Mystery Smartphone Intrigues, Tempts, Mocks, Smells like Palm

Engdaget posts up this mysterious device that seems customs designed to mock yours-truly. Why's that, in this week's WMExperts Podcast (coming soon), Mal and I describe what our ideal Windows Mobile form factors might be and I described the above device exactly. It matches it so exactly that I'm feeling a little creeped out right about now.

It's not outside the realm of possibility that the above could end up as a Windows Mobile device -- we see tell-tale soft-buttons on the bottom. More tellingly - a close look at the keyboard reveals it to have not only the same layout but the same button placement as Palm's recent smartphones -- the Treo Pro and the Centro. Seriously, click the image at right to see a full-sized comparison. This could be a prototype for Palm's upcoming Linux-based system, but I'm getting a Windows Mobile vibe off of this, and it's a vibe I'm starting to dig.

Update: At TreoCentral we hear rumblings of codename 'Roteo'

WC Staff
  • Hey Dieter,
    this phone should've been used in the iron man movie not a verizon phone with no 3G video call, and its CDMA which only works here in the US not in Afghanistan
    long time man
    slow news week..
  • Holy Frak!
    Gotta figure it'll be called the Roto?
    (Or is that Herbie from the old FF cartoon?)
  • Take a look at the actual source of the photos, when translated into english:
    Basically it's a failed UMPC prototype.
    In regards to the rumored codename of "Roteo", it appears that it was said by a forum poster on TreoCentral in regards to:
    While that does share some similarities, there are numerous differences too.
    As much as I wish Palm were this innovative, I think we're seeing things based on some coincidences.