Report: Microsoft working on Xbox Surface 7-inch gaming tablet

Microsoft is planning its own 7" gaming tablet, according to a report over at The Verge. Sources familiar with Redmond plans have stated the company has already begun building said device. Specifications for an 'Xbox Surface tablet' were leaked back in June, before Microsoft's Surface family of tablets were announced.

The Verge has been informed that specifications leaked previously are in fact accurate and will be featured in the Xbox Surface gaming tablet.

Xbox Surface Specs

The Xbox Surface is believed to be built primarily for gaming tasks and processing. This will see Microsoft pack a punch with a fully capable ARM processor, RAM and board to boot. Sources indicate specifications could be altered to house an unannounced Intel SoC and the tablet is being developed without a specific hardware architecture in mind.

As one would expect with such a product from the company, the Xbox Surface will most than likely run a customised operating system to take full advantage of available power for titles to be played. We wouldn't be surprised to see some degree of Xbox and Windows integration to be present with SmartGlass, Messenger, and more.

Rum: 7

Microsoft has built a secret hardware production process for its Surface tablets that have hit the market (the RT version has anyway) and sources have revealed the same factory will manufacturer the Xbox Surface. However, future Xbox consoles will continue to be mass produced by companies such as Pegatron or Foxconn.

The Verge has also been informed that part of the Xbox Surface is being developed at Microsoft's compound in Silicon Valley. The company has been reported to have locked down several Xbox-related buildings, limiting employee access. This could well be due to the company's increase in testing of the Xbox Surface tablet.

Microsoft was asked to comment on the reports, but of course declined to provide any detail on rumours or speculation. Exciting times ahead, that's for sure. Do you believe there's room for an Xbox tablet?

via: The Verge

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