will have to wait till Windows 10 and latest flagship device hits the stores though.
  • ... for those who think Surfaces branding is a panacea for WP's ills, its too simplistic. What's the market share of Surfaces in the laptops/tablets grouping? In my region, people may have seen Lumias but few would have handled one.
    Here's my story.... I visit several shopping centers here in Kota Kinabalu. Getting a WP on a telcos contract? No way. None of our telcos have them. You have to buy your Lumia full-price, that is if you can find a shop that's sells them.
    Which brings me to the sales reps. I was looking at the newest Vivo phone, slim and shiny. The rep showed me it has double tap. RAM management. Pictures taken in lowlight with camera app which is a complete rip-off of our beloved Lumia Camera app. Basically, the rep knows his phones in his sales pitch.
    Then in another shop, there was counter with several Lumia displayed. 535, 630, 830, 930... all still in cling wrap. I asked the rep if they have the 640/XL. They don't know it exited. I told them I've been using a 920 for two years and it never failed on me.
    He said "Windows Phones are for business. Does it have Whatsapp?"...
    WTF..... that, in a nutshell, is why WP is where it is now... its a rough ride. Still, I'm in for the long haul..
  • I think having Microsoft stores will have an impact on Australia, If you go to buy a phone telcos all say don't touch windows and try push Samsung or iphone, even tried to talk me out of buying WP and its not just one store.
  • It's been happening here in the US for years...
  • That's because they know how immature WP is as compared to Android or ios. They are just being kind. I mean, if WP is really doing so well, consumers will flock to get them without the neeed of Telco telling them.
  • WP will be a loss leader for some time. MSFT can go the distance because patent fees from Android ($1 Billion+) help to offset some of these losses. Also WP is a cheap entry way for iOS and Android users to sample WP and try some of other MSFT fee based services.
  • It's a good strategy to gain market shares started from low end.. OS is the unique selling point of WP. Ppl mostly attached to OS rather than a brand
  • That's pathetic. No wonder no devs want to develop for Windows phones.
  • Re chmun77,
  • In San Francisco at the moment and in the last 4 days I have been here not a single Windows Phone mention anywhere.
    Pathetic marketing and that's being lenient. MS are a joke!!!!
  • Both the sales as well as revenues will go up in next quarter. 640 and 640XL are only getting sold in this quarter along with 540. Even the ultra cheap 435, 532 were not there for full quarter.  The feature phone market is indeed going down and MS is doing the right thing by reducing price of entry level devices to capture that erosion. The end of the year (i.e. calendar year 2015) should see both revenue and sales pick up significantly when windows 10 devices are available across the globe.
  • And btw . After microsoft bought nokia.. Non new  lumia have been sold here in lebanon.. After 1520 ..They said... No agent for nokia here 
  • Wow, how many more years of dismal results before MS get their WP act together. Next year, next year, next year. the time is now or never.
  • Thanks for sharing wonderful information
  • Waiting for lumia 1530 with 6 inch display...
  • IMO, Microsoft should always have a new feature phone. It was mentioned in an earlier comment that people who want a budget iPhone just buys the last model or the one before it. That is why they always create a feature phone (besides the C). With WP, older apps many times don't work on the newer or apps that were created for the newer don't work on the older. This is why Apple keeps making money and can charge a premium price. They make the developers fit their phones, not make phones to fit the apps.
    So, if MS always had a feature phone and the apps would still work (even though new phone updates), then people wouldn't mind buying last years model (if they want a cheaper phone).
    I got burned like many others for purchasing a Lumia with WP7 and within 6 months they updated the OS to WP8. The developers were making apps that would only work on the new OS. I not blaming the developers, they have to keep up with the OS, but they should be encouraged to make the apps backwards compatible. But if MS doesn't support the old equipment, then why should they. It is a catch 22. If MS changed their business model I would still purchase the new one and could sell my old one. But if I was a new customer, I could buy the old one and feel confident that it wouldn't be a waste of money. This could save MS money but not having to make so many new phones out of necessity. I am not an Apple fan, but they have been pretty successful with making mostly feature phones. I am not saying that MS should not have a low cost model, but new, old, feature, and low end models should be able to use the apps. Plus people should feel confident that the product will have some longevity to it. This would make people happy who want a feature phone and for those on a budget.
  • Biometric authentication is the need of the hour and Microsoft must try to implement it in the phone. Finger print sensor in apple is good example of this.
  • Apple isn't successful because of their phone. Their device has mid range specs but their iOS is made specifically for their hardware and Apple's success is based out of how they cater to other business like Mophie (Battery cases), Otterbox (Cases), etc. Microsoft has changed their plan and they'll be fine. They might not be "killing" it in the US but I bet my butt they're doing more than well elsewhere.
  • Of course, this is nothing compared to the 50 million iPhones sold by Apple each quarter, or 100 million Android, but there's a nice progression.     ______________________________ galaxy s5 prix prix galaxy s6
  • 8 million of anything is a big number. Even if the iPhone is selling 3 billion phones per quarter, who cares. Whoever buys WP is for the love of the platform, but whoever buys an iPhone does it for popularity points even if they hate it. It's like buying a Ford Taurus, which was not the best looking or the most expensive car, but you knew it was reliable. Kudos to Microsoft for not giving a damn, and still caring for 2% of us WP lovers.