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Microsoft Lumia phones bested only by Apple and Samsung in holiday sales

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, and its Lumia phones, may have been bested only by Apple and Samsung in holiday sales. According to a new research report, during the week of December 19-25, new activations of those phones accounted for 5.8% of all smartphones worldwide, placing Microsoft in third place ahead of every other smartphone maker aside from Apple and Samsung.

The report comes from Flurry, which got its information based on the over 600,000 apps that it tracks with its analytics services. Apple's devices were first with 51.3% and Samsung's products came in second with 17.7%. Microsoft's Lumia phones were ahead of companies like Sony, which had 1.6% for fourth place, and LG with 1.4%. Flurry added:

"Up-and-comers Xiaomi, Huawei, and HTC all had less than one percent share on Christmas Day. One reason is surely their popularity in Asian markets where December 25th is not the biggest gift-giving day of the year."

The report doesn't state what specific Lumia devices were being activated the most during Christmas week. Hopefully we will learn more when Microsoft reveals its sales number for its Lumia devices in January as part of its latest quarterly financial results.

Source: Flurry

  • So pretty much everything
  • Lol....what he said x2
  • Lol
  • Haha. Damn, beat me to it.
  • Everything except HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, and I guess I'll throw Blackberry in there too.
  • Exactly: "only by" is almost all the market share. I'm a WP user, but I don't like fanboys and this title sounds so fanboyish to me.
  • Surely because of amazing deals on devices like the 635. Good news.
  • Yeah, $35 off contract phone? Sales top all else, story at 11. Duh.
  • That's the success story behind Android; as long as market share and sales keep growing.
  • Android reached/surpassed market saturation. Downhill from here.
  • Hopefully though, its like wishing for windows pc sales to get beaten by mac or linux. But maybe slow and steady will win the race. I just hope its not too slow.
  • totaslly agree tohugh i think the term so slow is actually here now.  Windows to me is my favorite platform and thats coming from iphones, i hope the windows 8 stigma from the desktop is cleared out with windows 10 intro cause that could be all that needed now.
  • I guess, but android still commands a vast majority of the market, by far. Downhill or not, they're popular.
  • Three people in the office showed up with new Lumia 1520s. And I believe two of them were Galaxy owners.
  • Smart move = Smart guy.
  • Was this in the United States or over seas?...The U.S. Windows phone community is very small and I could never imagine that happening where I work and I always praise Windows phones...There's just too many people that aren't willing to try something that's not mainstream like the iPhone or Galaxy's.
  • Can I come and work in your office?
  • Lol I keep telling people HTC is not something people are wanting :P
    I know for our family we had a few Lumia 830 and a 730/735 passed around and finally got my step dad off the HTC 8x and onto an unlocked 930. I'm sure most sold were low end Lumia like the 630/635, 530, and even 520.
  • Using unlocked 930, had both 925 & 8x also still have a 1020. While I miss the 1020 camera and the looks it brought I love this phone
  • I want the 930 but i love my 1520 :)
  • I have a 1520 for my personal phone and a 930 for my work phone. For non phone/message use, I use both equally but for different things. Both great phones. If I could only have one, the 1520 would win out.
  • Totally in the same boat. I sent in my 930 to repair screen so was using 1020 for a while, happy to say 1020 still rocks it. Bought both kids 530's for Christmas, on sale for $39 here in aus. Locked but they use them like an iPod Touch
  • I have a HTC 8X and except for the battery and lack of SD slot it is a great phone. Even so it is acceptable.
  • If true and fully accurate of the real picture (which I hope), then the Huawei CEO can do himself a favour and find a sock, and then, stuff it down his pipe
  • True true, Windows Phones don't sell my derriere.
  • True indeed. If they did, they'd be writing cheques your derriere can't cash. 
  • There's a difference between selling many phones and making money out of them. NO company makes money on low end devices. Every low end device is sold at a loss. That's why Apple doesn't do a cheap-iPhone (even though, objectively, an iPhone is a mid-range device). When Huawei CEO says that no one makes money on WP, he's not wrong. For anyone to make money on WP they would have to sell high end devices a hell of a lot more than they do. And I think you can count with the fingers on your right hand the number of WP flagships.
  • Tell that to Android manufacturers too... Android has a lower price per unit sold.
  • Android manufacturers are quite aware of that ;) Why do you think every Android OEM has a flagship (or more than one)? Also, if you notice, Android OEMs only promote their flagships. Samsung promoted the Note ans S5, Sony the Z3 line, HTC the M8, LG the LG G3 etc. Samsung's profits don't come from their cheap phones. They come from the Notes and S's they sell. Sony's profits only come from their Z line (which is why they're reestructuring their low end offerings and considering simple elimination of that category). Microsoft on the other hand is only focusing on, producing and promoting low end devices.
  • Promoting the flagship gets folks to recognize the cheap shit. Doesn't matter how crappy a cheap samsung phone can be. As long as it has a galaxy moniker on it, buyers will think they're getting quality product at a great price. I think this is where MS fails on marketing. Marketing doesn't mean MS does all by themselves. The tech bloggers, industry analysts, and consumers must be involved. Right now, the industry and WP enthusiasts are crying out for three flagship replacements: L920, 1020, and 1520. Get these folks to talk positive about Lumias and the rest is history. And I hope they got rid of the guy who started the scroogle campaign. Just more ammunition for google not to support WP.
  • Well yeah the 920 and 1020 need replacements but the 1520 is fine
  •  Android OEMs only promote their flagships.  Right.   And the carriers advertise the low end, because it gives them a higher ARPU with lower risk than maintaining the loan for the life of the contract.
  • I'm sure HTC and Samsung don't lose on their phones especially the m8 since it is essentially the same exact hardware instead of a complete design to the android version.
  • Oh they do, believe me, they do. HTC loses because they don't really promote any of their phones. Also, the M8 for Windows is only available in the US, a market that's a duopoly of Apple/Samsung. Samsung makes profits on their high end devices. Their low end devices are sold at a loss. Luckily for Samsung, the profits from their high end line are enough to cover the costs of the cheaper phones that they use to entice customers into their brand.
  • MS actually has a chance to sell its low end devices at break even, or more, if they play their cards right... They have something that other OEM's, besides Apple, don't... Services❗
    MS needs to seriously pull their heads out if their ass, and let the Surface team take over WP.. Lol❗ Right❓
  • But Apple has iTunes......
  • They have a really tight ecosystem that a lot of people love.. That's a huge selling point...
  • Windows on phones doesn't need to be profitable right now, it needs market share, and I think MS realizes this right now and is willing to go profit free for the short term.
  • The short term is about up.. Lol. 5 years!.. 5% market share❓
    At some point WE as fans need to pull our heads out OUR asses lol, and stop making up sorry excuses for MS's shortcomings..
    Apple, Samsung, and google, can do it, but MS doesn't need too.... BS, and that's not what MS thinks.. Nobody outside of WPSheep are going to fall for that... Im not trying to be rude, but I don't want to foster this kind of thinking because it doesn't help the community, passion, and eventually feedback that MS should be bombarded by... We should always expect more❗
  • I think you will have to agree that the U.S. is a unique market in that carriers are subsidizing the high end phones, which makes them affordable to the masses. Therefore, Apple and the Samsung Galaxy lines are cashing in. Internationally where subsidizes are lacking the Apple and Galaxy lines are luxuries and their respective market shares are nowhere near what they are in the US. In fact, it is the low-end Android devices that dominate in the worldwide market. I think MSFT is taking the right approach, especially in the US, and no they are not going to get there overnight, they are going to have to be persistent. They know that the carriers are not going give them the same advantages as the two “superpowers”, however I believe that they are hedging their bets on two things. One that they increase market share through selling low end devices at a breakeven point or a slight lose to attract the carriers, and two, wait for the day that carrier subsidizes end, and then they can compete on an even playing field. For example, consider the tablet market or the PC market. I too would like to see MSFT accelerate their market share and offer the high-end devices that we all covet, but challenging the established high-end market is far too risky for a successful company that has been in existence for over forty years.
  • I see you.. That's a good point about the current situation, and how it's playing out...
    Personally that argument sounds a little passive to me, and I think that a well established company should be able to take some bigger "risk" to get ahead... I guess risk is a bad word.. MS needs to be more aggressive in their approach to WP... But, now that they control the hardware maybe that will allow them to be... We'll just have to wait and see.
  • I'm on WP because I hate android or apple. I'm not here because someone foresees great days ahead.
  • The number of flagships may be calculated on ones right hand, ending with the middle finger still raised for 2014.
  • Lol❗❗❗❗❗⬆⬆⬆his.
  • Apple certainly isn't mid tier. Just because it doesn't conform to the standards of other high end smart phones doesnt mean it's on low end of high end.. Still powerful phones. I don't see a S5 for example run at its Max 2.5 GHZ than a couple of seconds. They normally run 1.2 GHZ. The irony Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The iP6 still benches higher than even that new super Droid Turbo, which has ground breaking specs... Lol! Android........ It's all about the software being optimized for the hardware, and now MS can do this in ways they couldn't before....
    Check out basmark OS..
  • yeh 1 the 930 thats the onlky flagship.  the 1520 is a phablet and the 830 is a mid ranged phone, all great phones but 930 is the fflagship so yeh i totally agree.
  • This may back up what the Huawei CEO was complaining about. With Nokia (now Microsoft) taking a lions share of activations if this report is anything to go by, where does that leave Prestigio, Archos, Blu, Micromax, Samsung, HTC (and others) in regards to succeeding as a WP OEM? Fighting over a miniscule part of a tiny percentage of market share seems futile.
  • Sales ??' that is activations on one single day!!!
  • It says Dec. 19-25.
  • Actually it's "activations worldwide Flurry recognized in the week leading up to and including Christmas Day (December 19th - 25th)." So more than one day.
  • If Samsung really only managed 17.7, Microsoft's 5.8 is pretty respectable.
  • I guess these numbers include ipads and other tablets, wich is lowering MS numbers A LOT.
  • MS Lumia with Windows Phone 10
  • Lol❗ Yes, that's what we're all waiting for.
  • Not gonna make a fuckin difference except to people like us. People are entrenched. Anybody learn any marketing...rod, don't get started.
  • Lol.. Too late.
  • You all said that when you were waiting for 8 then 8.1. No one cares.
  • My ex girlfriend (who I'm still friends with) just activated a Lumia 830 to match mine! Lol
  • That's dangerous, pal.
  • Lol especially because he needed to make a note of it for justification. Tread lightly sir.
  • LOL
  • Ahahah
  • I know this guy IRL. S'all cool. We're a mismatched collection.
  • Are you the ex?
  • Now that she has a Lumia 830 she'll learn how to use it, making it a lot easier for her to go through your phone! My advice use a different phone OS from your (ex) lady. The more ignorant she is to your device, the better.
  • I predict the two of you will get back together.
  • Hey Cortana, remind me to buy flowers from nearest supermarket, for my ex girlfriend in hopes of getting back together!
  • Whatever makes you feel better MS...
    I hope they seriously ramp up development, and production, and I'm sure they will, but until then they need to try harder, and harder, to flood the market..
  • More users means more attention. More attention means more development. More development means more features. Microsoft HAS to make money first or they'll go the Blackberry-way.
  • More features means more users! And the circle of life continues
  • More features doesn't mean more shit if nobody knows about them....
    Marketing a terrific product to hell means more users... No matter how good a product is it isn't going to sell if it's tossed aside by stores, and marketing isn't getting the average consumer's attention... These are all MS's issues to solve.. MS is the only one that can make it happen....
    If being a good product, and having more features, made for a successful product, then WP8.1 should've doubled WP's market share... But, it doesn't work that way, and that's wishful thinking.... The reality is that relative to its competition WP has failed, even with a very good experience for those who have been open minded enough to give it a chance.... Like I said, the only way MS will get taken seriously, or anywhere with WP, is to hit it up from every angle 200% harder than ever before.... And, you better believe that, my friends❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Rod. It's my guess that MS are going to market the hell out of MICROSOFT Lumias... They want people to forget about Nokia asap....
  • Lol! I hope you're right.
  • Actually, I think its the other way around. More users = more useless features. I'm ok with ms having a small niche market. When ms starts focusing on features like IR for tv ill revert back to a flip phone.
    I say they should focus on app\os optimization, new battery technology, ECT....
    Untill then, new features will be gimmicky and only used for sales promotion.
  • I see your point... I think WP is to a point where feature set isn't a serious issue anymore... Refinement, and innovation, are critical... Apple doesn't do a lot of crazy things, and they are always making strides... But, features aren't bad, nothing wrong with IR blasters... And, like I said, MS needs to do EVERYTHING better, faster, and at a higher rate, to finally get somewhere...
    At this point I wouldn't disagree with anyone's ideas because WP could use a lot of everything in one way or another.
  • MS is focusing on apps.  Windows 10 should dramatically improve the WP app ecosystem because it will be the WinTel x86 ecosystem.
  • Either way they need to make it happen by doing much more of everything... They need to hit every angle much harder than in previous years, especially with W10... Marketing is critical, and it's time, or been past time, they finally get it right for phone... I know they can do it because they have done a great job with Surface, and Xbox... IOW, MS needs to give WP the same amount of attention as XB, and Surface... It just has to happen this coming year, or nobody will ever have faith in WP going forward... 2015, and W10, is really MS's last chance to be taken seriously in mobile...
  • Agreed. I'm hoping that with Windows 10, "this time it will be different." At the same time, not holding my breath...
  • Yep❗
  • Who cares I know who's side I'm on
  • Poor marketing & when you try buying from online store they inform you that you have to be in the USA...JOKE THING
  • We need a big time flagship phone. Something that would put everything to rest!!
  • Releasing a flagship when there is no new hardware available?
  • The samsung note 4 has a really nice radio. Also the snapdragon 810 is faster and uses less power. The radio would be the biggest difference, but the processor would be nice. Also adding a stylus to the 1520 would be nice too.
  • seems for some reason the 1520 has reached the end of the line, with nobody restocking. the 1020 has reached that already with no new stock. Hopefully this means we will see a couple new phones around march time with gdr2, the 1330 and hopefully a big boys toy too.
  • The hardware would have to be available in order to release the flagship.
  • Exactly, something like an SP3 in a phone. Lol.
  • Or a handheld Xbox lol!
  • Am seeing more Microsoft Lumia 535 near my locality while traveling in bus.... Most of people are buying it. And surely 535 had played much better role similar to 520. Hope everything comes good for Windowsphones. If Microsoft avoids lack of devices then Windowsphone would reach much greater than now..... Just look at HTC lineups in Android
  • Where do you live? I usually never see windows phones
  • Where are ye damn it? Riding a bus, must be India.
  • Don't be ignorant Peg Leg. People ride the bus everywhere. They may in fact be Indian, but there's no reason to assume it. It's also completely irrelevant.
  • Look at the name. Ignorant, it's what I do.
  • "Microsoft's Lumia phones were ahead"   No. Nokia Lumia phones were ahead. Unless, of course, this "study" focus only on the only Microsoft Lumia on the market - the 535 - which is only now becoming more widely available. I'm still waiting to see how well Lumia sales will go once there are no more Nokia-branded Lumias on the market.   Still, I saw some agressive sale campaigns for Nokia Lumia devices this Christmas. Over here, for example, Fnac (a huge retailer) is offering the Xbox One + GTA V + Nokia 530 for only 375€. Carriers were also stocking the 530 and 630 for the holidays at low prices. However, I also noted that only low end WP devices were pushed alongside a plethora of Same-sungs and the iPhone 6. No mentions of the 730, 830 or 930 anywere.
  • Nokia is no more though, so it is officially Microsoft who gets the statistics. They manufacture and distribute all the phones.
  • Still, the people buy the phones on the Nokia branding, not on them being made for Microsoft. It's the Nokia brand people see on the phones, not Microsoft's. Therefore, while it's Microsoft that gets the statistics, you can't assume it's the Microsoft brand that's selling the phones. Because it isn't unless, again, you only study sales of the only Microsoft Lumia device available, the 535.
  • Considering Nokia is highly irrelevant in the U.S., whether the phone is branded Microsoft or Nokia, it doesn't matter. So any high sales in the us for whatever model is or Microsoft branded phones. As far as the rest of the world, again aside from Indian countries and a few places in Europe, I seriously doubt the Nokia brand is what has driven the sales as much as you like to claim. And most promos I've seen globally have marketed it as the Lumia xxx not Nokia Lumia anyway. Nokia Lumia is Microsoft Lumia and from what I can see, the sales are doing just fine with the Lumia 630/635, 530, etc etc
  • Few points: - The US market is irrelevant. Specially when it comes to WP devices. This article talks about worldwide sales and I'm ready to bet you that the US is not even among the first 10 countries where WP devices sold more.   -  "As far as the rest of the world, again aside from Indian countries and a few places in Europe, I seriously doubt the Nokia brand is what has driven the sales as much as you like to claim." This is your problem. You don't really grasp the extent of the Nokia brand power. It's not "few places in Europe". It's almost all of Europe.  Again, as I said on my comment, we shall see once there are no more Nokia-branded Lumias on the market how well sales will go.   - "Most promos I've seen globally have marketed it as the Lumia xxx not Nokia Lumia anyway." Seldom promos are being made by Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft promos only refer to them as "Lumia". But store promos etc all mention Nokia. Also, WP doesn't have many Microsoft ads airing outside the US and UK.   - "Nokia Lumia is Microsoft Lumia and from what I can see, the sales are doing just fine with the Lumia 630/635, 530, etc etc". No. Nokia Lumias are Nokia Lumias. There's only one Microsoft Lumia. People that see the 630/530/830 etc don't think of the phones as "Microsoft Lumia". They see them as Nokia phones. Period. You may wish this wasn't true, but sorry, that's how it is. When people go to the stores, it's the Nokia brand they see on the phones and the promos, not Microsoft's. Therefore you can only, again, judge sales of "Microsoft Lumia" devices once there are no more Nokia Lumia devices or the number of Microsoft Lumia devices exceeds the number of Nokia Lumia devices.  
  • Nokia is somewhat popular in southern Europe (where no one has any money these days anyway) and in Finland. To say almost all of Europe is stretching it a bit, really.
  • Dcjbs, you are always full of MS hate.
  • I think you don't grasp the concept that in most places...Nokia is not quite as relevant as you truly believe they are. It's a iPhone/Samsung world these days and while Nokia still has relevance in emerging markets, even there, they are begnning to not be relevant. The Lumia 830 is a 'Nokia Lumia' that has now been manufactured by Microsoft. It is a Microsoft Lumia regardless of what Name comes before the word Lumia. The only people who see them as NOKIA only phones are people such as yourself who are deluded in the fact that a Nokia lumia 830 is not a Microsoft Lumia. They can change the name of the phone now, if they wanted, and guess what?  It'll still be the same exact phone. Lumia fans are here for Lumia...Whether it is made by Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, That man down the street who makes it from the basement of his mom's house or whomever. Give me my amazing Lumia Apps, Give me my Amazing Camera Quality and continue giving me priority over the other windows phone. I am a LUMIA fan....Regardless of whose name is in front of it.
  • If a Toyota Corolla comes out of the factory with a Lexus badge on it, is it a Lexus or a Toyota? This is pretty much the same scenario... For insurance, registration and end user perception purposes, it's a Lexus. All Lumia phones with the exception of the 535 are Nokia phones for the same reasons. It's not a Foxconn iPhone, nor a Sony iPhone because of the camera hardware. It's an Apple iPhone because that is how it's badged and branded to the consumer. As far as the whole brand recognition thing in the UK goes... I'd guess that over 80% of people have either had direct experience of owning a Nokia device themselves, or know someone close to them that has at some point in the past... Obviously it's nothing like that today, and I can't comment on what that experience was like for those people, I'm simply pointing out that, to all intents and purposes, 'everyone' over here knows the name Nokia, and knows it's synonymous with mobile telephony.
  • The U.S. Is Windows Phones largest market. Do a freaking search.
  • based on what parameter? Absolute number of units or market share?...
  • Do the search like he said.
  • Are you replying to me? If so you may want to do some researches.... In absolute number of units the US is the biggest market for WP, in market share... definetely not. A very basic knowledge of Statistic and Business economics will allow you to understand the relevance of the question.
  • The US is an irrelevent market? That's where the most WP's are sold despite the low market share.
  • The Nokia brand might carry some weight in Africa and India where they sold a lot of dirt cheap feature phones, but it has been a pretty much dead brand for nearly 10 years in the developed world where people prefer high end devices. I can easily go well over a month before I see a single person with a Lumia on the streets of Stockholm, they are exceptionally rare here. Even the Romanian gypsies begging in the streets have iPhones or Samsung.
  • So still WP market share is in 2nd place in India. There are no of local apps are available then any other countries! India is the 3rd Biggest smartphone market, which is higher then your so called developed world! Indians still prefer lumia, don`t care about nokia branding.
  • Ever wondered how they got that iPhones? :P
  • The rounded edges and colors are cool
  • This report doesn't necessarily mean much sales-wise, but it shows iPhone users download more apps than others.
    Anyways, 17.7% is still a great score for Microsoft.
  • 17.7% is Samsung. Microsoft only got close to 6%
  • 17.7 was Samsung's number, not Microsoft. That was 5.8. Still respectable, though, considering how big Samsung is on the Android market.
  • Just wana know how the hell do people adore Apple ! Its full of crap and too much money for a stupid handset !
  • Propaganda, my friend. Apple is the modern example of the powers of propaganda over the masses.
  • It always drive me crazy though if any company would be better than Nokia and its Lumias i would say it would be either sony or Htc .. But Apple ! Naaah .. You have a point though
  • +830. Here in the USA it's totally keeping up with the Jones mentality. Also while follows no one wants to be different.
  • Apples propaganda makes Goebbels look shitty.
  • So if hitler had been able to hire Jobs and Cook then, he would be king of the world now? Scary thought.
  • ..and owner of Apple :O
  • Apple is like a cult (I don't really remember where I read it) those people are willing to die for it.
  • Well, I think I know whose websites adore Apple so much
  • That's a ridiculously biased comment, and you out to be ashamed of yourself...
    The iPhone 4, 5, and 6 are terrific products... Actually better built than our Lumia's in some aspects... Have you actually held a iP6?
    Although I love Lumia I have to admit that Apple makes some of the best products money can buy
  • Yep. Couldn't wait for Nokia N1 or Microsoft to release a new small tablet so I bought an iPad mini with retina display. I save the photos I take with my Lumia 1020 in my iPad. I enjoy it and it's  worth the purchase 
  • Smart move... And, they still don't have a Surface mini... Look how long you would've been waiting..
  • Hell no. 600-1000 Dollars or Euros for a phone is ridiculous pricing for phones in 2015. For any phone. Frankly only in the US people are still ignorant in masses to pay so much for a phone. For whatever reason. Probably because the provider lock in and the seemly cheaper phones. Fooling themselves. Last week a collegue showed up with an iphone6plus and he really was the laughing stock. Being the dumbass to buy such an expensive phone. 300-400 Euro phones can do the same and more. Was pretty amusing to see. He'll probably sell it. LOL.
  • ''Frankly only in the US people are still ignorant in masses to pay so much for a phone'' and in Greece too.. ..frankly, all over the world.
  • A lot of people also wrongfully believe they are crap.
  • Until MS start putting out upto date apps like its competitors.. MS wont go up in The ladder...
  • Like what apps?
  • Like instagram, twitter, ESPN, card and bank apps. No Starbucks app, we get updates much later than IOS or Android. Also most ads show their ago for IOS and Android which give people the idea it isn't available on WP. That's the beginning.....
  • Sbux is better android bank is a web wrapper, I got ESPN, twitter is there and serves its function. 6tag is king.
  • But for an average user coming from IOS or Android buying a WP expects the apps to be the same, when they see that they are not they return the phone.
  • As a WP user, damo is spot on. MS fanboys, and I am one of them, need to realize homebrews are 99% trash because of the way the orgs set up their sites. Users was simplicity...and homebrews are not it. Native apps are what people want...not links via IE.
  • "Also most ads show their ago for IOS and Android which give people the idea it isn't available on WP" --- Bingo! Even if there is an app there is generally no mention of it in ads. Although the other day I was walking thru Home Depot and the overhead announcement was pushing thier app saying that it was availble for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android - in that order
  • They can start with the bank apps. There's no getting around that. MS can fix this if they put some serious effort into it. They have the means.  Yah, I get tired of the ads always saying "available for iPhone and Android". Fix it!  I don't need a lot of apps but I do need what I need if you know what I mean. I love Windows Phone OS but they need to step it up and put the metal to the pedal.
  • Google apps, official Snapchat, etc. Updated social apps like Twitter, Instagram among others. GP have this general notion WP lacks apps. This should bethe main focus of MS when they market Windows 10 for Phone, tablet, etc.
  • So.this is saying that Microsoft has done third best in the sales behind Samsung and apple. Why bother writing this article ??
  • Because its Microsoft's first Christmas period on the market.
  • Eww,, a Christmas period.
  • So make use of your (i) pad...
  • Look at it from another point of view. Apple is iOS. Samsung is Android. Third place is Windows Phone which is a good thing because it shows there is growth in the WP ecosystem while the only company really making money on Android is Samsung. Sony and LG have been making Android phones for a while now and MS still beat them.
  • Woot
  • Bested?
  • What's new?
  • 5.8% with that huge smartphone portfolio ? Pfff. Hope they improve that a LOT next Xmas.
  • What huge portfolio. This is late 2014....not 2013. The present portfolio is smaller than last years.
  • Ok, but, at least here in south america, many of the 'last year' phones are doing well at stores. I.e. 520 and 720. The 930 just arrived, btw.
  • Who else is going to beat them aside from apple and Samsung?