Motorola CEO Ed Zander: QUITR

Ed Zander wearing some RAZRWIRE glasses

Ed Zander will be stepping down as CEO of MOTROLA. He'll be replaced next month by GRG BRWN, who is currently the COO and PRSDNT. ZNDR will stay on the BORD for a few MNTHS after his RZIGNASHN. The money quote:

"Next year marks my 40th year in the technology industry. This is the right time for me to move on to the next phase in my life and spend more time with my money."

At this point I'd like to raise the possibility that I may have misquoted him. I've purchased 2 RAZRs -- they were great phones with cruddy software. If the software would have been great on those RAZRs, I'd have not jumped ship to their competitor's featurephones and I would have strongly considered a MOTO smartphone. Because of that bad software experience (and everything I read about their Q), I just blindly assume that their software sucks now. I hear some positive things about the new Q that has 3 letters -- QRS? QZX? Not enough good things to want one or to listen attentively when someone adamantly insists that they've gotten better.

WC Staff