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MWC 11 snubs Windows Phone 7: no official app

We're prepping for our 4k mile hike to the Mobile World Congress and just received an email about the official phone app for the event. Perhaps not too surprisingly, Windows Phone 7 is left off of the compatibility list, with out guess being that MWC/ did not feel it was popular enough. (Boo, hiss)

Two thoughts though: with Ballmer giving a keynote, dealing with Windows Phone 7, this kind of looks a bit unimpressive. Second, Microsoft should have commissioned someone to do it for them (like they did with the upcoming MIX 11)--though perhaps MWC would have been too daunting a task.

The good news is Windows Mobile 6 is covered, which means we just dusted off our LG eXpo for the event (1GHz baby! Resistive screen, eck!). But we just had a sad thinking we need to cover this event using a Windows Mobile device. That and our Twikini is dead.

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  • MWC should have pressured MS to do something ... this is a LOSER moment for both parties.Ballmer should have a cute reference or two in his keynote, eh?
  • It's not MWC's fault that there are more users w/ WM6.x than WP7. That's MS's fault. They left out too much stuff for most who use WM6.x to jump ship yet.
  • moTweets from Panoramic is way better than Twikini. I recommend it.
  • yeah, moTweets was my backup. I like Twikin's simplicity :-/
  • Is WP7 becoming a joke in the mobile world? or is MS the joke? something isn't right here.
  • They're probably just waiting until next year to see if WP7 does anything in the market. Other than some tech journalists saying it's neat, it hasn't really got any legs yet. If consumers start buying it, maybe they'll create an app for it -- probably memories of the Kin device are a little to recent :(
  • nope app just came out. Lol
  • yeah there is an official app now
  • update the story